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The affiliate market is exceptionally competitive and the variable dynamics of successful affiliate relationships across multiple platforms is a sophisticated endeavor.

Successful Affiliate Modality Must Adapt Constantly

Media platform integration, monetization, technology, legislation, rights & permissions, genre competition, subscriber & ratings fluctuations, programming changes, multicast and multiplex issues, conflicts, contract negotiations, employee development, budgets and mergers all play roles that today's affiliate leadership, sales, marketing communication and technology executive must be able to comprehend and utilize to their advantage.  Affiliate leadership must be fully versed in every business, technical and creative aspect of affiliate management, monetization and operations. 

Filcro Media Staffing recruits affiliate executives to represent affiliate relations, affiliate marketing and affiliate sales interests to key decision makers essential to distribution across 10 media platforms.

Growing an audience and ultimately, advertising and or subscriber revenue is the objective.   Filcro Media Staffing recruits honed affiliate sales, affiliate relations and affiliate marketing executives with strong tactical and strategic capabilities, for major broadcasters and emerging digital media brands.

A History of Success

Filcro Media Staffing was established in 1985 and is highly specialized and focused to meet the recruitment needs of the media and broadcasting industries.  The firm recruits, and relocates media executives throughout  the United States with expediency and efficacy.  The history and sophistication of affiliate relationships is a matching ecology of how Filcro Media Staffing has constantly adapted to meet the recruitment needs of our clients.  Just as the Fortune 50 has adapted to supply chain management, the media and broadcasting industries with ever increasing digital revenue opportunities must adapt also.
Affiliate Sales, Affiliate Leadership and Affiliate Sales Support

There are a lot of moving parts within some affiliate environments that are outside of direct sales.  Filcro Media Staffing recruits these affiliate professionals too who represent ideation, technology, special events and business affairs.

Media Affiliate Sales Recruitment For Your Platform

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Location, Location

Filcro Media Staffing is headquartered in New York City with additional West Coast offices covering Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.  We are based directly in the largest concentration of media companies, advertising agencies and media executives in the world.

Media Markets

The firm recruits international, national, regional and local media sales executives and their required sales support infrastructure anywhere in the United States for all 200 US DMA’s as geographic markers.  Positions are also filled for EU, Asia, LATAM and MENA markets.  From New York to Florida, Silicon Valley to Southern California, Detroit to Texas, Filcro Media Staffing has a a granular understanding of U.S. Markets.

Single Change Agents or Sales Organizational Development

When identifying a single key executive or and entire national sales force the firm utilizes proven methodologies to recruit and attract advertising, digital media, sponsorship, affiliate and media technology sales executives and senior most management.  A honed "Harvard Profile" combined with over thirty years of media and broadcasting industry recruitment experience assures proper and timely identification. 

Hard and soft skill sets are analyzed on (4) four levels as determinants for each sales executive. A media firm’s culture and that of the sales organization are important factors.  At times, the new affiliate executive must assimilate to a new culture and during some searches where a change agent is sought, the new executive will be responsible for building an esprit de corps.  Filcro Media Staffing assures that brining forward honed business leadership does not preclude the cultural or soft skills required that constitute a well rounded affiliate executive.

Verbose or Confidential Recruitment

When confidential change is paramount, Filcro Media Staffing provides the sensitivities, media industry expertise and experience to make transitions seamless without any industry or internal awareness.  Considerations could be an incumbent, a succession plan, company move, a merger or acquisition, expansion, or new digital product roll-out to name a few.

When a client requires robust industry awareness, Filcro Media Staffing can be verbose through the recruitment process to bring about positive notoriety that benefits the organization long after the search assignment is completed.

Player, Player-Coach, Executive Suite

Skilled media sales executives and leadership are identified as rain makers, player-coaches or leaders of entire global affiliate organizations. 

When Filcro Media Staffing identifies media sales, marketing or communications executives, they are uniquely qualified. We enhance media organizations and make positive changes from a tactical and strategic perspective by utilizing recruitment methodologies that have proven efficacy specific to the media and broadcasting industries.

The Fortune 50-500 utilize Filcro Media Staffing for the same reason the broadcasting industry does. Results!

Understanding Filcro Media Staffing’s Recruitment Process

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