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Filcro Media Staffing’s Production Group for TV, Motion Picture and Still Photography also provides production and post production services for NYFW and related Fashion Industry Events.

Clients at TV Networks, News Organizations, Magazines, Advertising Agencies and Fashion Designers now have access to some of the most talented production and post production personnel for domestic and international media markets in the world.

Covered are US, LATAM, EU, ASIA, MENA and AFRICA.

Clients can opt to use Filcro Media’s personnel, equipment and transmission facilities and or satellite trucks as turn-key solutions or plug our personnel into any equation to make the production; post; transmission & BO&E chain complete.

To those participating in KissMyKite Fashion for NYFW & KissMyKite Sports for International Sporting Events, we thank you for supporting this effort while you enjoy the benefits of having dedicated world class production personnel because of your participation in the KissMyKite Program.

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Media Management and Talent Acquisition Services

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