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Sales Planning, Traffic, Inventory & Technology

Filcro Media Staffing recruits traffic, inventory, sales operations and advertising sales Planners, Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents for TV, radio and digital broadcasters.

These sales operational professionals optimize revenue, enhance planning, manage inventory, traffic and the critical reporting functions to increase the bottom line.

Understanding metrics for analytics and the software used for a single platform or a multi-cast multi-platform multiplex are valuable skill sets.  These sales support individuals are vital to every properly functioning media sales organization.

Convergence is constantly transforming the operational dynamics, technology and workflow of sales planning for broadcasters who disseminate on multiple platforms. The accurate integrated awareness of pricing and inventory across multiple platforms for sales personnel is a necessity to optimize revenue for OTA, OTT, MSO, Cable Net, Mobile, UGC, OEM, DOOH and Online inventory.  For the 200 US OTA DMA’s and the associated stations, station groups, hubs and Networks there are vast differences from the Cable Nets and Digital Publishers.

Understanding nuance and the associated systemic media technologies is what differentiates Filcro Media Staffing as a specialized executive search firm for media broadcasters across all platforms for seamless integration. 

There is a sophisticated food chain in our industry involving Traffic, Inventory, Planning, the Advertising Agency, the Direct Client, the Account Executive, Partners, Digital Publishers, Aggregation and senior management who all need to be on the same page.

The success of planning and operations is determined by the ability to assimilate media metrics and analytics and disseminate data so sales executives, agencies and clients can establish the optimal value of inventory.  With primary vs. secondary data becomes increasingly valuable with robust internal CMS reporting, “C3/C7” is not the whole story.  Internal primary metrics, when presented properly can relate to substantial revenue.

Traditional succession planning focused on sales planning to account executive is a viable path, but not always optimal.  Filcro Media Staffing endorses establishing senior operational management roles for the specific purpose of continuity for sales support staff, sales operations, sales planners and the associated sales technology and reporting functions.  The career path of moving from sales support to sales, is a privilege vs. a rite of passage and Filcro Media Staffing recruits for both contingencies.

Establishing an embedded operational culture and workflow to optimize sales by recruiting the proper sales and sales support staff is a heritage of success the firm has enjoyed since 1985.

Filcro Media Staffing recruits throughout the entire Untied States, MENA, LATAM, EU and ASIA.  We are a global recruitment solutions provider for the media and broadcasting industries. The firm recruits media executives in large and small media markets to set strategic and tactical policy, optimize process, refine technology and ultimately enhance revenue. 

Sales Planning, Traffic, Inventory, Revenue Optimization & Technology

For Traffic Commercial & Programming, Inventory, Sales Planning, Revenue Optimization and Sales Technology, Filcro Media Staffing is the leading broadcasting executive search firm in the world for digital, TV and radio broadcasters.

A few related case histories to showcase recruitment efficacy and scope.

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