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Media and Broadcasting Technology Recruitment

media Broadcasting technology executive searchFilcro Media Staffing is one of the most comprehensive media & broadcasting technology recruitment organizations in the industry. The firm’s specialized media and broadcasting executive search practice, recruits globally.

The entities served by the firm are the technology providers of advanced media technology goods and services, media and entertainment conglomerates, broadcasters, telecoms, the Fortune 50-500, technology research facilities for the public and private sectors, and others.

The firm recruits for four atmospheres, across thirteen media platforms. GEO / Terrestrial /  Submarine / Subterranean for all media, entertainment and telecom interests.  Filcro Media Staffing offers the diversity and scope required for a Motion Picture Studio, TV Network or a Global Integrator of technology resources.

​When tactical and strategic technology leadership and skilled “hands-on” are essential Filcro Media Staffing performs with noted efficacy.  The majority of those recruited have engineering degrees and or advanced degrees in the sciences and FCC licensing as required.

Every media market in the United States, LATAM, ASIA, MENA & the EU are recruited for.  No matter the environment, platform, or level of executive required, Filcro Media Staffing performs in the most demanding environments.  The firm has performed even in active theaters of war to support the public and private sectors OCONUS.

Since 1985 Filcro Media Staffing has focused on media technology recruitment.  The founder of the company as a former Westinghouse MDS engineer knew the importance of building a practice that could meet the media technology talent acquisition needs of small and large media concerns requiring hands-on broadcast operations and engineering experience.

Managed by decades of engineering and media human resource expertise, a client's business and technology goals remain paramount, as each candidate is identified, vetted, and recruited. 

An executive with the proper skills, experience, capacity, and knowledge can only be ideal if they can bring the planned business goals to fruition and acclimate within a firm's culture.  Investment banks, private equity firms and M&A participants in the media technology space seek Filcro Media Staffing's technology recruitment expertise to assure their technology investments are managed properly.

​Filcro Media Staffing serves a multitude of non-media entities too. Examples would be a Fortune 50-500 company with an internal TV Network or an internal advertising agency that produces world-class content.  A government agency seeking cutting edge dissemination from hardened facilities or a healthcare provider building telemedicine requiring assimilation and dissemination in a secure manner.   Filcro Media Staffing can recruit a single change-agent or the many skilled media technologists to integrate media technologies for every production, post-production, transmission and engineering need. 

Media and Broadcasting Technology Executive SearchThe global technology companies that service, integrate, consult and sell media technologies, utilize Filcro Media Staffing for their own recruitment needs CONUS and OCONUS.

The firm consults with clients in a collaborative manner that offers distinct benefits during every phase of a search assignment.  Filcro Media Staffing's awareness of FCC, legislative, research, white papers and relationships at every level in the media technology food chain is used to a client's advantage. Once retained, a search can come to fruition in 30 to 90 days from commencement.  Filcro Media Staffing's knowledge of media markets and long-standing relationships allow for expedited identification.

Major television, cable and radio networks, stations and station groups, MSO operators, telecommunications conglomerates, OTT broadcasters, motion picture and music studios, advertising agencies, electronic manufacturers / OEM’s, media technology firms, originators, telecom, media investment banks, media integrators, governments, technology research facilities, and the Fortune 50-500 all utilize Filcro Media Staffing to support their media technology recruitment needs. 

From the nuance of the 200+ US DMA’s and the global NOC’s for terrestrial distribution to the edit suites of the world's largest advertising agencies, mobile trucks, sports/music venues and motion picture studios engaged in cutting edge production, post and transmission, Filcro Media Staffing recruits those who lead, operate, develop, sell, manage, market, create, and integrate technology. 

Many clients of the firm operate 24/7 365, globally, and have ISO 9000 standards where systems and human assets are redundant across multiple geographics. Filcro Media Staffing adheres to those standards by supporting our clients 24/7.

Each search assignment is approached with enthusiasm for media technology and the gifted media technologists and the companies we serve globally.  Filcro Media Staffing has built solid relationships since 1985 that allow for “earned” access and the ability to function with confidentiality when required.


Tony Filson
President and Officer in Charge
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Past Advisories as References for Next FCC Date
Broadcast Technology | Filcro Media Staffing


ATSC 3.0 Client Advisory

Filcro Media Staffing offers TV Network, Station Group and Station clients the recruitment of skilled engineers and technology business executives to build, operate, integrate, monetize and optimize the opportunities surrounding ATSC 3.0 within FCC guidelines.

ATSC 3.0 Overview for Those New to ATSC 3.0

ATSC 3.0 is just the newer version of the ATSC standard for television broadcasting created by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC).  ATSC 3.0 comprises around 20 standards covering different aspects of the system and the associated technology. This is not complicated and things are changing rapidly with a very “business friendly” stance in place, at the FCC.

The ATSC 3.0 standards are designed to support newer technologies, including HEVC for video channels of up to 2160p 4K resolution at 120 frames per second, wide color gamut, Dolby AC-4 and MPEG-H 3D Audio, datacasting capabilities, and more robust mobile television support. The capabilities enable targeted advertising and finer public targeting associated with interactive platforms such as an STB utilized by an MSO or broadband for OTT.  This opens new revenue streams for many and welcomed monetization for OTA broadcasters. - Multiple changes to date and reference guides look to manufactures, as they advocate for even greater resolution prior to consumer roll-out The delay of the 2020 into 2021 Olympics will cause some BETA systems to be postponed for even greater resolution and new CODECs.

 There are copious regulations and changes being advocated for spectrum allocation and mandatory frequency separation that every Chief Engineer, CTO and Head of BO&E should revisit as the scheduled revisions are important.  As of 07/2020. 

The Physical Layer

ATSC 3.0 uses a physical layer that is based on orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) modulation with low-density parity-check code (LDPC) FEC codes. With a 6 MHz channel the bit rate can vary from 1 Mbit/s to 57 Mbit/s depending on the parameters.  ATSC 3.0 can have up to 4 physical layer pipes (PLP) in a channel with different robustness levels used for each PLP. An example of how PLP can be used would be a channel that delivers HD video over a robust PLP and enhances the video to UHD with Scalable Video Coding over a higher bitrate PLP.

Bootstrap for Future Expansion

ATSC 3.0 uses a bootstrap signal which allows a receiver to discover and identify the signals that are being transmitted. The bootstrap signal has a fixed configuration that can allow for new signal types to be used in the future.  The monetization possibilities are very exciting now and into the future.  Advocates of localization will realize enormous benefits as will regional and national broadcasters.  We see B2B, B2C and C2C implications for all our clients.

Understanding ATSC 3.0 Video

ATSC 3.0 initially supported three video formats: Legacy SD Video, Interlaced HD Video, and Progressive Video. Legacy SD Video and Interlaced HD Video support frame rates at the time were up to 60 fps and can only use the Rec. 709 color space. Legacy SD Video and Interlaced HD Video are included for compatibility with existing content and can't use HDR, HFR, or WCG.

Legacy SD Video supports resolutions up to 720480 and supports High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Main 10 profile at Level 3.1 Main Tier

Interlaced HD Video supports resolutions up to 19201080 interlaced video and supports HEVC Main 10 profile at Level 4.1 Main Tier

Progressive Video supports resolutions up to 38402160 progressive scan and supports HEVC Main 10 profile at Level 5.2 Main Tier. Progressive Video supports frame rates up to 120 fps and the Rec. 2020 color space. Progressive Video supports HDR using Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Perceptual Quantizer (PQ).

ATSC 3.0 Audio

ATSC 3.0 supports Dolby AC-4 and MPEG-H 3D Audio

Emergency Alert System

AWARN has advocated for the use of ATSC 3.0 features, including datacasting, and automatically waking up devices, to provide emergency alerts with support for embedded rich media and finer geotargeting. These features are defined within the "Advanced Emergency Alerting" portions of the ATSC 3.0 standards and appeared in our advisory when presented to the FCC.

A Game Changer For Monetization and Partnerships?

The monetization implications are too vast to cover in an advisory.  However, it should be evident that advertising, viewer analytics / metrics associated with OTA, Station Group and Station TV programming will carry more weight than ever before.

This will also open synergies for OTA with MSO, Satellite, Cable Nets, OTT, Mobile, Automotive Platforms and others who will want to partner with OTA Networks, Station Groups and Stations.  The value of OTA properties should see substantial increases in value if the proper individuals are hired to develop business, technical and creative revenue streams.

Advisory - Easy Update on 5G Below

Shared spectrum commercialization has begun, at greater scale than we all anticipated at this stage. Businesses can now access shared spectrum to not only introduce new services and create new businesses models, but solve decades old challenges, such as improving wireless connectivity indoors and outdoors.

Filcro Media Staffing has played a critical role in replacing vendors who have been banned by the FCC and assuring that those who meet guidelines are integrated.

The FCC announced participation from the industry's wireless operators, cable operators, tower companies, Managed Service Providers, and CBRS Device vendors, including American Tower, Arris, Charter Communications, and ExteNet Systems. It’s also on a nationwide scale with 10’s of 1000’s of deployed sites in 48 states and Washington, D.C.

The FCC demonstrated widespread adoption by leaders across the wireless ecosystem starting in the fourth quarter of 2018, and signal readiness for the commercial use of the band immediately.  In 2020 was saw accelerated adoption but a lack of acumen on enhanced monetization.                                  

The initial proposal included 80 rural fixed wireless carriers and 15 CBSD vendors including, Ericsson and Ruckus Networks, that are integrated with Federated Wireless’ products and were ready with commercial equipment for CBRS.  Needless to say growth has been substantial.  We anticipate growth at 48% anally

This involves a range of use cases including 5G, advanced LTE, cable wireless solutions, fixed and mobile networks, enterprise Private-LTE, and managed services, as well as landmark major venue locations for sports and entertainment.

CPI Training Program

The second milestone is introduction of a new training program for Certified Profession Installers (CPI) of Citizens Broadband Radio Service Devices (CBSD), which address the FCC’s initial commercial deployment rules that require all CBSDs be installed by a certified professional installer. The Wireless Innovation Forum reviewed and certified the program modules and curriculum in accordance with FCC mandates.

The program was still available at the end of October 2019, when the FCC approved  and updated the Initial Commercial Deployment proposals.

Completion of dedicated nationwide ESC network(S) enabling full access to the entire 150 MHz of 3.5 GHz spectrum are a reality.  However, there are still spectrum issues.

The FCC announcement came on the same day as a number of other CBRS-related announcements.  AT&T announced it selected Samsung and CommScope to provide the carrier with its 5G-ready CBRS network solution.  CommScope was chosen as the Spectrum Access System (SAS) provider, while Samsung will provide CBRS compliant radios and base station equipment.  We think that Samsung should be closely followed.  The senior technology executives we have worked with are in some cases a full generation in BETA out front. We also think that political circumstances will make them highly desirable with a reliable a supply chain short of unexpected circumstances.  We advise that any and all domestic manufactures should be sought or partnered with and encouraged to produce and source in the United States.

When Ruckus Networks, an Arris company, announced it was the first vendor to achieve FCC certification for CBRS and planed to trial 3.5 GHz LTE access points in Illinois with Pavlov Media, it was a great first step as the certification covers Ruckus’ portfolio of 3.5 GHz access points under its OpenG brand.

Filcro Media Staffing will update our clients as the FCC Electromagnetic Compatibility Division / Technological Advisory Council (TAC) meets again.

The Filcro Media Staffing’s technology recruitment groups with key recruitment resources and relationships for these technologies are listed below.  We include our TV Broadcast Network, Cable TV Network, MSO Operator, Stations and Station Group, OEM’s, Telecom’s as well as Originators and Broadcast Technology company experience to service our clients.

The Filcro Media Staffing recruitment groups to help broadcasters developing revenue streams around ATSC 3.0 and 5G  Technology, Sales, Research, Production / Post, Affiliate Marketing, Creative Services, News, Media - Everything is connected.

Filcro Media Staffing
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Tony Filson
Filcro Media Staffing

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Media and Broadcasting Technology Executive Search

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
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Search Firm

Filcro Media Staffing


New York, NY - USA


Tony Filson

Reporting to

Board of Directors, CEO, CTO & SVP HR


U.S. Global Media & Entertainment Conglomerate

Client Situation

Succession Plan & Upgrade of Global IT

Executive Search Committee
Media Industry and Business Sector Inclusion

  • Television Networks Cable & Broadcast - International, National, Regional
  • Radio Broadcasting Networks - International, National, Regional
  • Mobile / Telecom - International, National, Regional
  • Online Interactive - International, National, Regional
  • Network & Syndicated Programming Producers
  • Motion Picture Studios - Domestic & International

Filcro Media StaffingThe executive search committee (ESC) of the client company was comprised of the President, CEO, current CTO and SVP of Human Resources acting as the liaison for the (ESC).  The (ESC) identified Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) and Tony Filson (TF) functioning as Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) to conduct a national search to identify and review the proper technology executive capable of facilitating the current CTO’s succession plan and the board of director's desire to enhance the global technological resources of their media holdings across all media platforms.

The CTO had a clear vision of where the diverse media holdings needed to be technologically in international, national, regional and local markets and he was exceptionally articulate in what he was seeking strategically and tactically to assure that his successor could manage this global media and entertainment conglomerate, well into the future.

The diversity of the company's global media portfolio would require Filcro Media Staffing to recruit a CTO with broad media acumen and a sophisticated comprehensive overview of advanced multimedia, multicast and  multiplex broadcast technologies.  For terrestrial distribution, MSO, OTA & Satellite relationships and FCC mandates this new CTO would require exceptional hard and soft skills to evangelize technology internal and external to the organization.  The new CTO would review and manage many IT and broadcast vendor relationships across three continents; this would require a fiscally mature media IT executive with extensive build-out, operations and maintenance experience globally.

With a large multinational and multi language IT engineering staff reporting into this technology executive, a noted and adept mentor with the ability to manage soft and hard assets remotely would be essential.  Media technology issues associated with international government regulations, business affairs and monetization were complex and we required an executive who could utilize the firm’s extensive legislative resources effectively to manage these areas with autonomy.

Some of challenges facing the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • Global Dissemination Across Multiple Media Platforms
  • Optimizing and Upgrading Resources for TV, OD, Radio, Interactive and Wireless Normalization
  • Change Management
  • Vendor Management in International & Domestic Markets
  • Optimizing Sales Technology to Enhance Revenue Across All Platforms
  • Centralize Control of International Technology Assets
  • International Government and Domestic FCC Compliance
  • Management of a Diverse Multinational Staff
  • Attracting and Mentoring Staff to Facilitate Technology Initiatives
  • Implementing IT Best Practices Internal & External to the Organization for Assimilation, Dissemination & Production
  • Integration of media platforms for monetization of multicast products and services and associated applications development

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media StaffingBased on Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment experience with prior advanced media technology searches and an awareness of other global media organization's technology infrastructures; compiling, verifying and vetting the entire initial search universe and including the ESC in the process took less than three weeks to complete.  With a finite number of appropriate media technology executives capable of moving the organization globally to their next generation of technology across all their targeted media platforms it was apparent who was qualified from a mechanical perspective well before the initial round of interviews in New York, Atlanta and California to understand each executive's capacity strategically.

The OIC’s (Tony Filson) objective was to attract the proper media technology executives to fit well within the organizations unique technology culture. Every ideal media technology executive identified was currently under contract, happy and well vested within their respective media conglomerate.  The current CTO’s succession plan was essential while recruiting to attract the “ideals” who were talented and well sought after Media IT executives. All exhibited the career progression and stability sought in the new CTO to maintain continuity and facilitate growth in the client’s global technology organization. 

The current Chief Technology Officer CTO required extensive assurances that this incoming executive would assume the initial transitional role prescribed before taking over the CTO position at the cadence prescribed. Maturity and sound judgment during a brief transition alloted would afford the organization and their vendors and affiliates  continuity during the new CTO’s ascension.  An extensive round of interviews in New York with the CTO, CEO and other senior level executive of the hiring company provided a unanimous consensus that the proper media IT executive to assume the CTO’s position had been identified and that he was indeed uniquely qualified and the single most qualified candidate for the position.

The CTO Recruited

Executive Search firms that speacilaize in  technology for the media and entertainment industryThe executive recruited and attracted by the Filcro Media Staffing Tony Filson (OIC) for the organization was currently managing (7) seven major TV broadcast and cable entities for one of the largest U.S. based multinational media and entertainment conglomerates in the world.  In his previous roles this technology executive managed across every media platform relevant to the organizations diverse global media infrastructure to include: Multicast of Cable TV, Broadcast TV, Radio, Interactive, On Demand, OOH, Mobile and Wireless assets

The executive was currently managing over 70 senior technology employees across The Americas, Europe and Asia with total technology and financial controls within these geographics for global dissemination.  His total reports on a dotted line and vendor management exceeded that of any other candidate by two fold.

With a proven history of efficacy in managing and introducing new media  technology from a hard asset and human resource perspective he was respected below, on and above line by everyone who came in contact with him personally and professionally.  This level of respect by his peers and those who reported into him would also be an asset in attracting and retaining highly valuable media technologists for the client company in the future.

One of the most challenging  aspects of this media technology executive search was negotiating the timing of the executive's release from his current contract due to a media industry merger.  At all times, this media IT executive exhibited traits inherent to someone with a fine character, intelligence and honor.  It was a pleasure working on this search with the current CTO and attracting such a fine senior media IT executive to carry forward the firm's reputation as a leader in global media technology and broadcasting entertainment.

The incumbent CTO left the firm as designed in his succession plan and the new CTO apparent reported directly into the new CEO.

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Executive Search Firms that specialize in recruiting TV chief engineers   Chief Engineer
  TV Network


Search Chief Engineer (CE)
Based St. Petersburg, FL - USA
Search Firm Filcro Media Staffing, New York, NY - USA
Recruitment Group Broadcast Technologies
OIC Tony Filson, New York, NY - USA
Reporting to Board CFO & CEO, NY and FL - USA


Madia and Broadcast Engineering Executive Search Media  TechnologyThe Home Shopping Network - HSN, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSNI) is a multi-billion dollar interactive multi-channel retailer with strong direct-to-consumer expertise and operates multiple business segments.  HSN offers an innovative, differentiated retail experience on TV, online, OEM,  mobile, in catalogs, and in brick and mortar stores.

HSN delivers a curated assortment of exclusive products and top brand names, and broadcasts live 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year, reaching over 100 million homes. is a top 10 most trafficked e-commerce site that creates a unique experience by leveraging content, community and commerce. In addition, HSN is an industry leader in transactional innovation, offering services such as HSN Shop by Remote®, the only service of its kind in the U.S.; mobile applications, including innovative HSN applications for iPad®, iPhone®, Android™; and HSN on Demand®.  Comprised of leading home and apparel lifestyle brands, including Ballard Designs, Frontgate, and Garnet Hill. HSN operates multiple distinct e-commerce sites, and distributes more than 300 million catalogs annually, to augment retail and outlet store operations.

Client Situation

The Network CEO was seeking a honed TV engineering executive to assume the role of Chief Engineer.   Based on the advanced technology build-out, cross-platform dissemination and technological  leadership continuity required it was essential that the  Network identify a Chief Engineer capable of formulating, executing and bringing to fruition the Network’s current and future media and broadcasting technology needs.

Industry and Sector inclusion for Universe Compilation

  • Broadcast Television - Networks, Station Groups & Stations
  • Cable Television Networks
  • MSO - Multi-System Operators
  • Technology and Media Conglomerates
  • Technology Vendors to the Broadcasting Industry


Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify Chief Engineers, Vice Presidents of Technology and Directors of Broadcast Engineering and Operations from the surrounding geographics and move outwards.

Based on Filcro Media Staffing’s experience with similar broadcast engineering executive searches it was apparent through Filcro’s O&D charting compiled internally that there was a rich pool of candidates in four related markets enabling identification, recruitment and attraction from the primary East Coast targets.  This was reinforced by the results of four recent chief engineering searches for station, station groups and cable nets

With OTA, Satellite, MSO, OEM and Online all having relevance  to this search it was essential that cross-platform, multi-cast, multiplex be part of this engineering executive's experience to differentiate them from the majority of chief engineers from OTA environments.



Many key affiliate relationships were contingent upon the Network NOC implementing new standards for CODEC development.  The varied platforms required different modalities and project management skills with internal clients, cross functional teams, technology vendors and affiliate BO&E executives.

As the Network built-out and implemented new technology it would require a technology executive who could speak on behalf of the Network to the broadcasting industry, vendors and attract IT and broadcasting engineering personnel as needed.  Mentoring skills were very important so a proper succession plan could be implemented with direct reports from the onset of this initiative.  Drawing from a pool of BO&E personnel based on the geographic would required in-house training and development beyond the norm.

Based of the Network's culture this TV Network Chief Engineer would have to exhibit strong soft and hard skills to work with dynamic TV executives.  There was no technology cocoon and this TV technology executive would be implementing business goals and monetization through technology needs that were not being conveyed by technologists but creative and marketing TV executives.

The ability of this Chief Engineer to report into a technology savvy CEO with media technological acumen was extremely helpful during the search process.

Successful Chief Engineer Identified, Recruited, Attracted and Relocated

A resourceful, innovative professional technologist with over twenty years of TV broadcast engineering and operations management experience within domestic and international TV arenas including twelve years at a multi-channel, multicast, multiplex network with twenty-seven owned and operated OTA TV stations and MSO properties. He held P&L responsibilities initiating projects to boost efficiency, productivity and sales revenue through state-of-the-art broadcast technologies.  He was a hands-on Broadcast Manager with proven skills in analysis, coordination, conceptualization, negotiation, budgeting, building, and improvement of operations through policies that promote creative thinking, new avenues of business, superior customer service, and positive results for the corporate bottom line.

He managed all technical aspects of TV station, Network and  affiliate functions including engineering, operations, IT, post production, applications development, distribution, recruitment, hiring and training of staff, budgeting, P&L, scheduling work, workflow, establishing technical policies and procedures, performance evaluations and the motivation of employees.

As a sincere technologist he researched the latest technologies and best practices to develop an 18-month proactive plan to transition a network to broadcasting across multiple media platforms as a multiplex.  He accomplished a 20-month plan in 13-months and seven-figures under budget.

Efficiency, productivity and profitability were all synonymous with his name. At one point in his career he lead the design and rebuilding of over twenty-seven television stations in different markets simultaneously. He identified all the needed technologies and technologists to successfully created state-of-the-art BO&E facilities and production studios.  His work increased viewership and revenue for the company.

This technology executive knew how to monetize technology through sound planning and project management in collaboration with or directed by business and creative executives who “did not speak technology”.  He never implemented technology without justifying the ROI.

He also reduced operating expenses by coordinating the movement of post-production services from outside vendors to in-house facilities.  He managed all aspects of the movement to internal studios with annual savings that were equal to the current technology vendor budget.

His financial reporting skills were strong and this allowed budgets to be adjusted and vendor contracts to be renegotiated at substantial savings to the Network.

Internationally he was noted as leading a legal, technical and facilities negotiation team for acquisition of broadcast carriage in LATAM, Mexico and Germany. He Successfully launched Hispanic and European Cable Networks with the same efficacy as domestic TV Networks, TV Station Groups and Individual TV Stations


The Chief Engineer recruited by Filcro relocated to St. Petersburg, FL in a brief period of time.

He has exhibited the technological and business leadership skills desired by the CEO and created a technology environment that is highly respected by the media and broadcasting industry.  It is noted as one of the most profitable and well run domestic and international broadcast, engineering and operations environments in television broadcasting.

It was a pleasure reporting to the Network CEO who was so instrumental in continuing to lead one of the World's most recognized brands in broadcasting and merchandising


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Madia and Broadcast Engineering Executive Search Media Technology RecruitersChief Engineer
TV Network

#1 DMA United States

Executive Search Firm | Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge | Tony Filson
Recruitment Group | Broadcasting Technology
Based | New York, NY
Search | Chief Engineer
Reporting to | TV Network CEO and VP Engineering

TV Network Situation

The TV Network was about to build-out a new BO&E and production / post facility to augment their three current facilities in separate locations.   A Chief Engineer capable of transitioning and building out the new facility while maintaining broadcast operations would be essential.  This Chief Engineer would also have to hire and manage the broadcast IT infrastructure, transmission and production / post personnel to bring the new facility to fruition.  Functioning at times as a project manager this Chief Engineer would also work with every vendor and internal client having an interest in the new facility, assuring that current and future technology could coexist until the new backbone, transmission, IT and production facilities could be brought online.  

Particular IT, traffic, LAN/WAN/SAN, CMS and production / post needs presented challenges and the training of current staff and the hiring of new engineering personnel would be essential.  A history of mentoring staff and creating a healthy work environment would be mandatory for this Chief Engineer to succeed.

The TV Network had experienced turnover above the industry mean and Filcro Media Staffing was brought in to recruit a Chief Engineer who could express the continuity the Network was seeking in this vital area.

Industry and Sector inclusion for Universe Compilation

  • Broadcast Television - Networks, Station Groups & Stations
  • Cable Television Networks
  • MSO - Multi-System Operators
  • Technology and Media Conglomerates
  • Technology Vendors to the Broadcasting Industry

The Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify and recruit Chief Engineers, Vice Presidents of Technology and Directors of Broadcast Engineering and Operations from the surrounding geographics and moving outwards, as required.

Based on Filcro Media Staffing’s experience with similar broadcast engineering and Chief Engineer executive searches there were challenges presented based on the Network budget and identifying Chief Engineers with the management, longevity and component level acumen for the compensation being offered.

With the exception of one candidate, all the Chief Engineers identified were from the New York Metropolitan area.  None of them were currently seeking employment and it was necessary to recruit them directly through contacts of the firm from similar Chief Engineering searches.     

Filcro Media Staffing drew from (39) distinct environments based on BO&E structure, geographics, affiliate distribution, staff supervised, compensation, IT acumen and the related production / post facilities from prior broadcast engineering executive searches.


With a set schedule and parts of the project already underway, there was a sense of urgency that Filcro Media Staffing adhered to working with busy broadcasting executives and their internal Network clients. 

Filcro identified a Chief Engineer who was exceptionally qualified ready to accept and made the transition with a few weeks notice.  Chief Engineers are in high demand and once presented it is always essential that a client company be prepared to move forward.  In some instances based on the complexity of and NOC and the BO&E infrastructure there could only be a handful of qualified engineers in the U.S. for some senior level positions.  At every phase of the search, Filcro Media Staffing had contingencies to assure that the Networks’ technology goals would be met by tiered Chief Engineers offering the client choices based on market conditions if required.

Successful Chief Engineer Identified

The Chief Engineer recruited by Filcro Media Staffing was from one of the largest and most respected broadcasters in the world.

His broad experience with NOC engineering management, technology evaluation,  content security, a noted BO&E Subject matter expert, vendor relationship management, RFI / RFP generation and response evaluation and liaison to executive management made him uniquely qualified to build-out the advanced facility and the support required.

Having worked with primary design and project management for multiple core Network system upgrades, replacements and rebuilds and core router replacements the new Chief Engineer had specific “current” experience relevant to the Networks’ immediate needs.  He also built the headend distribution system replacement,  watermarking upgrades, playout automation replacement and media server systems replacements while managing all support and engineering staff vital to each function.

Recruiting a Chief Engineer who had Network level experience and also as a prior PM for SD/HD conversions and the production / post IT infrastructure, gave him a distinct advantage in being able to hit the ground running with outside vendors and new providers of backbone.

Living within commuting distance was an added plus as everyone knows the 24/7 commitment taken on as a Chief Engineer in any DMA, never mind the #1DMA in the country.
Summary of The TV Chief Engineer Executive Search

The Chief Engineer was successfully identified, recruited and attracted starting within weeks of receiving a formal offer.

To date he is performing well, building an Esprit de Corps with his staff and meeting the deadlines set for the new facility.

The CEO, Vice President of Technology and the Director of Human Resources all busy executives, worked diligently during the search to make themselves available during the final phases of the vetting process.  

Filcro Media Staffing’s broadcast technology recruitment acumen assured that the contingencies required to assure the success of this search for a Chief Engineer were all in place to meet the needs of the TV Network.

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Media Industry Systems Engineering Executive Search
A Filcro Media Staffing systems engineering case history for review

Senior Systems Engineer
Technology Recruitment for Advertising Agencies in Production and Post Production

Executive Search: Senior Systems Engineer Advertising Agency Post Production Creative Global Cloud Workflow & Systems
Location: New York, NY - Midtown Manhattan
Industry: Advertising  Practice Media Workflow & Systems Technology
Executive Search Firm: Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge: Tony Filson
Search Group: Technology | Production & Post Production

Executive Search Summary

Systems Engineering Executive Search for The Advertising Industry by Filcro Media StaffingTony Filson met with the CEO to discuss world leading architecture of cutting edge digital content creation, production support and post production workflow automation in his New York City offices. Filcro Media Staffing was subsequently retained to recruit a Senior Systems Engineer to bring to fruition the technology required for global creative integration of one of the the world's largest, most creative and respected advertising agencies. 

The workflow modalities, applications development and systems architecture developed in New York, would be utilized throughout the world in the advertising agency's US, LATAM, ASIA & EU offices, IT, production and post production facilities.

Executive Search Profile

The CEO tasked Filcro Media Staffing to recruit a Senior Systems Engineer to be part of the centralized support and administration team of creative workflow, server infrastructure and cloud services.

Required were strong technical and interpersonal skills to work with a highly talented team as well as being the escalation point for the first line client support help desk teams providing systems administration and engineering assistance to maintain the server environments. This Senior System Engineer was recruited to work with a team dedicated to providing a unique mixture of solutions oriented technical support and customer service, resulting in maximum customer satisfaction for the advertising agency globally.

Recruiting a specialized production and post production systems engineer responsible for the oversight of the system administration team to lead and mentor others creative technologists was done successfully and expeditiously in line with the key duties and experience listed below.


Key Duties for the Senior Systems Engineer Recruited

  • Deliver engineering support and systems maintenance in line with good practice processes, customer expectations and customer contract service level agreements.
  • Work as an integral member of the engineering team to support the operation, troubleshooting, installation or maintenance of the clients servers, editing systems; ingest, media management, playout, workflow, back up systems and network infrastructure.
  • Help architect and implement video production workflows where necessary to optimize and/or meet the clients business requirements.
  • Consult and help implement new video services and products in furthering the evolution of the streaming ecosystem with a focus on scalability and high availability.
  • Configure, develop, test and implement appropriate software and hardware to optimize and or meet business requirements.
  • Help define video requirements with best practices in mind.
  • Cultivate relationships with current and existing vendors / partners to improve video quality of service and experience
  • Responsible for implementing, management and support of system monitoring services across the global LAN/WAN/SAN environments. This includes ensuring all sites are properly monitored and tier 1 support have access.
  • To proactively monitor and report on the health of the technical environment including the network LAN / WAN; cloud services; storage usage levels, production systems and SAN hardware to ensure good day to day management of the systems and to help identify and rectify issues before they impact the user environment.
  • Provide diagnostics, fixes and patching remotely, over the telephone, through the  help desk systems or on-site to optimize the configuration and performance of the networks and systems.
  • Consult and collaborate with the help desk team, which you will be part of to provide efficient technical issue resolution, where necessary escalating issues to other internal teams in accordance with the escalation process.
  • Responsible for tracking, communication and resolution of engineering support issues in the Support Ticketing System.
  • Follow internal procedures to document technical environments, procedures and good practice protocols for our customers, updating documentation to reflect any changes.
  • Provide support to the team deploying on-site customer solutions, application development, demo / trial setup, operation and product testing.
  • Update software / hardware assets on client database and tracking system
  • Maintain documentation of hardware maintenance, configuration, failures, removal, and installation.
  • Conduct daily inspections of the video infrastructure.
  • Assist in RMA process for equipment.
  • Provide customer feedback to the Head of Engineering.
  • Be part of the team’s support rota to provide 7 day, 24/7 support coverage 365 days a year.
  • Provide out of hours support via mobile phone on a rota basis.
  • Responsible for team member appraisals in conjunction with the Head of Engineering


Key Role Deliverables for the Senior Systems Engineer

  • Provide first line application and technical support to the video environment and its Adobe Premiere Pro and motion graphics workflows to ensure the facility is maximising its capability and ensuring that issues are resolved to enable users to hit their production deadlines
  • To implement support and service to the central team support manager for delivering high quality proactive support services with effective communication lines with users, the central escalated support team and the operational team.
  • To lead and deliver assigned projects by set deadlines and when applicable utilize both local and centralized resources for tracking and reporting of progress into the firms project management system.  
  • Look for continual improvement and efficiency in the utilization of technology, workflows and associated processes.
  • Help identify innovation opportunities for internal clients to deliver benefits back to the business and its users.
  • To provide timely and regular communication with the central team to ensure that the agency is working as one team for delivering support and projects to internal IT, production and post clients.
  • To manage technical, licensing and workflow information for the facility and to ensure this is kept up to date and available to the wider team and to the Client’s operational team
  • To oversee, document delivery knowledge transfer to Client’s in-house team and to promote good practices by helping users to become self-reliant in key technology and processes, helping them transition to new ways of working.
  • With cross functional teams plan, implement and support the piloting and testing of new technology and applications, creative platforms and workflows in the facility e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro and associate software, and to ensure knowledge is captured to support any wider roll-out to the client’s other facilities
  • To consistently utilize the firm’s systems and resources to proactively look at ways to improve service and operations.

Systems Engineering and Creative Workflow Minimum Experience Requirements Utilized to Bring the Executive Search to Fruition.

  • Experience supporting a multi platform infrastructure environment. Windows Server, Mac Server, Linux, Etc
  • Proficient knowledge of video technical infrastructure and operations, incorporating the following new and legacy hardware and all associated software:
    • NearLine Editing Systems
    • Shared storage systems
    • Backup services and procedures
    • Switches, hubs, cabling plant and other network equipment.
    • Routers, firewalls and communications links
  • Solid experience in Production and Post Production Workflows and associated applications
  • Digital desktop editing packages specifically Adobe Creative Apps
  • The Ability to troubleshoot IT related problems and provide solutions
  • Experience with process mapping for project management
  • Creative culture / environment awareness in a large multinational.
  • Ability for domestic and or international travel to emulate process globally.

The Transition and the Skilled Senior Systems Engineer Recruited

Post Production Executive Search for  the Media Advertising and Entertainment IndustryThe Senior Systems Engineer recruited had more than 13 years of expertise in the systems and creative workflow areas relevant to this executive search.  With broad desktop and server operating system platform experience with Microsoft Windows operating systems, all MAC OS X versions, all MAC iOS versions, Unix and Linux, this honed technologist with extensive advertising agency production and post production technology experience was ideal to lead the advertising agency’s initiatives for global systems and creative workflow integration.

Well versed in managing creative technology projects from inception to fruition his experience mapping process and project management was ideally suited to emulating best practices regardless of the global geographic.

Having administered and supported multiple production and post production facilities in North, Central and South America to include the Video Edit suites, Audio suites, Animation pits, 3D visual effects software, manual and automated QC systems, while reporting to the CTO the Systems Engineer recruited was ideally suited.

While recruiting we kept weighting towards a media technologist that could understand the enormous demands of SAN installations when working with HD content that had to be shared, edited and delivered in real-time across continents. The new Sr. Systems recruited had the support and maintenance experience specifically of the high-end production and post production advertising agency experience required.

What set this Senior Systems Engineer apart from others was not only his technology acumen but “The Person” himself.  With the ability to mentor others and work with all levels of staff, this was a talented technologist with exceptional soft skills. His ability to convey engineering thoughts in a manner for non-technologists, was commendable. This skill would be utilized well in senior level meetings where business goals would be articulated and he would have to work with cross-functional creative and technology teams to bring them to fruition.

Filcro Media Staffing completed the search assignment ahead of schedule and under the quoted budget. 

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Systems Workflow Engineering Executive Search for The Advertising and Broadcasting IndustryNote: The Sr. Systems workflow engineer recruited for this search was promoted and Filcro Media Staffing was retained again, to implement the succession plan and recruit a Systems Engineer to report to Senior Systems Engineer.



A Filcro Media Staffing TV Technology Executive Search Review

Senior Vice President
Sales Technology & Operations

TV Network Multichannel Multicast Multiplex Multiplatform Environment

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media and Sales Technology Executive SearchExecutive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media and Sales Technology Executive Search

Sales Technology and Operations Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks Tony Filson

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Based   New York, NY - USA
Executive Search Firm   Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge of Search  Tony Filson
Reporting to  Network COO and Network President
Search  Senior Vice President Network Sales Operations and Technology


A global media and entertainment conglomerate seeking an upgrade to their sales operational and sales IT infrastructure to optimize workflow and advertising revenue across their ad driven media platforms.

This network with over 130,000,000 subs is advertising driven and is still growing based on branding and new programming initiatives across a multiplex of multicannel offerings.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, DC offices are AOR’s relevant to this search for the Senior Vice President.

Client Situation

The Network President and Chief Operating Officer felt it was essential to upgrade the capacity of the Networks’ sales operational functions across TV, On Line, Mobile, Radio, Out of Home, OEM and On Demand offerings.

Traffic, Inventory and planning functions needed to be centralized to optimize efficacy and lower sales operational costs through retooling of hardware, software, process and human resources to facilitate multicast dissemination and monetization.

Current IT systems and software required upgrading to integrate a (6) six platform plan that was seamless internal and external to the Network.

Continuity and stability from an HR perspective were also needed as turnover was exceeding the industry mean. We wanted an individual who could bring hard and soft assets together while assuring that IT and Sales were provided with proper guidance to accomplish the Network's business goals. This new Senior Vice President would be tasked with improving the culture and work environment to bring about stability and internal growth opportunities for employees.

Industry and Sector inclusion

  • Broadcasting - Cable Television
  • Broadcasting - Network Television
  • Broadcasting - Station Groups
  • IT Broadcast - Systems Providers
  • IT Broadcast - Software Providers
  • IT Broadcast - Systems Integrators

The COO identified Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) and Tony Filson (TF) functioning as Officer in Charge of Search subsequent to internal identification efforts.

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Filcro Media Staffing TV Network Advertising Sales IT, Technology, and advertising sales operations, technology Tony FilsonTony Filson of FMS and the COO established the required experience for the search in  less than an hour with exceptional guidance from Human Resources. Based on Filcro Media Staffing’s intimate knowledge of the space, combined with extensive recruitment experience in broadcast sales operations the firm was able to proceed with the search the following business day

The FMS OIC and client COO looked at ideals from a revenue, performance and IT perspective and AOR’s that required immediate optimization servicing the Network Advertising Sales organization front and back offices as well as the client and advertising agency relationships.

Some vendor (IT) relationships, succession planning issues and office space relocation time lines for Washington, DC were set at a realistic cadence so day-to-day planning, traffic and inventory would not become secondary.  The entire back office was being relocated from the DC/VA/MD area to NYC.

Filcro Media Staffing reviewed all (IT) hardware and software relevant to sales and sales operations along with the client supplied O&D charting to establish which hard and soft resources could be utilized as part of the consolidation in DC while upgrading traffic, inventory and planning across all the new multicast media platforms in NYC.  This proactive review identified the essentials that needed to be concentrated on during the initial phases of the transition. The immediate business goals and time-lines set by the COO had to be met based cross-over dates set by IT vendors.

Understanding the changes to workflow and employee training that had to be accomplished in Sales, Traffic, Inventory and Planning we needed an executive with a record of success as mentor and the attraction of vital personnel. The VP IT was verbose as to what stage(s) vendors would setup redundant systems, close down legacy resources and initiate through the NOC a seamless transition to multicast dissemination and new monetization modalities that had to be supported by the new sales infrastructure.

Challenges facing the new Senior Vice President

  • Network Advertising Sales Information Technology Adaptation - Hardware and Software
  • Change Management
  • Training & Development of TV Network Sales Front & Back Office and Associated Applications Development with Vendors
  • Consolidation of National Sales IT, Inventory, Traffic and Planning Resources to Network Sales in New York City While Continuing Service for the East Coast, West Coast and Midwest Regions.
  • New Financial Reporting Guidelines
  • Adaptation of New and Old Technology to Client and Ad Agency Needs
  • Continuity - Lowering Employee Turnover
  • New Agency Partnerships - Relationships Across Four Media Platforms for Monetization
  • Adapting to a Newly Defined Multiplex of Multichannel Programming
  • Technology to Address ADU Issues and Optimize Revenue

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV NetworksFilcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify the executives from targeted TV networks who presently exceeded or matched the SUB #’s, budgets and ad revenue of the client company.

A skilled broadcast technologist with exceptional soft skills was required with below and above line efficacy from a national broadcaster that disseminated across multiple platforms as a multiplex.  

Our firm’s ideal was an executive who had built a new Network and or also guided a large Network through the upgrade and consolidation process from an IT and sales operational perspective while lowering OPEX through automation and increasing productivity.

An executive capable of maintaining day-to-day operations while transitioning the Network was essential.

Team development and remote management of multiple offices located throughout the United States would also be a must.  This executive would have to guide IT, Traffic, Inventory, Sales, Sales Services and Human Resources in five different offices.

One part of our solution was to identify an executive who had facilitated a decentralized to centralized sales operational function in the past, similar to other searches we had conducted in the past for Networks and Station Groups.  The difficulty was that few networks had integrated the full sales cycle from RFP to the completion of the sale process and consolidated Inventory, Traffic, Planning and shared Ideation for TV, Mobile, OD, Online, OTT, DOOH and a separate CMS revenue stream with multiplatform programming partners to the extent planned for the Networks’ model.  We needed a TV Executive with exceptional IT and advertising sales operational management experience so current operations would not stumble during the transition.

Successful Senior Vice President Recruited

Media Technology Executive SearchA Senior Vice President of Network Broadcast Operations based in New York City with everything required to meet the client's business objectives and move them forward and bring the Network’s business goals to fruition

This executive was responsible for all functions in one the worlds largest media and entertainment conglomerates across multiple networks and fit in well with the new company's multiplex ambitions.

The entity was a direct competitor of the client company down to the specific genres offered across their multiplex or multiple Networks.

The new SVP facilitated similar technology, consolidation and optimization across four media platforms successfully . He was an exceptional technologist with strong management and soft skills where he built core and cross-functional teams.

As a mentor and builder of strong teams his identification caused highly skilled people to come forward with newly needed skill sets to join him at the Network.  This lowered hiring costs and allowed for an immediate adaptation to direct IT and the vendors required to implement advanced broadcast sales technology for our client.

The new SVP has made a smooth transition, is functioning with exceptional efficacy and exceeding the client's operational and technology expectations mandated at the onset of the search.  The media conglomerate transitioning its board and operating companies embraced this new technology leader as adding value across multiple media properties in domestic and international markets

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media and Sales Technology Executive SearchExecutive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media and Sales Technology Executive Search

Sales Technology and Operations Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks Tony Filson

TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks Sales Technology and Sales Operations TV Executives

TV Sales Operations Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Sales Technology Media Executives for Online Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for OOH Electronic Play Station and Roku Media

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Broadcast TV






Filcro Media Staffing recruits origination and production technology sales executives in diverse U.S. and international markets.  Below is an example of a Filcro Media Staffing origination and production executive search sales case history for review.   Based on the executive search being conducted, these additional sales, production or technology recruitment environments could be of equal interest.

TV Network Origination and TV production Sales Executive Search Firms
    Senior Vice President (SVP)
    TV and Digital Network Origination, Production and Creative Services

Based  DFW, TX - USA  - Dallas, Fort Worth Area
Executive Search Firm    Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge of Search  Tony Filson
Reporting to President
Search Senior Vice President National Sales & Operations

Client  Emerging national provider of TV Network origination, production and broadcasting creative services for TV broadcast, motion picture and digital media platforms.


Client Situation An investment group, led by individual investors, funded the expansion of broadcast, technology and production services infrastructure of an emerging national player in TV Network Origination.  The owners were seeking a honed change agent to bring their business and investment goals to fruition.

The new president, as a key investor, contacted Filcro Media Staffing to engage the firm in setting a course of action from a recruitment and management consulting perspective for strategic expansion, monetization and operational guidance subsequent to CAPEX.

Business Sector Inclusions

  • TV Production & Post Production Studios
  • Motion Picture Production & Post Production Studios
  • Broadcasting Production, Post & Technical Operations Companies
  • Digital Production Technologists and Solutions Providers
  • Media Technology Providers and VAR’s
  • TV Network Origination and Production Services Providers - RF, Cloud, Sat, Fiber, LAN/WAN/SAN and CMS Solutions
  • Media Workflow Solutions Companies and Integrators
  • NOC, Headend and Teleport Facilities

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Filcro Media Staffing’s goals for this executive search were threefold.

  • Enhance Monetization Channels
  • Optimize Operations and OPEX
  • Market Expansion With Enhanced Products and Services

The president of the client company brought forward a clear vision and realistic business goals that he articulated concisely.  The president granted Filcro Media Staffing unusual autonomy, so his objectives could be met expeditiously and with recruitment modalities normally not utilized within origination and production sales. 

Filcro Media Staffing’s Officer in Charge of the search, proceeded with TX, GA, NC, NY and CA universe compilation to tier the search appropriately based on the business, technical and creative acumen required in this senior sales executive.

Eight (8) possible related business structures in three (3) geographics with three (3) categories for tiering were established with a total universe upon completion of six (6) finalists with three (3) on the first tier.  One (1) candidate was hired as SVP and another was slated for future employment a month after the SVP was hired.  The president felt that National monetization, Operations and National Market Expansion would be facilitated and expedited by hiring both executives at an accelerated pace.  The president was very pleased with the quality of the executives brought forward and wanted to take a more aggressive stance with hiring than at the onset of the search.

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

Separating the strategic business leadership, broadcast and production operational  and sales expertise into logical silos, it was apparent that NY or LA also needed to be key players (markets) for new business development to meet the revenue goals proposed by the President.  The staff currently in Texas managed BO&E, production, post and optimized local and regional clients then managed national clients as they were introduced to the firm.

Broadcast Technology Sales Jobs and RecruitersOnce the final tier of candidates was established and the firm’s “ideals” identified we then assured a proper cultural fit was apparent in the finalists.

With the firm’s ecology positive and now under management that was seeking growth, it was also important the the new SVP have a similar personal and professional ecology as the firm, to assure continuity.

The executive search was evolving into the perfect group of scenarios for the president as early as four (4) weeks after retaining Filcro Media Staffing.  In eight (8) weeks, the new SVP was identified, recruited, attracted and accepted the offer made by the firm.   

During the executive search process, with Tony Filson functioning as the officer in charge, he also identified an individual that he felt could help the firm strategically.  The president of the client company agreed and is seeking to hire this executive also.  This executive search and the strategic advice obtained facilitated an expedited time-line to meet the president's business and monetization objectives.     

The Talented New SVP Recruited

Filcro Media Staffing worked outward from the DFW and ultimately, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and North Carolina contributed to the initial universe.

Of the two executives being hired based on this executive search, Texas and Los Angeles produced the SVP and VP respectively.

The new Senior Vice President of Origination Sales and Operations was an industry veteran with exceptional soft and hard skills.  Attracted from a larger company and direct competitor in the region he earned a reputation for being innovative and building upon solid business practices. This executive turned an in-house facility servicing a national electronics retailer into the largest and most successful company of its type in the region.

The new SVP also had a reputation of building unusual esprit de corps and the president of the client company now reorganizing and optimizing the reporting structures in the company needed someone with exceptional management skills. 

This Texas based company that retained Filcro Media Staffing to conduct this executive search has exceeded every business and monetary objective planned.

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Filcro Media Staffing

TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing

Filcro Media Staffing Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Online Media Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing

Filcro Media Staffing Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for OOH Electronic Play Station and Roku Media Tony Filson

Filcro Media Staffing Tony Filson Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for International, National, Regional and Local Media Markets Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing


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Radio & Music


Multicast & OEM




Filcro Media Staffing Media Technology Executive Search Firms Filcro Media Staffing Media Sales Executive Search Firms Tony FilsonFilcro Media Staffing Media Technology Executive Search Firms     Executive Vice President
  Strategic Brand Development

    SVP National Sales Broadcasting and Media Technology

Based  New York, NY - USA
Search  EVP / Senior Vice President
Domestic and International Broadcast Technologies. 

The CEO wanted to identify an executive who could play dual roles as an EVP of strategic development and branding for corporate and SVP of Sales for Technologies as the national and international sales organizations were built-out globally.

This dual role would allow for greater latitude for US, LATAM and EU “scale” initiatives.  Upon completion, the executive would remain as EVP and hire a successor for the specialized SVP Technology Sales role once branding was established.

Search Firm  Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge with Tony Filson (OIC)
Search Groups Technology | Marketing | Sales
Reporting to the Executive Search Committee in New York, NY and the President and CEO in San Diego, CA - USA

The Client

A world leader in the development and implementation of technical work-flow and technology solutions for the media industries focusing on the copyright management, royalty distribution, E-Commerce, information, marketing and product distribution needs emerging from the confluence of the entertainment and media industries. The firm offers turn-key applications development and systems integration to manage any level of scale.

The firm holds a significant patent portfolio of proven watermarking technologies and applications which have emerged as core media technology components for broadcast copyright protection architectures for digital media formats, CMS content management systems and broadcast distribution systems. Selected as a worldwide industry standard in copy protected audio, data and video the developed architecture and specifications for playing, storing and distributing content globally. 


The company offers media technology verification solutions spanning all media platforms to include: broadcast OTA, MSO, OTT, OEM, Satellite, Mobile, Music, Motion Picture and a broad spectrum of physical format products for consumer media disposables. Motion Picture Studios, TV Networks, Radio Broadcasters, Record Labels, Digital Discriminators, Advertising Agencies, Electronic Manufactures and Mobile Media Producers all benefit from the firms technology seamlessly integrated into their current IT, production, work-flow and affiliate distribution chain.

Client Situation 

An executive search committee was formed with representation from each primary constituency to identify an executive search firm to conduct the national search to identify and recruit a new EVP / Senior Vice President in a unique role for branding and sales of media industry technology. The CEO based in San Diego, CA met with Filcro Media Staffing in New York prior to retaining the firm and asked that Tony Filson conduct the search as Officer in Charge (OIC) and meet with the executive search committee.

Executive Search Committee Member Industry and Sector inclusion:

  • Television Broadcasting
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Advertising
  • Music Production & Distribution
  • Network & Syndicated Programming
  • The Marsh & McLennan Company
  • JP Morgan Investment Banking
  • Major Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
Filcro Media Staffing Media Executive Search Firms used by Investment banks that specialize in media and entertainment Tony Filson
Filcro Media Staffing Investment banking executive search firms for the media and entertainment industries corporate communication Reviews of Tony Filson


The executive search committee and the investment banks with the CEO acting as point of contact, met with Tony Filson and retained Filcro Media Staffing. Tony Filson functioned as Officer in Charge to recruit the new EVP / SVP of Global Branding & Sales

Filcro Media Staffing Is Retained

Tony Filson met with the CEO and commenced the search by first reestablishing a consensus of the search committee to clarify the firm’s objectives.  Based on Filcro Media Staffing’s experience with similar searches, the meeting was quick and productive. There were varied opinions with regard to tactical and strategic weighting and autonomy so it was important that these issues were addressed prior to commencement.  It was the opinion of Filcro Media Staffing from the onset that a talented pool of appropriate executives could be drawn from two environments and that a corporate relocation could be avoided.

Filcro Media Staffing was provided with organizational charts and overviews of operations and personnel in New York City, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The O&D Charting provided by human resources provided insight into what changes would be required to support the initiatives.  This new executive would have to be a skilled change-agent with acumen and experience more aligned to the modality of a Fortune 50 for the sales efficacy the board was seeking.

The executive search committee gave autonomy to the CEO and Filcro Media Staffing during the initial phase of universe establishment and tiering. It was not until the final (4) four candidates were identified that the ESC as a whole, participated in the interviewing process. The established hierarchy of desired skill sets and industry experience only changed once during the search. The fact that Filcro Media Staffing’s OIC reported to a single CEO and not the entire ESC enabled the final group of 1st tier candidates to be established and identified very quickly.  All four of the candidates provided were considered qualified to assume the role.

Filcro Media Staffing was fortunate to have such an active CEO participate during the search who was so articulate and enthusiastic about the opportunity. This new executive was to be identified as the CEO’s “ideal” and also part of the CEO’s succession plan.

Due to industry positioning / pending litigation / prior practices and “venture capital” financing issues the search required a very well rounded EVP/SVP who would play more of a strategic role then tactical as would be the norm in other similar sales environments with the EVP title. An executive had to be identified that could change the entire sales function from the ground up in a very brief period of time. The board needed an executive with prior experience in related media environments that initiated systemic changes in targeted client relationships through technology solutions.

Challenges facing the new EVP / Senior Vice President

  • Change Management
  • Best Practices
  • Sales Services & Sales Operations
  • Adaptation of Technology to Client Needs
  • Sales Training
  • Financial Management and Budget Controls
  • Internal Marketing - Sales Relationship
  • Board of Director Reporting in an Evolving and Changing Board

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify SVP to EVP level executives with a proven record of success in the creation of revenue and branding in the targeted media environments that this executive and his staff would be cultivating. Exposure to content providers, producers, media companies, advertising agencies and advertisers (GM, Coca Cola, P&G, McDonalds, Paramount), and other targeted customer groups that could utilize this media technology would be essential.

An executive capable of focusing on “broadcast data products” while also servicing clients, managing sales and selling the technology to key advertising, broadcast networks, music and media content programming producers was essential.  As profit margins were higher for specific media platforms and delivery systems the new executive would have to capitalize on these advantages to augment lower margin businesses that were emerging with great growth potential.

The growth of licensing revenue from the company's rights management software was of particular interest and we needed an executive who had prior reporting responsibilities in the past with product development interaction, supply chain and global distribution.  The ability to curate and customize solutions was strength and the CEO wanted an executive who could benchmark the firm’s success through global markets.

With the management of the entire sales organization in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago consisting of VP’s, Directors, Managers, sales support and customer service all falling to this new executive we needed an executive who was very hands on who believed in an open door policy. Creating a new budget, sales quotas, sales objectives, sales incentive programs, development of transparent pricing and reporting on a weekly basis to the board of directors was essential.  We wanted an executive who would have a brief learning curve consisting primarily of culture and the current clients of the firm.

The investment banking contingent from JP Morgan and Marsh & McLennan were insisting on an executive with strong financial controls experience. Not only would this executive be establishing incentives for the sales force, they would also be involved in attraction and retention which gave them control of stock options / grant incentives. Creating revenue projections and translating that data into effective sales programs required a person who had built a sales organization from inception to sell to media companies like:

Media Technology SalesMedia Industry Technology SalesMedia Platform Technology SalesTechnology Sales Jobs in the Media Industry
Media Sales Executive SearchMedia Technology Executive Search FirmsBroadcasting Technology Recruiters

The firm’s department heads seemed at odds in the beginning to acquiesce control of their  practices to a change agent. An executive who was a strong team builder who could gain consensus by empowering managers would be needed immediately.

From a strategic perspective this media executive would have to establish International joint ventures to expand globally into (3) three primary media markets. The OIC felt that prior experience in managing multiple domestic and international offices would be essential.

Successful SVP / EVP Recruited 

A Senior Vice President form one of the worlds largest advertising agencies was identified, recruited and attracted by Filcro Media Staffing. He was a global brand builder with proven successes in integrated brand communications and in managing people and practices all over the world.

He built successful brands for major marketers in multinational markets for Procter & Gamble, Dell, Dannon, Glaxo SmithKline, Merck, Mattel and Novartis. Leading brand businesses both globally from New York and on the ground in Asia, Europe and Latin America he managed hiring, training and motivating people with diverse backgrounds.

His success with initiating integrated brand communications for both traditional media and media technology companies was an ideal fit for the client company based on what they demanded from the Marketing / Branding / Sales balance of experience.

Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing Proctor and Gamble Advertising Sales Executive Search Firms P&G CPG Sales Media EXecutive Search Tony FilsonThe New EVP / SVP Filcro Media Staffing recruited led the integrated brand communications of P&G Pringles internationally and managed five regional teams (Europe, Latin America, Northeast Asia, Greater China and Asia Pacific). Provided consulting support to the Oracle Group (Technology) on management of its global business. Led the Orientation account (Technology) and its marketing strategies and contributed significantly to making Pringles, P&G’s most integrated brand, (sales grew +20% annually to over $2 billion, one of the top five P&G brands). He also initiated holistic strategy tools for Pringles and implemented an array of services under its wing while he developed revenue models and contributed to winning some the largest technology and consumer product clients in the industry.

Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing Glaxo Merk SmithKline Novartis Advertising Sales Executive Search Firms for Media  ExecutivesHe led the account and strategic planning groups, new business efforts and operations for 130+ employees at the agency and led all services for P&G, Dell, Glaxo, SmithKline, Danone, Merck, Novartis and BAT, while increasing agency revenue +30% by winning new business from Glaxo SmithKline, Merck, BAT, Block Drug, Novartis and P&G. He also managed the development of Dell’s successful technology sales entry into Japan.  This move into Japan represented substantial revenue and was successful based the executive's capacity to brand for global markets.

This executive is doing exceptionally well in this unique role and has accomplished everything the board required. The fact he speaks four (4) languages fluently has contributed to his successful international market penetration and branding. His proven record of success continues today.

Would like to thank the CEO, the board and the talented executives at Marsh & McLennan who helped bring this exciting executive search to fruition facilitating a new generation of media technology.

FIlcro Media Staffing Tony Filson Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks

TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks Tony Filson

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Online Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for OOH Electronic Play Station and Roku Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for International, National, Regional and Local Media Markets


Cable TV   OTT    MSO

Broadcast TV

Radio & Music


Multicast & OEM





A Filcro Media Staffing Broadcasting Technology Sales Executive Search

Broadcasting Technology Sales Executive Search FirmsRegional Vice President Sales
Media Technology and Broadcast Workflow Solutions
The United States and Canadian Territories

Based East Coast Florida to Canada
Search Regional VP Broadcasting Systems and Solutions Sales
Search Firm   Filcro Media Staffing, New York, NY
Search Group  Broadcasting Technology Sales
Search Officer Tony Filson in New York, NY
Reporting to  Senior Vice President of National Sales

Client Situation

With industry wide expansion of broadcast technological resources, intellectual property and integrated media workflow solutions, there was a need to expand and optimize the sales organization in selected areas of the United States and Canada.

The President was being proactive in securing additional business channels for monetization that would capitalize on the firm’s enhanced capacity to play an even greater role within unprecedented ownership of the full cycle of the media workflow process to include seamless broadcasting operations, production, post-production and content management modalities.

The executive this position reports into is a gifted Senior Vice President of National Sales and he was quick to note and articulate the areas of responsibility, experience and product knowledge that this media technology executive would require, to be successful, on tactical and strategic levels as an individual contributor and leader of a honed group of regional sales executives.

Business Sector Inclusions

  • TV Production & Post Production
  • Motion Picture Production & Post Production
  • Broadcasting Production, Post & Technical Operations
  • Digital Production Technologists and Solutions Providers
  • Media Technology Providers and VAR’s
  • Media Software Developers and VAR’s
  • Content Management System Providers
  • Media Workflow Solutions Competitors and Integrators
  • Developers of Advanced Media Technology and Research

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Media Technology sales and workflow executive search firmsFilcro Media Staffing’s goals for this search were extensive.  The firm’s recruitment efforts were targeted towards known entities and leaders in this space who were gainfully employed, happy and productive.  The value prepositions of growth and financial success were real and transparent.  Recruiting and attracting those offering everything the client was seeking was a tremendous amount of work drawing from every major media technology center in the United States and Canada until the ideal executive was identified, recruited and attracted at an aggressive cadence.

The new RVP we recruited would be responsible for the Eastern region territory and Canada and for developing and strengthening a set of accounts and vertical markets.  Needed was a sophisticated manager to direct the AE's, their key relationships and ensure that the appropriate resources are available and focused to support the firm’s selling objectives and relationship goals.
The territories including: Canada, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, W. Virginia, and Washington D.C. to name a few.  These were extensive in geographic reach and media market penetration as some of the most sought after in the industry.  This new RVP would require extensive acumen in these key media technology markets.
The ability to develop and implement sales plans by Account Executive and/or accounts aligned with market segment, geographic territory, and business portfolio in support of company objectives was essential as no two accounts were exactly alike in spend or need.  The new Regional Vice President would have to meet or exceed sales objectives of the assigned region / accounts by promoting and selling solutions through professional relationships that often take many years to develop.

Filcro Media Staffing having recruited media technology leadership in the past as CRO’s, CIO’s and CEO’s of the client’s targeted media communities in broadcasting and entertainment afforded the firm a distinct advantage during the recruitment phase of the search.  As the new RVP would have to provide reporting  and forecast using the SalesForce automation and other tools, the officer in charge of search knew that the environments being drawn from would offer this level of sales reporting accountability.

Coaching and developing a professional sales team as a group and as individuals was a key concern of the hiring manager and the SVP being a honed mentor was seeking an executive who could build sales team continuity in a market that rewarded longevity and delivering on promises.

Implementing and championing the company's sales process to establish a culture of “solution selling” at all levels of the customer's decision-maker hierarchy would be essential. C level and line personnel were all involved in the decision process for workflow solutions and this RVP would need to be very hands-on and effective at all levels of client engagement. 

With so much of the media technology industry depending of national and regional events and shows to sell and spotlight product lines and services it was essential that we identify an RVP who was a welcome guest with exceptional interpersonal skills and product knowledge who could engage customers on a human and technical level as a solution provider and not a pushy salesperson.

Travel would be extensive to meet customers and to coach Account Executives in the field, this executive required a proven record of managing resources and staff in an organized, mature and knowledgeable manner.

The Filcro Media Staffing Broadcasting Technology Recruitment Solution

Broadcasting Technology Recruitment  and Executive SearchFilcro Media Staffing proceeded to identify national and regional media technology sales executives with a minimum of 10 years of tactical and strategic leadership.  

We sought demonstrated acumen that was articulated and admired by peers and contemporaries competing in the same space who had direct interaction with this executive and their sales organization as a whole.

Of interest was the ability to sell to and across an emerging multicast, multi-platform, multiplex group of clients as well as OTT, OTA, OEM, MSO and others while managing teams that efficiently conveyed a solution selling message that was consistently increasing revenue across all broadcast platforms. 

As public speaking and C Level interaction would be the norm, we also sought a special set of skills to address very important large audiences.  In New York, Las Vegas or Los Angeles this executive could address thousands of broadcasting executives at a time consisting of some of the most knowledgeable and demanding broadcasting technology decision makers in the world.

Looking at the markets to be served we also wanted an executive who could create markets vs. being reactive.  With so much of the media workflow solutions business being generated by the capacity to create a more efficient and productive process this executive would need to have access above and below line on the client side to covey opportunities that can facilitate advantages in very competitive broadcast, production and post-production environments.  

The officer in charge at Filcro Media Staffing also wanted to understand each executive's coaching, mentoring and team building capacity.  With consolidation, mergers and acquisitions taking place throughout the industry it was important to understand this executive as a manager and the sales executives he had hired and developed as sales professionals over the years. With an immediate need for additions to staff in one of the RVP’s sales offices, it was important that this senior level sales executive was adapt at attracting sales executives who were successful, grew and expressed longevity.  The President wanted some assurances that continuity could be instituted by creating a productive sales culture that sales executives from competitors would want to become part of.

Tony Filson as the officer in charge of search and a former MDS sales engineer enjoys media technology and he wanted the same passion in this executive.  Short of this executive reading white papers form SONY every day he wanted there to be an inherent curiosity and love for technology in this new RVP of sales.  The client company known for being “The Cutting Edge” player in this space, knew the RVP would have to be a bit of a Renaissance person with all things media.  As complex and ever changing as broadcast and media technology can be, Tony Filson wanted an executive who could speak to any concern of a CIO, CTO, Producer, Director, Post Production Editor or Chief Engineer with aplomb.

The Vice President of Media Technology Sales Recruited by Filcro Media

It was a personal and professional pleasure working with the President and the Senior Vice President of sales as the hiring managers.  Both are thoughtful, honed, polished executives and gentlemen who accomplished a great deal from a sales management and revenue perspective through this executive search.  Thank you for allowing us to function with autonomy. 

This was an intensive and rewarding search conducted that fully utilized the sales and technology recruitment resources and relationships of the firm.

The new Regional Vice President of Sales attracted was from a direct and close global competitor of the client company and he was not seeking employment at the time we contacted him.

With current North East U.S. and Canadian markets being areas of sales responsibility, this media technology sales executive was well suited to optimize return for the most profitable territories for media technology and media workflow solutions for the company and in the industry. 

His broad media hardware, media software and media enterprise acumen were exceptional.  He could discuss component level circuitry in a way that engaged technologists, creatives and CFO’s.  With experience providing media workflow, systems and  applications development solutions on a granular and enterprise level, for some of the most noted media and entertainment conglomerates in the world, this executive was an impressive contributor and leader with no negative ego.

Known for attracting and building individual sellers and selling teams this executive's reputation was impeccable. Media sales professionals wanted to work for him, enjoyed working for him and grew professionally working for him.  This was a man who attracted and developed media sales executives that everyone in the media technology industry wanted to hire based on his noted leadership and high hiring standards. He is a true developer of people.
At public and industry events he was a consistent, noted and effective leader conveying his firm’s message to industry leaders and decision makers.  His capacity to translate media business goals into hardware and workflow solutions was unprecedented.  He brought a human element to hard-core technology and developed relationships that granted him access to the largest purchasers of media technology in the world.

This executive's career ecology was a very close match to the client company's corporate ecology.  Ready for a substantial increase in autonomy, compensation and a larger corporate structure this was a perfect match for the company and the recruited executive.  The hiring company's culture was also a match as the SVP praised and rewarded performance in the same manner this new RVP was noted for. Both the recruited executive and the client company believed in positive reenforcement and working with professionals as individuals with specific needs and desires for motivation.  This was a complex modality that was shared and successful and played a key role as a catalyst this new relationship.

Once this new RVP was hired there was a substantial acquisition and new corporate leadership was introduced.  Without hesitancy or skipping a beat the new RVP made the transition and is today one the firm’s noted press announcements profiling their continued dominance in media technology and media workflow solutions.  He has since been promoted and is today one of the most respected and successful media technology sales executives in our industry.

FIlcro Media Staffing Tony Filson Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks

TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks Tony Filson

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Online Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for OOH Electronic Play Station and Roku Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for International, National, Regional and Local Media Markets


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A Cable Television Network TV Traffic Case History for Review

Vice President Traffic Executive Search Firms that specialize in recruiting senior level traffic executive in TV cable TV broadcasting interactive broadcasting Tony Filson   Vice President Network Traffic
   TV, OTA, MSO, VOD, Broadband, Mobile, OEM


Based   Washington, DC - USA
Search Firm  Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge Tony Filson, New York, NY - USA
Reporting to  Executive Vice President, New York, NY - USA
Search Groups Technology | Traffic
Executive Search  Vice President Network Traffic - All Platforms

The Client

U.S. Multinational Media and Entertainment Conglomerate seeking to upgrade their TV Network traffic infrastructure from a management and technology perspective. This Cable TV Network with over 100,000,000 subs is advertising driven and will enjoy substantial growth based on programming initiatives from the parent company.

Their facilities in Washington, DC / VA / MD geo will service all agencies as well as Network sales offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit.

Client Situation

TV Network Traffic Executive Search FirmsThe Executive Vice President of TV Network Sales felt it was essential to upgrade the traffic function internal and external to the organization. There was a clear need to enhance synergy of the multiplex properties to allow the network to have systems that they could grow into, as opposed to out of. The Network needed to upgrade personnel, hardware and software along with management and workflow procedures. This systemic reorganization would require change management, formalized training and succession planning initiatives that did not exist before.

Executive Search Committee Member(s) Industry and Sector Inclusion

  • Broadcasting Operations - Cable Television
  • OTA TV Networks & Station Groups
  • Satellite Broadcasters
  • Advertising Agencies - Media Groups
  • Traffic, Inventory and Sales Planning - Technology Vendors

The EVP of Network Sales identified Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) and Tony Filson (TF) functioning as Officer in Charge of Search after conducting their own national identification efforts to identify the ideal traffic executive. The EVP wanted a new and fresh perspective on the national media markets outside of their traditional recruitment resources.

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Filcro Media Staffing Director Recruitment ResearchThe Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson and the Filcro Director of Research with the EVP of TV Network Sales initiated and completed the search document after two brief phone calls, the same day.

Based on Filcro Media Staffing’s intimate knowledge of the TV Network and the parent company, along with extensive executive search experience recruiting TV Broadcasting Network Traffic, Inventory, Planning and Operations executives, Filcro Media Staffing was able to proceed with the search the following business day.

The Filcro Media Staffing OIC and the EVP of Network Sales felt that setting a new standard for Network Traffic meant that “current internal means” were of no relevance to establishing “new” performance criterion.  Revised technology, management programs, workflow modalities did not currently exist that would be acceptable in the “NEW” traffic environment.

Tony Filson reviewed all hardware and software along with client supplied O&D charting to establish what resources could be utilized as part of the new Inventory and Traffic infrastructure. Understanding what changes had to be made from a Human Resource perspective, directly or on a dotted-line were very important as we needed to identify from the onset of the search current strengths and weaknesses from a skill set and experience perspective prior to discussing “change management”.

The intent was to train and upgrade as many current employees as possible prior to implementing any other changes with the exception of a few employees who clearly did not have the skills or capacity to be part of the “new” Network traffic infrastructure.

The Executive Vice President of Network Sales admired different characteristics of modality, workflow and efficacy from other networks. Tony Filson established a search document that drew from multiple environments to set ideals that would be used during universe compilation.

Challenges facing the new Vice President of Traffic (VPT)

  • Change Management
  • Training & Development
  • Budget Controls
  • Adaptation of New and Old Technology to Client Needs
  • Team Building - Sales - Sales Planning, Sales Services - IT - Traffic - Inventory
  • Agency Partnerships - Enhancing Relationships
  • Succession Planning
  • Workflow Adaptations and New Application Development

Filcro Media Staffing’s Recruitment Solution

TV Network Traffic Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify the "best in class" traffic executives from TV Networks and multiplex broadcasters who presently exceeded the SUB’s of the client company. A proven record of success in dealing with technical ecology in a growing TV Network was of primary interest. Based on the client’s current contractual hardware and software obligations, Tony Filson as OIC started with a universe of TV Networks and media companies that were based on similar traffic, inventory, sales planning and research infrastructures where he had relationships and in depth knowledge of front and back office sales workflow.

A TV broadcasting executive capable of focusing on transforming modality, while maintaining an “open door”, policy on a holistic level would have to be identified to assure that new technology adaptations would be seamless. Employees, clients, agencies and vendors would all need immediate access to Network leadership to properly implement the systemic positive changes required just prior to an important upfront.

Team development was essential and with multiple offices located throughout the United States this executive would have to pull the respective Directors, Managers and line personnel  of Inventory, Traffic, Sales, Sales Services, Broadcast Operations and IT together seamlessly regardless of geography.

One part of Tony Filson’s solution was to identify an executive who had gone from a decentralized to centralized NOC, BO&E or Traffic function in the past. This would solve many issues from the onset and let us concentrate on other experience and skill sets while recruiting the new VP.  This “D to C” skill as we call it, usually requires a great deal of evangelism in and outside of an organization and  would be of valuable in motivating many varied types of constituents.

As the EVP of Network Sales was so intent on setting new standards, just prior to an upfront it was imperative that we identified, recruited and attracted expeditiously those who were appropriate based on proven experience and success that coincided exactly with the EVP’s  desired goals for the TV Network sales organization.

Successful Vice President Recruited

A Vice President of TV Network Traffic based in Atlanta, GA.

This VP of Network Traffic had Sales Services, Creative Services, Inventory, Programming, IT and broadcast engineering and operations all falling under his umbrella for Network Sales Operations in-line with the growth required at the client company.

This executive was responsible for all external and internal traffic functions for one of the most respected multiplex cable television networks in the world. The Network as part of another major media and entertainment conglomerate was larger then the client company and everyone viewed this as a positive to facilitate accelerated career growth for the identified executive as he grew the Network's traffic and inventory functions.

The new VP had also facilitated similar technology and management changes in his previous environment. From “above, on, and below line” everyone we spoke with viewed this executive as a catalyst who made things happen. A great number of his staff in his previous environment(s) were promoted and he allowed those people to grow in and out of his department which said a lot about his devotion to his employees, the company and his effective mentoring skills. This VP also managed a larger staff in the past and his ability to manage people and technology was proven on every level of concern to the Executive Vice President. The hiring of new staff and setting of new standards was something he enjoyed and was successful with many times in the past.

This VP had a very skillful way of managing resources and work flow. His methodologies were sophisticated and he understood development issues better than most Traffic executives. He was able to assimilate and disseminate information in such a way that everyone felt included in the success of a project or simple everyday work flow. When he was given multiple network (multiplex) responsibilities in his previous environment he was able to make technological, training, budget and efficacy changes that increased performance allowing sales to sell more effectively. His ability to manage budgets and increase revenue at the same time was an outstanding skill.  As the new Network was also becoming a consolidated multiplex this was an ideal fit.

The cultural fit was proper on every level and the transition from Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC was very easy for him and his family.

Note: This VP has been promoted to Senior Vice President and continues to be a valuable resource to the continued success of this multiplex now in over 120,000,000 homes in the U.S. and additional international subscribers.

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media Tony Filson FIlcro Media Staffing
Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing
TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing
Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks TOny Filson Filcro Media Staffing
Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Online Media Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing
Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for OOH Electronic Play Station and Roku Media Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing
Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for International, National, Regional and Local Media Markets Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing


Cable TV  &   MSO

Broadcast TV


Online & OTT

Multicast & OEM



A Filcro Media Staffing Director Broadcast Engineering executive search for review
Major TV Network | Broadcast Operations and Engineering Technology (BO&E)

Director Global Distribution
Network Operations and Engineering Technology

Broadcast Operations and Engineering Executive Search FirmsBroadcast Operations and Engineering Jobs in Television BroadcastingReviews of Filcro Media Staffing Broadcast and Operations  Searches Conducted by Tony Filson



Based New York City, NY - USA
Search Firm  Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge  Tony Filson
Search Group Technology and Engineering
Search Director Global Distribution
Reporting to Vice President Network Operations & Engineering

The Client Company

TV BO&E Executive Search Firms that specialize in Television Broadcasting  Operations and Engineering Executive Search Filcro Media StaffingCBS is a diversified U.S. based global media and entertainment conglomerate with major television network, sports, news, cable TV, radio, motion picture, publishing, outdoor advertising, entertainment and media holdings. The firm operates media businesses globally and this search was relevant to all domestic and international distribution of their broadcast signals on multiple media platforms for their businesses.

Client Situation

The Vice President of Network Operations and Engineering had been searching for a Director with exceptional IT skills for over six months through other resources and was unable to identify a candidate that met all the technology criterion required for the Network's future plans for global distribution to stations, affiliates, MSO, SAT and wireless partners. US | MENA | ASIA | LATAM | EU


Filcro Media Staffing had conducted previous searches for Manager and Director level technology and engineering staff for CBS in the past.  Tony Filson made the Network aware of an opportunity at a competitor that could be to the Network's advantage.  Working on multiple domestic and international engineering and information technology searches simultaneously enabled Filcro Media Staffing to bring this search to fruition quickly.

Industry and Sector inclusion

  • International Network Television Broadcasting - Engineering and IT
  • International Cable Television Broadcasting - Engineering and IT
  • International MSO Distribution - Engineering and IT
  • International Radio Network Distribution - Engineering and IT
  • International Satellite Network Broadcasting - Engineering and IT
  • Specific News and Sports organizations with terrestrial distribution

The Filcro Media Staffing Requirement

The Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search - Tony Filson (TF) identified, recruited and attracted the candidates to meet the following criterion:

    • Design, implement, and manage transmission plans for television events, complex sports and programming worldwide and guide IT project management for implementation.
    • Supervise the installation of complex systems and software for remote broadcast and telecommunications facilities. 
    • Assure that new applications development and new systems are run in BETA with vendor and in-house clients all participating for new product roll-out. 
    • Evaluate the most cost effective, reliable, and appropriate method of transmission routes and services operating in a zero tolerance-for-defects environment.
    • Hire, train, and manage IT and engineering technical personnel and transmission service providers.
    • Generate detailed budgets and quotes and approve and monitor spends to ensure financial goals
    • Execute technology-driven project management responsibilities for implementation and operations guidance
    • Coordinate the digital and Ultra-High-Definition conversion of remote satellite backhaul and fiber optic transmissions; including cost analysis, vendor selection, equipment procurement, and integration.
    • Manage fiber network connectivity between the Network, studio, and broadcast origination facilities.
    • Work internal departments on installation, activation and maintenance of new and existing circuits.
    • Manage Disaster Recovery plan fiber infrastructure.
    • Manage the annual budget process for the operating, staff travel, IT, expense, and capital budget lines for the Transmission and Broadcast Operations departments. Track and report variances.
    • Create, compile, organize, analyze key technical data and operational trends.
    • Provide business analysis, reports, and recommendations to improve business and operational efficiency.
    • Assist with long term strategic planning and new technologies research, traffic and facilities scheduling, vendor negotiations, and staff training. Maintain long-term contracts database.
    • Provide information and analysis in response to technical inquiries for the global fleet of satellites.

Challenges facing the new (BO&E) Broadcasting Operations Director

    • Locating resources internal and external to the organization and getting them to work in a cooperative manner, on time and on budget
    • FCC Reporting
    • Negotiating competitive business terms with IT vendors and clients for all systems, software and custom applications development.
    • Reviewing current operating expense statements, analyzing costs and developing new financial structures for technology
    • Maintaining the accuracy of the delivery inventory and resources across multiple media platforms.
    • Negotiating lease cancellations, subleases and contracts for idle delivery assets to be leveraged toward future delivery needs.
    • Change Management
    • Training
      Best Practices
    • Advanced (IT) technology implementation that integrates all platforms globally
    • New CODEC adaptation and development across multiple platforms
    • A global understanding of broadcast operations and engineering distribution that were in line with 24/7 International News, Sports and Entertainment for US, MENA, LATAM, EU and ASIA markets.

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing Broadcast Operations and Engineering Excecutive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing recruited a "best in the industry" broadcast operations and engineering executive who had worked in an advanced technology Network distribution environment for one of the Network’s closest competitors.

Filcro Media Staffing completed the search well ahead of the projected date set by the VP.  Based on the firm’s recruitment expertise in broadcast engineering every technical consideration was covered strategically and tactically down to the nuance of satellite launch schedules and CODEC development for NOC affiliate distribution.

Tony Filson assured that if it was opening a cabinet and checking a BNC connection or representing the Network to the global broadcasting community, that this Director would meet every current and future need of a leading global broadcaster know for advanced technology and broadcast excellence. 

The executive made a smooth transition to the Network and has proven to be a valuable asset in the global distribution and advanced technology surrounding the organization's highly respected broadcast operations and engineering divisions.

Broadcasting Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media

Tony Filson Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks

TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Online Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for OOH Electronic Play Station and Roku Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for International, National, Regional and Local Media Markets



A Filcro Media Staffing media technology executive search

  Filcro Media Staffing Reviiews of Media Technology  Execuitve Searches by Tony Filson
Sr. Director Global Distribution
Engineering and New Technology


Based   New York, NY  - USA
The Search Firm   Filcro Media Staffing (FMS)
Search Group   Broadcast Engineering & Technology
Officer in Charge  Tony Filson (TF}
Reporting to  Vice President of Network Technology
The Search  Senior Director TV Network Global Distribution

The Client Company

Reviews of Filcro Media Staffing with Tony Filson leading media technology executive searches for tv networksCable broadcasting environment of one of the the World’s largest media and entertainment conglomerates with global and domestic terrestrial distribution. This multiplex multichannel broadcaster is considered the one of the World’s eminent technological leaders and premium programming provider in the broadcasting industry with unsurpassed MSO  and cross-platform dissemination modality. These 14 Multicast Multiplatform Networks (as of search initiation) enjoy international market dominance and are SUB not advertising driven. This New York City based national executive search was “strategic” to assure the combined Networks and MSO’s continued global dominance with regard to broadcasting distribution and advanced operational technology.

Executive Search

Sr. Director Global Distribution

Client Situation

Media Technology Search FirmsThe Vice President of Network Technology Distribution (VPNTD) was referred to Filcro Media Staffing from corporate human resources.  Filcro Media Staffing was called in when the situation became critical for the Network(s) distribution, MSO properties and Cable TV Networks based on affiliate adaptation deadlines of proprietary technology to the affiliates global distribution partners.

Synthesizing technology through the entire global distribution chain form NOC to Affiliate(s) was of timely and paramount importance based on set-top-box (STB) and CODEC roll-out,  Time Warner required aggressive, creative and media focused recruitment indicative of Filcro Media Staffing’s recruiting modality and efficacy.

The skill sets, experience and media technology specific to global broadcast distribution required, existed in few environments, and there was virtually no success prior to Filcro Media Staffing being retained. Other search firms from inside and outside of New York did not produce results. Due to the immediacy and nature of the search Time Warner requested The Officer in Charge of Search  (OIC)  at Filcro Media Staffing be Tony Filson (TF).

It was the consensus of FMS-TF that a national search was not required based on Tony Filson’s knowledge of technology succession planning at two “ideal environments” to draw from that were located in New York City. However, additional national candidates sourced with proper technology leadership experience were also  presented by Filcro Media Staffing  to assure success if the “ideals” could not be attracted from within New York City based on a perceived compensation issue that ultimately was moot.

Media Industry Inclusions for Candidate Universe Recruitment

  • Cable Television Network(s)
  • Multisystem Operators (MSO’s)
  • The Major Broadcast Television Networks - OTA
  • Super Stations / Regional Station Groups / National Station Groups
  • Broadcast Industry Technology | IT & Engineering | Vendors for Broadcasting Systems & Applications Development

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

The Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge Tony Filson and the FMS Director of Research spent time in person at the client’s New York City Executive Offices with Technology Human Resources.   From the onset Filcro Media Staffing was familiar with the client technology culture and technological infrastructure from a business and IT perspective.  Tony Filson as a former Westinghouse MDS engineer created an engineering topography review to be utilized during identification and recruitment. Human Resources gave detailed guidance that was formulated in conjunction with the VPNTD to determine the desired experience, soft and hard skills. The department's culture was equally as important and presented challenges if the autonomy capacity of the new Director was lacking even if the technological acumen was above the mean.  A search document was quickly established and the client’s “ideal” was apparent to Tony Filson from the onset. Filcro Media Staffing’s broadcasting focus and experience with similar TV network technology and engineers searches was utilized immediately to set a positive course of action and cadence.

Filcro Media Staffing was provided with an overview of all Network technical (IT) and (BO&E) operational facilities for terrestrial distribution. Based on the fact that this was a mature “multiplex” environment  they enjoyed a history of  technological superiority, a flexible compensation structure was understood that could be market driven to attract an ideal executive regardless of a competing Network’s title structures without running into parity issues within the same department. Filcro Media Staffing evaluated all distribution facilities as they relate(d) to the new DENT and affiliate issues to include security, budget, current and future CODEC development / roll-out and vendor considerations for STB, OD, Mobile, Satellite Inventory and NOC upgrades.  The reporting line was not an issue as the position was strategic and required calling upon existing staff, departments and affiliates to work in synergy with the DENT to implement all “New Technology” and “Change Management”. This technology executive would have unusual autonomy based on their technological acumen and capacity to implement business initiatives.  It was almost structured more as a PM role the way they would draw upon all available resources to bring the technology goals to fruition.

This level of strategic autonomy is normally afforded to a VP of Technology within the client's competitors and we were recruiting and attracting a high-pot Director level executive.

The Network's objectives with regard to domestic and international Cable TV, DBS, HITS, OD,  broadband, etc. were timely and to assure proper deployment and continuity of service we needed to identify an executive who could evaluate new distribution technologies and make recommendations based on past BO&E experiences.  CMS distribution acumen created challenges as others in the industry were almost a full generation behind the client company as far as multicast, multiplex, cross-platform distribution was concerned with such robust content.  Also to consider were the firm’s triple-play businesses.  You can only equate the feet required as getting elephants through straws.

The VPNTD was very confident of FMS and was “hands-off” during the identification phase and let Filcro Media Staffing function with unusual autonomy during universe compilation, recruitment, attraction and tiering. Human Resources played a very active role to facilitate attraction based on the firm’s recommendations and they ultimately provided the catalysts to bring the search to fruition.

Due to the Network(s) being six months behind schedule prior to engaging FMS, the firm gave FMS unusual latitude to facilitate aggressive sourcing, identification and recruitment.  None of the engineers brought forward by Filcro Media were actively seeking employment.   

Some of the Challenges Facing the New Technology Director

  • Strategic implementation on a Network and global affiliate level
  • Continuity during new distribution technology implementation
  • New business development with non-technical partners
  • Representing the Network to the industry from the Network(s) point of view
  • Domestic and international PPV/OD new business development support
  • Maintain Network technology leadership in the broadcasting industry
  • Gaining internal and external consensus with regard to vendors and affiliates
  • Cross platform multicast for the entire family of multiplex Networks & triple-play products

Filcro Media Staffing’s Solution

Filcro Media Staffing for Media Broadcast Operations and Engineering Executive Search Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify “exceptional” technology executives from  major U.S. broadcasters that operated facilities and resources that contained  “multiplex” environments for cable TV and or OTA Network technology holdings. There was no doubt that few technology executives on the Director’s level existed in the United States with the “perfect” experience or knowledge.  An additional technology executive was identified OCONUS as a safety net that was building out a new Network as a PM but the cost of relocation was prohibitive and our ideal was the New York candidate. The OCONUS based candidate with equal acumen and experience was second tiered.

Through the identification, recruitment and screening process the executives sourced were so specialized and their environments so specific based on “technology”, that the only logical criterion for precluding executives had to be based on strategic limitations as opposed to tactical. What differentiated these strategic executives, and was seen as a solution for the client, was a “perfect” hard and soft skill mix that others had overlooked. Access to O&D charting and awareness of technological capabilities and vendor relationships of the targeted companies was essential here.

The “Peter Principle” could not come into play for this executive looking at a 5-10 year plan based on technology and succession planning. There would “always” be something new to learn and teach others technologically internal and external to the organization. The ecology of this executive had to match the ecology of the client technology being rolled out for implementation and the development of new systems in BETA.  Noted as one of the most advanced technology environment in the industry, the new technology executive would have to present as a someone who loved and respected technology well beyond the norm.

The distribution and IT issues with vendors and affiliates required an executive who could function as a facilitator, advocate and catalyst for new technology initiatives to drive revenue on the PPV and OD side. The media engineering, soft skills and new business development implementation required a very well balanced executive who could advocate for the firm to vendors and the broadcasting community as a whole.

The affiliates were so fragmented from a technological perspective that the new executive had to play a role that allowed vendors into each affiliate to roll-out new technology that enhanced distribution and new business initiatives by corporate mandates that could ultimately benefit OD / PPV & proprietary revenue streams that were previously not monetized.  The mix of MSO and Cable Network interests created many experience and skill set variables.

Specific technology and broadcast IT vendors can be very challenging  to work with and required was a person who was current on cutting edge broadcast software and hardware issues who could speak with a vendor, affiliate and the industry as a whole to “leverage the Network(s)” in such a way that a “new standard” could be implemented to cause others to financially take technology initiatives that would ultimately benefit the Network and the affiliates.  This capacity to sell and evangelize new technology was essential as hundreds of millions of dollars of technology buy-in was hanging in balance.

Effectiveness through transparent persuasion based on technological, budget and media business acumen would be essential.

Successful Director of Distribution & Advanced Technology Recruited

A Director of Distribution Technology from a Major TV Network.

This executive had an intimate knowledge of every technological tactical and strategic aspect of the position.  It was apparent to everyone involved in the search that this was a “high potential” person who could facilitate the future of Network Technology for our client.  However, the unusual cultural fit was also excellent.  He was able to assimilate easily into the new organization and bring with him numerous global industry contacts and followings that immediately benefited the Network. His broadcast IT and Engineering acumen were equal to his skills in quickly gaining internal and external consensus of those he collaborated with.  This was a candidate, who had to be recruited and attracted by Filcro Media Staffing and the OIC. He was happy in his current position and only by Filcro Media Staffing having extensive day-to-day contact with the global broadcasting community was the client able to capitalize on this opportunity.

The new broadcasting technology executive having extensive engineering experience was also an accomplished business executive who would be able to implement the Network’s “New Business Revenue Streams” through successful enhanced implementation of OD / PPV and proprietary projects that would be facilitated through increased affiliate technology adaptation and new CODEC development.

His ability to facilitate monetization through technology was proven. He was skilled at selling advanced technology he conceptualized, built and brought to fruition internal and external to the organization.

This executive was so familiar with the “broadcasting community” as a whole that he was also a fit to “Chair” appropriate groups that would benefit the Network’s attempt to set a new standard for distribution technology on a terrestrial level.

This media technology executive's strength was developed from a hands-on but not micromanagement approach in his previous environment. His thought provoking demeanor that made others feel at ease as opposed to being under pressure, was very refreshing. He had an unusual ability to make others feel as if they had found the solution, even if he had to step in to put out the fire himself. This strong soft skill set in a “technology environment” facilitates a more collaborative process when he is involved and everyone seems to be more productive with his “positive reinforcement”. His technology acumen is so astute that in his previous environment vendors looked to him for leadership when rolling out new products. His exceptional soft-skill sets were “ideal” based on mentoring required across multiple business lines internal and external to the Network’s technology environments.  His strength with vendors was essential as he had to evangelize large technology spends all the way down the affiliate chain.

This executive scored very high on Filcro Media Staffing’s proprietary technology and behavioral profiles.  The balance of hard and soft skills was apparent, and confirmed, in person and on paper.

With this broadcasting technology executive coming out of a major competitor of our client company, Human Resources was very helpful in attracting their “ideal” though creative incentives that avoided any parity issues.  When a media technology driven hiring entity has the resources to facilitate a mission statement of global technological superiority and leadership, Filcro Media Staffing performed with aplomb to meet their critical demands.

The cultural fit of the new executive placed HR at ease when it came time to use the tools they had set aside from the beginning to attract their “ideal”. Since this TV executive was identified in the same city, there was no need for relocation.

The executive experienced a smooth transition to the new Network and is performing exceptionally well on all levels. He has become a vital and respected member of the company and he is looked at as a leader of technology and new business development in the global broadcasting community. He has also been promoted in advance of the client’s initial succession plan.

Broadcasting Technology  Executive Search Search for Cable TV Networks and MSO's

Technology executive search for the  broadcasting industry

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Traffic Systems | Technology and Workflow Sales Executive Search

Recruit Traffic and workflow solutions sales executives for national sales   Director National Technology Sales
     TV Traffic Scheduling, Systems & Workflow Solutions

Location - New York, NY
Search - National Sales, TV Traffic Systems and Workflow Solutions
Search Firm - Filcro Media Staffing
Search Groups - Sales | Technology | Traffic
Officer in Charge - Tony Filson

Executive Search Summary

Tony Filson of Filcro Media Staffing met with the CEO in New York to obtain a complete overview of the client company's business objectives for national distribution, target markets, revenue goals, technology and an overview of the traffic systems and workflow solutions the Director of National Sales would be presenting to clients and industry events to the broadcasting industry.  Tony Filson as a former MDS Engineer understood the technology offered and assured the CEO that his revenue goals and market penetration could be met by targeting four primary competitors in (3) geographics based on similar searches conducted for a Senior Vice President in NY, Vice President DC of Traffic and Inventory Systems and (3) Managers of Traffic recruited for a Station Group on the East Coast that were all transitioning their traffic systems.

With extensive experience recruiting traffic and inventory executives in the broadcasting industry, as well as technology sales executives calling on the broadcasting industry to provide systems and workflow solutions, Filcro Media Staffing was quickly able to set a course of action for the search and a proposed cadence for completion of the search assignment.

Key duties for the national traffic and workflow solutions sales executive

  • Work nationally to set goals to meet or exceed sales objectives to a diverse group of broadcasting and digital media clients seeking cost-effective traffic, scheduling and workflow solutions
  • Work strategically with the CEO to deliver forecasts, marketing budgets, identify trending opportunities / challenges, and provide recommended solutions
  • Effectively qualify leads, identify the prospect's needs and offer cost-effective solutions
  • Work with the firm's marketing agency to develop marketing programs that support the sales process and target markets to increase sales
  • Conduct conversations to address business needs with all levels of a broadcasting operation.  Ability to work with CEO, VP Traffic and Operations level staff.
  • Utilize solution selling techniques to effectively guide the sales process to an effective close
  • Utilize CRM solutions to provide timely and accurate sales activity tracking and status updates.
  • Keep informed of products, competition and broadcast industry trends and events
  • Develop effective PowerPoint presentations and ideation to communicate value to clients within context of their needs
  • Participate in the preparation and execution of trade shows around the U.S.
  • Mentor staff and hire staff as needed for sales and sales support roles

The Director of Sales Recruited

As the current New Business Development Manager of a prestigious provider of broadcast technology solutions, this executive had honed industry experience and exceptional acumen with traffic and traffic workflow solutions.

Prior to his current role he worked for the world’s most prestigious technology company in their solutions group and also for the largest broadcast systems integrator in the United States.  His experience working for as a respected provider of broadcast solutions to digital and traditional broadcasters with a wealth of tactical and strategic acumen could be utilized quickly while setting up and managing a national sales organization.

The CEO was seeking a change agent who could alter the modality and efficacy of others who had not met his expectations from a market and revenue perspective.  With extensive experience with a Fortune 50 and a premier provider of traffic, workflow and technology solutions, the executive recruited by Filcro Media Staffing was well poised to meet every revenue and market penetration goal established at the onset of the search in New York.

The CEO expressed latitude to base this individual in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or Boston and to also relocate this sales executive to New York or another city, if required. Filcro Media Staffing conducted a national search but was able to identify, recruit and attract the ideal executive without the need for relocation.

The new national sales executive became acclimated quickly and is meeting every goal set for the search.

Based on Filcro Media Staffing’s experience with similar broadcast technology sales searches, this search was completed at the cadence estimated from contract to acceptance even with changes made by the CEO with regard to tactical and strategic weighting of the sales vs. sales leadership responsibilities.  Filcro Media Staffing had brought forward a rainmaker as a true player | coach to build out the national sales organization.

Media and Broadcasting Executive Search Firms
Tv and Radio Braodcasting Traffic and Inventory Executive Search Firms
Executive Search Firms That specialize in recruiting  media executives
Executive Search Firms that recruit Broadcast Traffic Systems executives for operations and sales
Filcro Media Staffing
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Executive Search Firms that recruit media executives


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Broadcast TV

Radio & Music


Multicast & OEM



TV Network COO
Chief Operating Officer
TV Broadcasting EXecutive Search for COO's in international broadcasting

Search   TV Network COO
Based    Kabul, Afghanistan
Search Firm    Filcro Media Staffing, New York, NY
Officer in Charge    Tony Filson , New York, NY
Reporting to  CEO | Chief Executive Officer
Client   Diversified multinational media and telecommunications company

International TV Network Executive Search Firms for COO's


The parent company CEO initiated contact with Tony Filson in New York to identify, recruit and attract a gifted broadcasting COO with related MENA leadership experience to meet the business and technology goals related to International TV Network Operations.

The Chief Operating Officer, responsible for overseeing all aspects of commercial broadcast business and operations would be working in a unique and developing media market, requiring special skills and acumen. 

This senior broadcasting executive leading a newly created media broadcasting subsidiary of the parent company in all TV network businesses will bring this digital terrestrial broadcast TV Network to fruition overseeing all lines of business.   

With an aggressive role-out schedule, this COO shall facilitate countrywide DVB-T2 standards in Afghanistan while building a world-class TV broadcasting entity.


  • Establishing, negotiating and maintaining business, technical and creative contracts with national and international broadcast networks and business partners
  • Coordinating with vendors and service providers to create, maintain and expand the digital television platform for current and future capabilities
  • Oversee all technical transmission and broadcast operations and engineering aspects including signaling to and from current networks, NOC and head-end.
  • Building distribution hubs for STB’s to various distributors
  • Creating customer care and service functions
  • Reporting based on aggressive benchmarks to forecast TV Network business activity and financial position(s) based on present and expected operations
  • Working collaboratively with senior leadership of the parent company and offer guidance in a unique emerging market
  • Oversee and report all financial activities of cash management, general accounting, disbursement (accounts payable, payroll), commercial billing, accounts receivable, and tax administration; including revenue collection through telecommunication providers and business partners.
  • Oversee all corporate reporting to local and national regulatory bodies.
  • Maintain security operations for soft and hard assets

Search Ecology | Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Tony Filson functioning as the Officer in Charge of Search (OIC), has recruited extensively in MENA markets relocating broadcasting and journalism executives from EU, US, LATAM and ASIA to bring similar executive searches to fruition.  The CEO required a firm that could hit the ground running to meet mandatory deadlines.

The CEO of the parent company was pleased to learn of Filcro Media Staffing’s record of success in MENA, LATAM and EU broadcasting markets facing similar challenges at TV Network and Telecom inception, that were all successful.  Tony Filson’s experience included staffing entire TV & Radio Networks, Diverse Telecom entities and News Bureaus in active theaters as well as the global media and telecommunications capitals of the world.

With an aggressive cadence required for TV Network roll-out based on budgets, regulatory and legislative considerations, the CEO was seeking a COO with a history of proven efficacy in the region as unique challenges would need to be managed by a strong leader familiar with Afghanistan and the MENA as a whole.

Tony Filson had recently completed similar TV Network searches in the MENA for C level broadcasting executives and was able to identify the top broadcasting executives globally who could meet the CEO’s aggressive cadence and relocate to Kabul. 

Within (8) weeks of Filcro Media Staffing being retained the proper TV Network COO for Kabul was identified, recruited, attracted and contracts finalized for an immediate start date. 

The COO became acclimated quickly and performed as required to meet the deadlines, technology and business goals of the company.   This was a challenging search brought to fruition by utilizing Filcro Media Staffing’s broadcasting, MENA and over thirty years of broadcasting executive search experience to task, for the demanding needs of a respected global telecommunications company.

Filcro Media Staffing
Global Media & Broadcasting Executive Search
Media Technology Search Firms
US | EU | MENA | ASIA | LATAM - Est. 1985



A Filcro Media Staffing CIO / CEO advanced technology executive search for review

Executive Director

  • Telecommunications
  • Broadcasting & Data
  • Advanced Technology Research & Applications
  • Utilities - CONUS / OCONUS Assimilation & Dissemination

Filcro Media Staffing CIO CTO Executive Search for  State and Federal Agency and Governments with media interests

CEO Executive Search Firm Case History - Filcro Media Staffing - Media CEO Executive Search Firms for private and public sector power and telecommunications utilities

Media Technology Executive Search Firms

Chief Information Officer
CIO Executive Director
The State of Iowa

Search  Chief Executive Officer
CIO as Executive Director of a Public / Private Sector Hybrid
Based  Johnston, IA - USA
Search Firm  
Filcro Media Staffing
Search Groups Technology
Officer in Charge  Tony Filson functioning as Officer in Charge of Search
Reporting to  Executive Search Committee in Johnston, IA


A government and private sector hybrid consisting of utility, telecom and broadcast components with some of the most advanced fiber facilitates and technology infrastructures in the United States.

These facilities service Consumer, Business, Government, DoD, Academic, Law Enforcement, Public Broadcasting, Research and Medical Communities with high-end digital voice, video and data services with hardened redundancy. These hardened facilities and human assets are located on a Federal Reservation within a secure military facility

Client Situation

An executive search committee was formed consisting of representation from each primary constituency to identify an executive search firm to conduct a national executive  search to identify a new CEO/CIO/ED without regard to title nomenclature in the private or public sectors.

The objective of the search was to maintain technological superiority serving a diverse constituency with sophisticated technology needs that could continue to perform under the most adverse circumstances or scenarios to support CONUS and OCUNUS dissemination and assimilation for the interests represented by the executive search committee.

Filcro Media Staffing was retained to identify, recruit and attract a senior level advanced technology executive capable of transitioning the organization where needed strategically while recognizing and capitalizing on the resources and assets to be preserved. 

Executive Search Committee Member Industry and Sector Inclusion

  • Television Broadcasting
  • Telecommunications
  • Technology Research & Development
  • Department of Defense - CONUS / OCONUS / PAC
  • Education
  • Government – Legislative
  • Government – Information Technology
  • Medical Services and Technology
  • Energy Utilities

The executive search committee (ESC) identified Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) and Tony Filson (TF) functioning as Officer in Charge of Search after conducting their own national identification efforts to review and identify the ideal executive.

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Review Filcro Media Staffing Media Executive Search for Media and Communications Needs of Media and Communications Executive Search Firms Tony FilsonFilcro Media Staffing’s Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson was flown to the client company, met with the ESC and commenced the search by first reestablishing a consensus of the ESC based on Filcro Media Staffing’s prior experience with similar searches consisting of diverse sets of private and public sector constituencies.

Filcro Media Staffing was provided with a tour of all technical and operational facilities to evaluate and review all hard and soft assets as they relate(d) to the skills required of the new ED/CIO/CEO. This tour was invaluable in garnering an understanding of a unique culture comprised of mixed Government, Defense, Utility and Business Interests.

Filcro Media Staffing Tony Filson Review of Media Executive Search for Communications and Media and Broadcasting Media for Media Executive SearchThe diversity of the constituency on the executive search committee caused an unusually abundant skill-set and multiple industry experience requirement document, to be initially drawn. It was necessary for Filcro Media Staffing to establish a hierarchy of desired skill sets and industry experience to proceed with universe compilation and tiering. Filcro Media Staffing reported to an ESC consisting of seven (7) executives participating remotely by video conference at times. Filcro Media Staffing’s in-house communication technology offered many advantages during internal consensus building.

Filcro Media Staffing was fortunate to have such vocal, articulate and free flowing input from the ESC. The establishment of the new document used for universe compilation was accomplished immediately once Tony Filson presented market and technology information to facilitate the committee's needs.

Due to political and proposed legislative issues the search offered many challenges. An executive had to be identified that could function within an organization that could possibly experience fundamental “core” changes in a brief period of time.

Some of the challenges facing the new Executive Director (ED) - CIO

  • Change Management
  • Resource Allocation
  • Customer Service
  • Adaptation of Technology to Client Needs / Systems & Software
  • Legislative Awareness and Formulation
  • Financial Management and Budget Controls
  • Reviews of all Vendor Partnerships / Relationships
  • Human Resource Concerns

Filcro Media Staffing’s Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify the "best in industry" chief technology operational executives and technology CEO’s and CIO’s with  proven records of success within similar corporate and technical organizations sharing ecology similarities with documented and effective modality that could be exhibited to the ESC.  Strategic business and technological leadership being of primary concern in advanced technology environments serving broadcasting, military, distribution and telecommunication interests with advanced self supporting IT infrastructures.

Review of an ITTC and Iowa State Executive Search for a Executive Director of State Telecommunications and MediaAn executive capable of focusing on cohesive management team development that could be responsive to a diverse customer base was essential. The constituency had to witness immediately, traits that would facilitate efficacy in areas of this “vital concern”.

With an unusual need for “network client” competency assurances for advanced data dissemination at the onset, tactical, strategic and technological acumen was required to compliment effective mentoring skills related to “network clients” requiring 365/24/7 date resources with assured redundancies.

As the ESC was torn equally to the new executive being from the private or government / public sectors, we needed an executive with proven experience functioning within both worlds from a service perspective who was a technologist, honed executive and consensus builder.

The new CIO / executive director was recruited from a next-generation network services provider offering a comprehensive portfolio of network and broadband media services to companies, utilities and government concerns whose businesses require intensive amounts of bandwidth and reliability.

This technology executive serviced pre-and-post Regional Bell Operating Companies, Interexchange Carriers, international carriers, wireless companies, cable service providers, utilities,  major Internet service providers and media content owners.

This executive was also familiar with hardened facility requirements that are inherent to the environment and functionality of these unique facilities. His proven efficacy in managing and developing advanced IT infrastructure was ideal as he was a competent CIO, COO and CEO within both the the public and private sectors.

The executive was ambitious and an accomplished manager with proven abilities to identify areas of strength and weakness with hard and soft assets. He improved bottom line results in every environment he managed directly or on a dotted-line. He was pro-active and detail oriented with a hands-on team management style focused on the big picture and developing strategies to achieve objectives, yet he had the sensitivities to successfully manage the unique constituency issues of the organization.

His experiences in P&L, cost center management, business development, corporate environment IT, market strategy, product development, operations, turnarounds and call center operations were quite distinct from that of other candidates.  The compilation of this executive's work experiences and skills were a perfect fit for where the organization wanted to be in the future.

The cultural fit was proper from functional, technical, business and personal perspectives relevant to the present and proposed core changes of the network itself. His capacity to transition the environment and culture from a predominantly “military feel and culture” to that of a private industry technology resource provider was apparent also.

The executive had implemented market based pricing approaches in the past that improved average revenue per operating unit by 30%.

The executive experienced a smooth and speedy relocation and is performing exceptionally well receiving promotions and chairmanships of numerous entities relevant to the constituencies interests.

We found the executive to be an exceptional business person, fine gentleman and a respected member of the community.

Security and Senate confirmation was required and received for this CEO / CIO Executive Director who holds the title of “State CIO” of the most advanced private and public sector utility hybrids in The United States of America.

Moving forward as the “State CIO” and (COO) Chief Operations Officer of the Department of Information Technology Enterprise and also the (ED) Executive Director of the private entity attached to the communications networks and as the past President of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, this executive was ideal to lead and transform this complex technology environment.

This executive had titles of Executive Director, CIO, CEO & COO, based on the entity and board he sat on and his subsequent promotions.  He served Private Sector, State, and Federal interests with aplomb.

This was an exceptionally complex search, successfully completed by Filcro Media Staffing with Tony Filson functioning as Officer in Charge. The executive recruited excelled in the CIO/ED role recruited for and advanced to CEO of the governing entity overseeing the original organization. 





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