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Broadcast Operations, IT, Technology Research, Transmission, Production / Post & Broadcast Engineering Systems, Sales Technologies, Content Management Systems, Workflow, Scale, Traffic & Inventory, LAN / WAN / SAN, Satellite, MSO, RF, Tower & Cell, NOC/TOC and Terrestrial Distribution, Multiplex Broadcast and Affiliate Distribution Technologies. OEM and OTT integration , ENG, VOD, COMSEC, STB, CODEC and AP Development -  Engineer to CXO



Filcro Media Staffing is the most comprehensive, successful and effective broadcasting and media technology recruitment organization in the world.   The firm’s technology executive search practice is only equaled by the firm’s noted sales group.

When tactical and strategic leadership and skilled hands are “mission critical”, Filcro Media Staffing performs globally with the same efficacy they are noted for in every media market in the United States.  No matter the environment, platform or level of expertise required, Filcro Media Staffing performs with unequaled efficacy. 

Since 1985 Filcro Media Staffing has focused exclusively on the recruitment needs of a demanding, cutting edge group of clients that disseminate and assimilate globally.

Major television/cable and radio networks, MSO operators, telecommunications conglomerates, motion picture studios, advertising agencies, electronic manufactures,  media technology firms, governments, education and even NGO’s utilize Filcro Media Staffing.

From the 200 US DMA’s to the launch pads and global NOC’s for terrestrial distribution, Filcro Media Staffing succeeds when and where others have failed.   From the serene shores of the U.S. to active theaters, Filcro Media Staffing performs like no other in the world.

Functioning in four atmospheres and ready willing and able to perform in a fifth we meet each assignment with a spirt, enthusiasm and love for media technology and gifted media technology people.  Filcro Media Staffing works to the advantage of everyone involved in the media technology executive search process.

If you are new to Filcro Media Staffing we suggest you read numerous technology case histories withing context of your needs.  If you have additional questions, please contact our firm as a technology candidate or employer as designated.


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