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Compression Engineering
Specialized Broadcasting Recruitment by Filcro Media Staffing

Broadcast Engineering and Compression Engineering RecruitmentFilcro Media Staffing recruits full-time permanent staff engineers for compression, encoding and satellite related environments for NOC | TOC facilities in the broadcasting and telecommunications industries.

Operating globally and with full U.S. penetration, Filcro Media Staffing recruits broadcasting engineers in a number of primary geographic centers for all  broadcast operations and engineering functions.  Filcro Media Staffing also serves the Fortune 50-500 with internal broadcast and telecommunications facilities.

Clients are encouraged to visit Filcro Media Staffing’s media and broadcasting technology group to learn more about the firm CONUS and OCONUS for diverse broadcasting technology recruitment.

From CIO to Chief Engineer, COO to Broadcast Engineering Technician, Filcro Media Staffing provides over three decades of proven efficacy in primary and secondary media markets globally.

Over 80% of the Staff Engineers recruited by Filcro Media Staffing are part of the firm’s dedicated Network Technology Group. (NTG)

These specialized engineers provide engineering and maintenance support for the Network's Compression and Encoding systems of the Cable, Broadcast TV Networks and Stations the firm supports.

These senior level Staff Engineers can also serve as a primary trainers for the TOC staff.  Based on the structure of each Network,  responsibilities and required seniority can vary to meet each client’s exact needs.

Compression engineering duties and requirements

  • Manage, maintain and operate all compression technology in use at each Network
  • Monitor inbound and outbound transport streams for errors
  • Identify and document trends in service affecting outages
  • Work with vendors involved in the implementation process and track action items to ensure excellent customer support
  • Review system design documents, including single line drawings, cable schedules and equipment layouts.
  • On-site quality control and proof of performance testing.
  • Perform routine maintenance on compression systems.
  • Develop and administer training seminars and courses to successfully indoctrinate new TOC staff members on the daily operations and functions of the TOC.
  • Maintain and create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for TOC operations, Compression systems maintenance, and emergency action procedures
  • Optimize and standardize workflow to assure continuity during emergency action procedures
  • Work with developers on current and future CODEC development and optimization

Broadcasting Technology and Engineering Executive Search

The compression engineers that Filcro Media Staffing recruits

  • These Compression Engineers have in-depth experience with Domestic and International Television Satellite Compression and distribution systems
  • They have knowledge of architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems and how these systems interact with the technical equipment in-house and the affiliates or clients served
  • Their computer literacy is excellent as well as oral and written communication abilities and a close attention to detail.
  • They Interact with technical and non-technical staff and senior management to convey broadcast engineering concepts to non-engineers
  • These engineers have have satellite transmission systems experience in a TOC/NOC/TV Network or Telecom 365/24/7 environment with extensive redundant broadcast, power and HVAC infrastructure
  • A Science / Engineering advanced degree is desirable, latitude is expressed for those with proven engineering skills and experience
  • All these broadcast engineers must be authorized to work and reside in the United States
  • A willingness to travel for the Network and participate in internal and external broadcast engineering training and development programs, seminars or industry events where the technology capabilities of the Network are represented to the industry.  Attend at least one major technology event a year on the West Coast.

Network and Engineer Contact

broadcasting and compression engineering  executive search firmsTony Filson
Filcro Media Staffing
Broadcast Engineering Recruitment
295 Madison Avenue | New York, NY  10175

Candidates: Resume e-mail link: Please leave "Compression Engineer" in the subject line. Resume attachment in PDF or Word in chronological order, Thank you.

Employers: Employer contact

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