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Filcro Media Staffing - Resume and Material Submission Policies

Submitting Resumes to Filcro Media StaffingIf you wish to submit your resume or media materials to Filcro Media Staffing, please, read the document below, as it pertains to you, to fully understand how we assimilate and react to submissions. Thank you.

Submission Policy & Modes

  • Resumes should be submitted within chronological format.
  • Salary history and geographic preferences on the resume or cover letter for all sales positions.
  • Resumes should be named as follows: “John-Doe-Resume”.  This helps you.
  • Only one resume submission is required to apply for multiple searches.  List all searches of interest or discussed in your cover letter.  Cover letters should be brief.  We want the salient points.
  • Resumes should be submitted in DOC, TXT, PDF or RTF "PC" formats. Our preference is Microsoft Word by e-mail.  MAC documents cannot be read by our OCR server
  • Submissions ideally will designate a specific “current search” in the subject line or a specific “skill set” in the subject line. ExampleJohn Edwards Director Media Sales NYC” Please view our skill set lists by visiting our practices page to see which media industry skill set(s) at the top of the page best designate your broadcasting or media experience.
  • Blank subject line e-mails are treated as spam and deleted by the server.
  • Filcro Media Staffing nor their associated companies will accept “blind” or “3rd party” resumes.  We will only accept resumes directly from executives.

Resumes without candidate identification, dates of employment and geographic preferences cannot be processed. Due to virus scanning and spam, resumes containing viruses are deleted, not repaired. Based on the high volume of submissions, received by the firm, please do not call to confirm receipt of resumes, if you have not received an error message.  Unsolicited resume link.

If you have had three (3) jobs or more, within the past six (6) years, please indicate briefly your reason for leaving each position.


Only recruited, screened, tiered, invited candidates are provided a "user name" and "password" for our senior media $1,000,000+ USD executive search environment, also known as a Blue Book” search.  Unsolicited calls will garner no results for access.  However, we accept all submissions and any executive appropriate for any retained search will be contacted to determine their interest and qualifications.  If you have reached this page in error and have the appropriate Blue Book” codes please click here to reenter your user name and password, on page (2) of your “Blue Book” under security. Thank you.  Hiring executives or executive search committee members, please contact your OIC if your codes are not granting access.  Please remember that all codes are case 

How We Assimilate Resumes

Resumes appropriate for current and future search assignments are guided to the proper research associate or the addressed executive. Contact with our firm subsequent to resume submission, can only be initiated by our firm.

Filcro Media Staffing cannot respond to every submission, unsolicited or otherwise. The firm reserves the right to utilize any resume in the establishment of a current or potential search universe and to reject any submission without notification.

Return receipt e-mail is your only mode of confirmation. Due to the high volume of submissions please do not call to confirm receipt of resumes.

How We Function

  • Filcro Media Staffing is a retained executive search firm
  • It is a conflict of interest to search for employment or provide representation on behalf of candidates.
  • Skill assessments are provided to  retained client companies within context of a specific search assignment.
  • Filcro Media Staffing is retained to identify, recruit, screen and attract executives who can facilitate media business interests and goals within context of a formalized search assignment.
  • Filcro Media Staffing conducts all candidate research in-house and does not accept 3rd party referrals.  Nor does the firm work jointly with other agents or representatives.

Media Materials - Reels, Scripts, Treatments, Interactive, Art Work

  • Bibles, treatments and scripts cannot be accepted unless requested for programming, development and production searches.
  • Requested demo reels and associated materials for producers, development executives, editors, on air promo, on air talent, artists, art directors, web development and interactive personnel can be submitted on MINI-DV, DVD, CD-R/W, USB,  SD/SDHC/SDXC, FLASH, CF or CFAST MEMORY CARDS. All items should labeled on jacket, disk or shell with name and phone number or email.  Links to sites Vimeo, Behance, YouTube are also welcome if the resolution is a minimum of 720. We accept video submissions up to 4K resolution.
  • These items are not returnable and become part of our recruitment and identification library for a period of up to two (2) years
  • Tape Stock, Digital Media and Flash drives after two (2) years are demagnetized or deleted and donated to film & video learning institutions
  • Filcro Media Staffing assumes no responsibility or liability for any materials submitted nor the return of same.
  • The securing of appropriate registration, trademark and intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the party submitting materials to our firm, solicited or otherwise.
  • FedEx, Certified Mail, UPS, DHL or return receipt e-mail are the only modes of receipt confirmation. Please do not call to confirm receipt of materials, Thank you.

Submission of Material Does Not Constitute an Agreement

The job descriptions on this site or posted elsewhere do not constitute an employment agreement between the employer, employee, recruitment organization, candidate or any reader of these job descriptions and are subject to change by the employer or their designee as the needs or convenience of the employer or designee and the requirements of the job change.

Submission of information in any form does not guarantee a response nor constitutes any agreement or obligation on behalf of any individual or entity assimilating or disseminating information on this site or posted elsewhere.    

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