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Welcome to Filcro Media Staffing’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.  Below are answers to the most common questions client companies and candidates might have when visiting our web site for the first time. 

If you find that your question is not answered on this page, e-mail us using this link - Thank you.

A welcome note from the CEO of Filcro Media Staffing

Filcro Media Staffing FAQ's for Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media

Filcro Media FAQ Page for Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks

Filcro Media Staffing FAQ's for TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks

FAQ Executive Search Firms Reviews That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks

FAQ's for Filcro Media Staffing a Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Online Media

FAQ'a for Filcro Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for OOH Electronic Play Station and Roku Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for International, National, Regional and Local Media Markets


Cable & MSO

Broadcast TV

Radio & Music


OEM & Multicast




  • How can I submit a resume ?

    Preferably, resumes should be e-mailed in PC compatible - Microsoft Word, text or PDF formats to a link associated with a specific position.  Unsolicited resumes can be submitted in accordance with our resume policy.
  • Do I need to submit more then one resume ?

    No. Each resume is placed in our database and can be identified for all current and future searches if submitted in accordance with our resume policy. For example: A vice president of programming with development and production experience for TV and Interactive would be cross-referenced in all five categories. Submitting a new or changed resume will overwrite a previous submission.
  • Will Filcro Media Staffing look for a job for me ?

    Filcro Media does not search for employment for candidates or provide career counseling. Providing such services would be a conflict of interest and contradictory to our charter.

    As a specialized retained executive search firm we function exclusively on behalf of our client companies and their business, technical and creative goals.

    Media executives exploring the market are encouraged to submit their resumes in accordance with our resume policy.
  • How can our firm obtain more information about retaining Filcro Media Staffing to conduct a search ?

    Brief terms and conditions including commercial obligations pertaining to retaining the firm are available on the terms and conditions page.  Specifics can be confidentially discussed by contacting Mr. Tony Filson at 212-599-0909 Ext. 215

    The modality and efficacy of the firm’s methodologies within each practice group can be explored by following the corresponding links in this sentence. For sales specific case histories.
  • Where are Filcro Media Staffing’s executive offices located and how do I contact the firm ?

    Filcro Media Staffing
    521 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY 10175

    Phone 212-599-0909

    General E-mail Box

    For Filcro Media Miami please contact Mr. Filson for the appropriate recruiter to contact.
  • Where in U.S. and global media markets does Filcro Media Staffing recruit ?


United States

California - CA
Colorado - CO
Connecticut - CT
Florida - FL
Georgia - GA
Illinois - IL
Iowa - IA
Maryland - MD
Massachusetts - MA
Michigan - MI
Minnesota - MN
Nevada - NV
New Jersey - NJ
New York - NY
North Carolina - NC

Texas - TX
Virginia - VA

Washington - WA
Washington, D.C. - WDC

U.S. Virgin Islands
St. Thomas

Sub Sahara
North Africa

United Kingdom
England - London

Latin America


Hong Kong

Czech Republic - Prague


Middle East
Turkey - Istanbul
UAE - Dubai
Egypt - Saudi - Iraq - Kuwait - Kabul
Filcro Middle East














  • Does Filcro Media Staffing recruit executives for contractual or consulting assignments ?

    Private Sector
    Filcro Media Staffing provides specialized back office operations media management consulting services CONUS and OCUNUS.
  • Private Sector  Filcro Media Staffing provides the following temporary and contractual employees for media companies in the following areas: Link to contract employee skill sets and experience. 

    Government  Filcro Media Staffing provides executives for contractual assignments as part of our Human Asset Identification Resource Group (HAIR).   Tactical and strategic resources are provided CONUS and OCONUS.

  • How do I obtain access to a Filcro Media Blue Book information site ?

      Recruited, identified, screened, tiered and or invited have access to Blue Book access codes. Candidates are supplied with a password and user name.  Please note that Filcro Media Staffing accepts all
    properly submitted materials unsolicited or otherwise. Note:  If you have not returned and signed your requested materials such as NDA’s or background verification authorizations your codes cannot be activated.

    Client Companies: If you are a Blue Book Client with SEIT authorization and require your user name and password please contact your OIC directly or their secretary. Blue Book Clients may also obtain their access codes on page (1) one of subsection security in all Filcro Media Staffing Blue Books supplied at the inception of retaining our firm. Government clients should utilize the secure sign-in environment provided at (HAIR).
  • Why do firms conduct “Blue Book” or “Confidential” searches ?
    • Incumbent confidentiality
    • Precluding competitors from gaining insight into initiatives
    • Pending merger, acquisition, spinoff, dissolution, relocation
    • The work itself is of a confidential nature
    • Internal parody issues such as title or compensation
    • Succession planning
    • Public relations, corporate communications or shareholder relations issues
    • Legislative, litigation or compliance issues
  • What is Filcro Media Staffing’s SEIT system ?

    is a proprietary collaborative search ecology reporting tool combining traditional and proprietary technology to enhance the reporting process by providing real time access to information.  To learn more about SEIT, please go to our: SEIT information page.

    Clients generally choose to limit confidential
    SEIT access to key human resource, search committee members or individual hiring managers.
  • What is the formal business status of Filcro Media Staffing ?

    The firm is a privately held, New York State corporation founded in 1985 with primary offices located at 521 Fifth Avenue in New York City, NY - USA.

    The firm provides specialized media recruitment and media management consulting services within domestic and international markets.
  • Is there an index page for Mobile and Text browsers ?

    Mobile users will find an easy to navigate text page without graphics located at:
  • What media platforms does Filcro Media Staffing recruit for ?

Broadcast TV

Cable TV

Satellite TV

Streaming TV

Broadcast Radio

Digital Radio





OEM Integration

DOOH & Place Based



MSO Operators


Utilities / BPL

Pvt / Govt / Academic







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