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Filcro Media Staffing is a retainer based media and broadcasting executive search firm providing specialized identification, recruitment and attraction of broadcasting, advertising and media executives within a multitude of domestic and international markets across a variety of media platforms.  With decades of media industry recruitment experience, insight and valued relationships, Filcro Media Staffing offers a wide variety of perspectives and proven efficacy conducting media and broadcasting executive searches.

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Filcro Media Staffing offers distinct benefits and advantages to clients seeking media recruitment specialization.

  • Focus - An environment dedicated exclusively to broadcasting and media recruitment across multiple media platforms.
  • Acumen - A comprehensive understanding of skills, relationships, reporting structures, corporate cultures, global markets and technologies in the media industries.
  • Specialization - Detailed knowledge of business, creative and technical functions in the industry from tactical and strategic perspectives. Media Specific Recruitment
  • Experience - Filcro Media Staffing offers over 30 years of media recruitment experience, stability and accountability.  Since 1985 the firm leads the industry with transparent modality and efficacy.
  • Scope - From CEO to Manager.  Every executive search is treated with the same dedication and resources.
  • Cost Structures - Based on the firm’s resources and media experience clients enjoy costs that reflect repetitive identification in each media recruitment practice group.  Clients have three (3) options, in the way searches are structured, conducted and priced.
  • Expeditious - Based on modality, reputation and media industry acumen the firm quickly identifies, recruits, qualifies and attracts ideal candidates. The firm’s recruiters and OIC’s accomplish more in a few weeks than most search firms accomplish in many months. The firm is aggressive, knowledgeable, conscientious and quick to create multiple opportunities that facilitate success.
  • Reputation - Executive searches offering diverse and unique candidates from an extensive pool of comprehensive proprietary data, internal O&D charting, industry relationships, media visibility, event participation and a known reputation for proven efficacy with clients and candidates.
  • Geographics - Every major and minor media market in the United States.  International markets include Europe, Asia, The Middle East, North Africa and South America.
  • Transparency - Clients receive real-time access to deliverables and each search ecology through the firm’s proprietary SEIT system regardless of geographics and time differences. The reporting and cadence of a search can be as collaborative or autonomous as required. 

Detailed information pertaining to the firm’s specialized media executive search practices, search methodologies, recruiters, recruitment efficacy, management consulting and business terms and conditions, can all be reviewed by utilizing the appropriate links designated on this page.  Practice Groups | Case Histories | Client Reviews

Practice & Recruitment Groups

Filcro Media Staffing
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Affiliate Sales

Broadcast Operations

Business Affairs


Closed Captioning

Corp Communications

Creative Services






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Filcro Media Staffing The Efficacy of Broadcasting Executive Search Firms and Media Management Consulting Firms - Services Offered by Broadcasting Executive Search Firms Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing

Modality - Filcro Media Staffing’s Search Methodologies

  • Business, financial, market, platform, creative and technical goal determinations
  • Tactical vs strategic weighting, cultural, change management and succession issues / or planning when required
  • Recruitment time lines and cadence
  • Consensus for formulation of skill sets and experience for the search document or a revised job description
  • Initial universe compilation based on experience, skills and geographics 
  • Recruitment of candidates for tiering
  • Qualification assessments
  • Attraction of ideal candidates
  • Candidate justification statements and interviews
  • Tiering of candidates by recruiters, client and OIC
  • Client interviews, internal assessments and justification reviews
  • Client and Filcro Media confer to determine ideal(s)
  • Documented 1st and 3rd party verification of background, education and experience
  • Hiring terms, contract negotiations and or relocation finalization
  • Formal offer
  • Acceptance
  • Acclimation assessment through on-boarding
  • Overview of above modality verified with Tony Filson as officer in charge - firm case histories

These standardized and proprietary recruitment methodologies have been utilized to facilitate specialized media and broadcasting executive search assignments, since 1985.

The firm conducts a disciplined and orchestrated executive search process that has proven efficacy. The firm’s media focus and acumen are noted within case histories relevant to media business, technical and creative identification.  The firm’s practice permits established means to be honed at any point during universe compilation, identification or tiering. Each search ecology is transparent and collaborative with reporting functions that are unique to the level of tactical and strategic weighting of each assignment.

The firm’s focus is fulfilling a client’s business goals by skilled media recruiters that specialize in the media industry within specific media disciplines.  Filcro Media Staffing’s reporting process facilitates clear definition and verification during every phase of recruitment, identification and assessment. Each variable becomes a catalyst capable of improving the search process.  As candidates are identified the firm offers protocols that allows senior level executives to be viewed transparently at all times. 

Filcro Media Staffing Specialized Media Recruiters for Broadcasting Executive Search Firms and the services offered by Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing

Specialized Media Search Groups and Disciplines

The “Recruitment Practices” page contains detailed information pertaining to the specialized search practice areas within Filcro Media Staffing. Business, technical and creative recruitment disciplines are discussed in detail allowing clients to garner a comprehensive understanding of the firm’s approach to the identification of specific hard skill sets and experience in each media and broadcasting practice group.  C level executives, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers are all identified, recruited, attracted, qualified, verified, hired and retained by utilizing broad and granular media industry knowledge based on experience that is within context of the specific industry platform and the media function itself.

Filcro Media Staffing Tool Utilized by Broadcasting Executive Search Firms who offer specialized executive search firm services for TV Networks Tony Filson

Reporting, Deliverables and Logistics - (SEIT)

Filcro Media Staffing combines traditional and proprietary search tools to enhance the identification process by increasing access to real-time information. The result is a simple and highly effective information tool called SEIT.

Clients conducting senior level executive searches have  access to our proprietary SEIT system, pronounced “see it”. SEIT stands for search ecology information technology. We are the only executive search firm to offer SEIT. 

Filcro Media Staffing Case Histories from Broadcasting Executive Search Firms offering specialized services for the broadcastig industry Tony Filson

Case Histories

Filcro Media Staffing provides a number of selected “case histories” for clients to review the firm’s methodologies within context of specific searches.  The firm’s reasoning during the executive search process is an important factor in examining Filcro Media Staffing’s modality. OIC search roster and a few client letters.

We encourage new clients to read related case histories relevant to their current recruitment needs.

Specialized recruitment services offered by Filcro Media Staffing a broadcasting executive  firm for TV Networks and Media Companies Tony Filson

Media Management Consulting - During the Executive Search Process
Domestic and International

Filcro Media Staffing has decades of executive recruitment experience with small and large media companies as well as non-media companies with internal media interests. The firm offers a wealth of media  recruitment and media  industry knowledge for clients to draw from. During the executive search process all of these services are provided, if requested.

  • Compensation structures for media industry business, creative and technology environments
  • Succession planning advice above and below line
  • Change management assessments for new lines of business, growth or within context of acquisitions and mergers. The firm offers experience across 11 media platforms in domestic and international markets.
  • Job descriptions, skill set formulations and industry experience benchmarks for all practice groups.
  • Strategic and tactical experience required for immediate and longterm-efficacy based on media industry awareness. 
  • Recruitment guidance at any phase of business development, operation or monetization to assure longevity is expressed in the media executives recruited through the firm.
  • Interim HR or compensation committee duties.  When Filcro Media Staffing is retained for startups and new ventures the firm has offered guidance to boards of directors and investors to understand the media marketplace and formulate budgets for human resources.

Pro Bono

Please use this link for a Filcro Media Staffing pro bono request. Each pro bono request will be reviewed by Tony Filson personally. Thank you

Although we are always extremely busy in representing paying clients and in managing professional obligations, our commitment to pro bono service is unequivocal.

Providing media management consulting and high-quality broadcasting executive search services to those media non-profits who are unable to pay is critically important to our community.  That is why Filcro Media Staffing participates in identifying media executives for nonprofit organizations that serve the public interest by serving the disadvantaged.

We are dedicated to using our resources to help the poor and disadvantaged among us by reviewing requests that we provide pro bono assistance in deserving cases.

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