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Welcome to Filcro Media Staffing’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.  Below are answers to the most common questions client companies and candidates might have when visiting our web site for the first time. 

If your question is not answered on this page, please e-mail us using this link - Thank you.

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Filcro Media Staffing FAQ's for Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media

Filcro Media FAQ Page for Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks

Filcro Media Staffing FAQ's for TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks

FAQ Executive Search Firms Reviews That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks

FAQ's for Filcro Media Staffing a Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Online Media

FAQ'a for Filcro Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for OOH Electronic Play Station and Roku Media

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  • Does Filcro Media Staffing recruit executives for consulting assignments ?

    Filcro Media Staffing is a retained executive search firm. The firm identifies, qualifies, recruits and attracts full-time permanent media leadership and their staff.   As a courtesy to the firm’s Private & Public Sector established clients, Filcro Media Staffing will provide guidance in critical situations.  Please note this is not our normal course of business but these services are provided to the valued clients of the firm only.  Thank you.
  • How do I obtain access to a Filcro Media Blue Book information site ?

      Recruited, identified, screened, tiered and or invited have access to Blue Book access codes. Candidates are supplied with a password and user name.  Please note that Filcro Media Staffing accepts all properly submitted materials unsolicited or otherwise. Note:  If you have not returned and signed your requested materials, such as NDA’s or background verification authorizations, your codes cannot be activated.

    Client Companies: If you are a Blue Book Client with SEIT authorization and require your user name and password please contact your OIC directly or their executive assistant. Blue Book Clients may also obtain their access codes on page (1) one of subsection security supplied, once the firm is retained. You can also change pass codes and  authorize deliverables to additional e-mail addresses in SEIT.
  • Why do firms conduct “Blue Book” or “Confidential” searches ?
    • Incumbent confidentiality
    • Precluding competitors from gaining insight into initiatives
    • Pending merger, acquisition, spinoff, dissolution, relocation
    • The work itself is of a confidential nature
    • Internal parody issues such as title or compensation
    • Succession planning
    • Public relations, corporate communications or shareholder relations issues
  • What is Filcro Media Staffing’s SEIT system ?

    is a proprietary collaborative search ecology reporting tool combining traditional and proprietary technology to enhance the reporting process by providing real time access to information.  To learn more about SEIT, please go to our: SEIT information page.

    Clients generally choose to limit confidential SEIT access to key human resource, search committee members or individual hiring managers. In most cases SEIT is not required.  It is only utilized when unusual confidentiality is required.
  • What is the formal business status of Filcro Media Staffing ?

    The firm is a privately held, New York State corporation founded in 1985 with primary offices located at 295 Madison Avenue in New York City, NY - USA.

    The firm provides specialized media recruitment and media management consulting services within domestic and international markets.
  • Is there an index page for Mobile and Text browsers ?

    For Case Histories:!real-media-executive-search/nxgr6
  • What primary media platforms and or media industries does Filcro Media Staffing recruit for as single platforms or as compilations of multiplex, multicast, multiplatform broadcast entities ?

    All Media Platforms to Include:
    • Broadcast / OTA
    • Cable TV
    • Satellite TV
    • IPTV
    • OTT
    • OD
    • MSO - For Cable TV, Telecom, Broadband, Security
    • DOOH, OOH
    • OEM
    • Print
    • Radio OTA & Digital
    • BPL

    Primarily clients of the firm: television, motion picture, telecommunications, corporate, music publishers, media technology companies

    • Radio in RF and Digital integrated across all platforms
    • Mobile and Telecommunications integrated across all platforms
    • Utility Broadcasting as MSO’s, Telecom’s and Emerging Technologies
    • WAN for Telecom, Entertainment, Government - Local, Regional, National
    • Integration of Print brands across desired platforms.
    • Media Technology Companies servicing and selling to the media industries

    Recruitment is provided for all of the above for Leadership, Operations, Monitization, Integration, Technology, Build-Out, Creative Development and Production as stand alone or compilations from CXO to Manager.





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