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Interviewing & Resume Advice

Interviewing and resume tips for media executives by Tony Filson of Filcro Media StaffingOver the years I’ve worked with hundreds of media executives from almost every media market in the world.  These talented media professionals are brilliant tacticians.

When it comes to interviewing, interviewing decorum, resume compilation and follow-up there are some basics that everyone should review as many of us have not interviewed in many years.

I hope these ten interviewing and resume tips for media executives are good remedial reminders. Best regards


Context - More than one is OK - You will need multiple resumes


Length - We know who you are - Keep it brief, media executives know you


OCR - Resume properties and graphics


Your agenda vs. everyone else - Listen, you’ll learn more about the job


Bring “it” - Always bring your resume


Get dressed - Take the time to show you’re serious


Follow up - Write a proper note, social decorum goes a long way


Business, Technical, Creative - Are you well rounded?


You will meet again - Our industry is intimate, never burn bridges

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So often I get resumes and the objectives or work experience highlighted are not within context of the job the executive is applying for. 

There is nothing wrong with having a “number” of resumes or highlighting specific experience relevant to the company and position you’re applying for.  If you’re applying for a CRO position let the reader know that by stating such in your objective.  


Please keep your resume brief.  If you're applying for the position of CEO at NBC the person reading your resume knows that Disney, VIACOM and Time / Warner are media companies.  They don't need to know what EBITDA was for Darfur vs. Chicago when the moon was full. War & Peace will not get you an interview.

Listing “action” verbs in infinitum as a pretext to the meat of your resume is fluff. Created, Lead, Organized, Merged... If you've been out of work for an extended period of time, check your resume immediately.

OCR and Properties

The advent of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows for text to be queried and sorted as never before.  It’s important that graphics be kept to a minimum and the properties tools in a Word and PDF document be utilized fully to give your resume every advantage.  

Resumes should NOT be named just “Resume”  Your resume document should be your name followed my the word resume.  “John Doe Resume.  This will allow for easy recognition and opening when needed amongst 100’s of other documents.

Utilize the properties tabs in Word and PDF document to your advantage. Place relevant key-words in there that reflect your experience. i.e. John Doe, NBC, Vice President National Sales, New York.

Your Agenda

My first piece of advice here is “listen”.  Second, don't forget to listen.

Many executives go into an interview with a pre-set agenda and no matter what, they stick to a script.  Most jobs are lost simply because the person interviewing did not listen. 

Bring It

Bring your resume with you on the interview. 

Get Dressed

Always error on the side of being too conservative.

Get a haircut, shine your shoes, press your suit, make sure your nails are clean and groomed, keep jewelry to a minimum, don't wear too much perfume.   

Follow Up

Basic social decorum goes a long way.  Thank the executive for their time and if you're sincerely interested in the position let the person know. Do this right away.  Express briefly your understanding of the position.  A hand written note makes a better impression than an e-mail.  Keep the note brief, simple and to the point.


We don't disseminate across one media platform anymore... nor can any media company or executive exist in a media vacuum

If you are a CEO, VP or Manager the person you're meeting with must see that you are not myopic.  Can you function with and contribute with your counterparts in other departments and divisions.  Don't paint yourself into a  corner by answering and asking questions that reflect your inability to function with business, technical and creative acumen.  Most companies today do not want executives who require heavily layered support.

Meet Again

So often I’ll meet an executive for a specific search and ultimately place them in a different position.

Every meeting counts.  Every relationship matters.


Identifying, recruiting, screening and attracting talented media executives is a process that entails a lot of time and effort.  Your resume merely gets you an interview, it does not get you the job.  All the interviewing and resume tips in the world cannot replace doing your research on the company, the executives and the functional environment you’ll be introduced to during the interviewing process.

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