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National Director
Digital Advertising Sales

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Cable TV Network in over 100,000,000 U.S. households.  The Network is a true multiplex, multichannel, multiplatform broadcaster offering award winning and highly rated original TV and digital platform programming.

Location New York, NY - Midtown Manhattan
Reporting to Vice President of National Digital Advertising Sales
Executive Search Firm Filcro Media Staffing
Search Group Advertising Sales
Officer in Charge Tony Filson
Search National Director of TV Network Digital Advertising Sales


The president, executive vice president and vice president of Network digital advertising sales were seeking growth in revenue across their digital platforms as stand alone digital entities and integral components of the TV Network's overall offerings to advertising agencies and the Fortune 50 - 1000. 

Filcro Media Staffing had recruited a Vice President of digital advertising sales and a number of national account executives for The Network in the past and was asked to conduct a national search to identify a new Director of national advertising sales to be based in New York City and take ownership of East Coast digital national advertising sales, prior to the launch of a “new” On-Air and Online brand for the Network’s Multiplex offerings.

Revenue expectations for this East Coast group as of search initiation was in the $30M range for this compartmented sales team at the Network.


  • Build an esprit de corps
  • Optimize business / industry verticals by reassignment of key accounts
  • Attract sales personnel in line with Network Digital revenue objectives
  • Form cross-functional work groups for TV / Digital synergies
  • Increase budgets to meet the President's revenue goals
  • Streamline RFP and Digital Upfront reporting workflow
  • Differentiate the “New Brand” to clients and agencies

Industry and Sector Inclusion for Universe Compilation

  • Cable TV Networks
  • Broadcast TV Networks
  • Radio Networks
  • Digital Publishers
  • Digital Content Producers

The Filcro Media Solution

The Filcro Media Staffing officer in charge of this search was Tony Filson (TF). 

Based on the newly produced on-air and digital programming offerings of the new addition to the Network's Multiplex brands; he wanted a national sales executive who already had the key relationships for the associated demographics with the Fortune 50-1000 and their agencies.  Experience meeting or exceeding the proposed budgets set by the President of Network Sales as a Player / Coach would be essential.

Having recently conducted five similar digital advertising sales executive searches; it was apparent to (TF) which environments would garner “ideals” to meet the President's goals and hit the ground running with the Automotive, QSR, Telecom and Beverage / Adult Beverage targets that wanted this “unique” demo to fill in gaps where the other multiplex brands lagged.

The Network had attempted to identify a National Sales Director on their own for six-months and they were now up against a deadline for the upcoming “Upfront” and needed this executive in place as soon as possible.

(TF) proceeded to recruit from (4) four competitors of The Network that would provide not only the digital leadership but also the “Rain Maker” mentality, he was seeking for this Player/Coach.   (TF) also targeted two (2) Digital environments that were dissimilar in their core businesses but were industry leaders in monetizing digital content for others.  Three (3) environments were from the East Coast, one (1) Midwest and two (2) West Coast.  Of the initial search universe all (8) eight candidates were currently employed and none were even considering a new opportunity until directly approached.

Of primary concern to (TF) was the career ecology of each candidate and their current sales cultures.  Reasoning here was based on past experiences assuring longevity and succession plans that were similar with “other brands” in the same Network.  This environment was not for a “farmer”.  This new Director would have to evangelize and create new ideation that differentiated the “tween to teen” and “teen to young adult”,  “male/female” offerings.  A honed sales executive who also had sales operational, ideation and sales reporting acumen would be needed.

During the initial round of interviews we found a few gifted sales executives who were rainmakers and exceeded revenue goals but their management styles were contrary to what would be productive “long term” and help build this new brand.  Continuity would be required and the new Director would need a history of success in attracting and mentoring employees.  Part of this search was relevant to building an “Esprit de Corps” that would be apparent to those internal and external to the company.

From an overall revenue perspective the $30 Million this group would be producing was a fraction of the $1 Billion this single brand brings to the parent company. However, the margins enjoyed were substantial and the ideal would be to emulate some of these new practices to other digital brands that were lagging.

The New Director of National Digital Advertising Sales

The final two candidates were both exceptionally talented sales executives from well respected media and entertainment conglomerates.  Both offered the experience and acumen the Network needed to meet their digital business objectives and the associated revenue goals for the new digital multiplex.

The Network decided to offer the job to the candidate who spoke most about those he had mentored and developed as sales executives.  He took particular pride in the success of others, even after they had left the company.   The EVP and President wanted to introduce this mindset into the culture of the sales organization and everyone involved in the search concurred.

The new Director accepted with great enthusiasm and has become a valuable manager and mentor to the sales staff that reports into him.  He has met or exceeded budgets each quarter and assured that the sales executives reporting into him have also.   The Executive Vice President shortly after the search was completed expressed his positive feelings by stating that he looked forward to the Director becoming a Vice President one day.

The search was completed prior to the time alloted and the Network met their upfront deadline.

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