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      Media Advertising Sales Recruiters

Filcro Media Staffing offers talented, intelligent, creative and experienced media advertising sales recruiters devoted to monetizing media assets across single and multiple media platforms. 

Media Advertising Sales Recruiters

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GM / GSM - MSO Operator

CSO - Chief Sales Officer

SVP - Advertising Sales Technology

VP - Online Advertising Sales

Director - TV Advertising Sales

Director - Online Advertising Sales

Director - Advertising Sales Research

Director - DR Advertising Sales

SVP - Domestic & International

Director - Advertising Sales Op’s

Director - Ad Sales Client Services

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Local, Regional, National and International Media & Broadcast Advertising Sales

Filcro Media Staffing provides international, national, regional and local market recruitment of Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and Account Executives of advertising sales.

Filcro Media Staffing recruits executives for any combination of media platforms, media assimilators or media disseminator to create the “ideal” CXO or functional manager for single or multicast media platforms and product monetization.

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Filcro Media Staffing headquartered in New York City can recruit a complete international, national, regional or local ad sales force and their required sales support and back office services structure anywhere in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa or the Middle East.

When identifying a single key sales executive or entire national sales force the firm utilizes proven methodologies to recruit and attract advertising and media sales executives. A honed "Harvard Profile" combined with over twenty-five years of media and broadcasting industry recruitment experience assures proper and timely identification. Hard and soft skill sets are analyzed on  to determine current and future capacity for each sales executive.

At Filcro Media Staffing we start each sales search with a complete understanding of a client's current markets - local, regional, national or international.  We take a company's current penetration of market through metrics such as SUBS, DMA's, uniques, category specific verticals, platforms and revenue to determine our recruitment strategies. We then relate current budgets to an "ideal" and identify the sales executives with the proper management skills, client relationships, agency contacts and industry experience to facilitate the growth desired.

When confidential change is a consideration, Filcro Media Staffing provides the sensitivities and experience to make transitions seamless without industry awareness.

Skilled sales executives are identified that manage the development of sales staff, sales training programs, ad sales services, new business development, sales technology management, budget development, online and multicast integration, sales planning, research, affiliate and digital / multicast network relationships.

When Filcro Media Staffing identifies an advertising sales executive, they are uniquely qualified. We enhance revenue and make positive changes from a tactical and strategic perspective by utilizing specialized recruitment methodologies that are specific to the media and broadcasting industries. Monetizing media assets links.

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