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A Music Executive Search by Filcro Media Staffing


TV Network Music Label and Recording Artist Relations


New York, NY  10019


Music TV Network offering diverse genres of music as a multicast multiplatform multiplex is seeking a Director of TV Network Music Label and Music Artist Relations.




Music Jobs in TV Networks seeking music industry A&R and artist relations music executives

  • Work with label A&R, Product Managers, Recording Artists and Artist’s Representation
  • Arrange for recording artists across all music genres to host and or introduce their music and music videos on-air
  • Maintain open communication to facilitate easy on-air access for top recording artists and emerging talent
  • Become an industry outlet to build intimate relations with recording artists and their fans
  • Manage tent-pole events where artists can showcase new releases and music videos on-air
  • Manage, develop and encourage recording artist and label access to Network access and events
  • Act as a primary source for recording artists and their music videos to obtain access to their fans
  • Work with major sponsors and advertisers of music events, music videos and concert series ie. Budweiser, Verizon, Ford, Nike, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Panasonic and other major national advertisers.
  • Build solid long term relationships with recording artists, artist representatives and music labels


  • Minimum 10 years of music industry related experience on the label, broadcast or promotion side of the business.
  • Strong contacts with labels, A&R directors, product managers, recording artists and artist representation.
  • The ability to manage multiple events and projects across all music genres
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills for recording artist appearances
  • The ability to work strategically and tactically to bring projects to fruition
  • The capacity to represent the TV Networks in a professional manner at all times and function as a spokesperson when required.
  • A person who can conceptualize and capitalize on the advantages to recording artists and labels of TV broadcasting to 100,000,000+ homes and also across online, mobile and OEM media platforms simultaneously.
  • A serious media executive, seeking career growth and stability in the music and broadcasting industries.
  • A person who will never let the power of determining which recording artists get on on-air to become an ethical issue.


Tony Filson
Filcro Media Staffing

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