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Government Practices Group
Human Asset Identification Resources
Human Asset Identification - Government and Military Intelligence - Media and  Information Assimilation
HAIR provides identification and project implementation services for government, military and approved vendor facilities as well as their supporting operational, technical and data dissemination and assimilation environments with sensitive and or hardened site designations.  The facilities supported by HAIR are located within and relevant to Military, Federal Reservations, Government and approved supporting industry and research environments to facilitate the assimilation and dissemination of data CONUS and OCONUS.

HAIR was established in 1996 as a compartmented division of Filcro Media Staffing's engineering recruitment group. Serving government engineering, operations, logistics and hardened communication interests, HAIR functions with soft and hard assets as a “sole source” solution to facilitate the assimilation and dissemination of information for government, warfighter and intelligence personnel.

Through human asset identification and logistical coordination HAIR facilitates: build-out, preparedness, maintenance, management and recovery. Offered is immediate assistance in CONUS and OCONUS for all tactical functions listed. Project capabilities related to the assimilation, formulation and dissemination of data or energy are limited to national security interests.  

Human Asset Identification Military and Government Media Intelligence Assimilation OCONUS

  • Homeland Security - Staffing of Individual U.S. State and Federal Network Operations Centers
  • Staffing for Emulation of NOC’s - Build Outs and Civilian Integration
  • National Guard - GuardNET, DoD/ACTD - Staffing of Voice, Video and Data 
  • Security - Complete Project and Human Asset Coordination of Media, Communication and Information Facilities
  • Recovery, Buildout, Management - Fiber, Satellite LEO/MEO/HEO, Plant, NOC, Headend, ELF, VLF, EHF, RF, MW, EM, Quantum, Seismic and Acoustic.
  • Terrestrial distribution and data assimilation for all platforms and systems supported.
  • Training Systems - Staffing of Interactive Information Centers providing knowledge management to store, analyze, and distribute information to ground, sea and air personnel.
  • Assimilation and Dissemination - Project based - SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT and HUMINT - CONUS and OCONUS

Government, military, research and authorized United States interests are transparently supported in CONUS and OCONUS. Secure SEIT environments developed to assure confidential identification and schedule compliance offer compartmented level security. SEIT runs in real time and is available anywhere with simple access to the Internet. An officer or committee in Los Angeles, Vandenberg, Washington DC, Ellsworth, Meade, Guam, Japan, or New York can participate 24/7 in any project regardless of their location, access to traditional documentation or the geographic location of the project itself.  Access can be limited or integrated  to .mil and .gov systems on any platform.

 Military and Government Human Asset  Identification for Intelligence

Sensitivity to timely interests.  Asset coordination when requested can commence anywhere in CONUS with twelve (12) hours notice, and a maximum of twenty four (24) hours notice OCONUS.  Projects are verified, cleared and mapped within four (4) hours of receipt of security obligations for SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT or HUMINT.

Employees All personnel within the "Government Services Group" are U.S. Citizens subject to pre employment examination(s) to determine qualifications and eligibility for employment commensurate with national security interests.

Notified Indicate MOS/AOC and branch of military or government agency where SSBI, NACLC, Q, L or PCL was obtained to expedite ASCAS processing.  As some or multiple clearances are required based on the assignment; Standard Form 86 (EG) will be utilized prior to an LO briefing if no prior clearances are active.

Employers All hiring and or asset project clients in the "Government Services Group" must be a U.S. Government entity, approved vendor, agent or organization. Twelve (12) and twenty-four (24) hour services are limited to national security interests. Staff originating from CONUS will utilize DTS / SAAM / MSC / AMC / SDDC to transport equipment and personnel. OCONUS with LPI and minimal ACL requirements will utilize TBGTA or alternate trans approved by your LO.

Contractors Previously granted clearances will no longer be valid for access to any classified information pertaining to personnel. Contractor granted Confidential clearances in effect under previous policy are not valid for access to: Restricted Data; Formerly Restricted Data; COMSEC information; Sensitive Compartmented Information; NATO information; Critical or Controlled  Weapons Security positions; and classified foreign government information. Contractors must provide and or establish appropriate clearance for each project.


Tony Filson
External Liaison Officer (ELO)

Communication request forms with .mil / .gov access only
Access codes to .mil and .gov can be obtained on page (1) one - sub-section "security" in HAIR blue-books.

Civilain Press Advisories


Note: Verbal, SCIF only for HAIR CONUS and OCONUS

If logging through COE indicate designated time or default to Zulu. All key codes as of 06/01/2014 are 9 digits and 3 symbols - both sides of the time stamp key-code must match


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