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A Filcro Media Staffing Music Executive Search Case History

Music Executive Search - Music Publishing Creative Management

Senior Vice President Creative
Japanese & U.S. Music Markets

Location  Los Angeles, CA
Search Firm  Filcro Media Staffing
Group  Music & Music Publishing
OIC  Tony Filson - Roster - Notes
Reporting to  President USA
Client  Global Music & Entertainment Company
Objective  New U.S. / Japan Subsidiary

Client Situation

The newly appointed President of U.S. had worked with Filcro Media Staffing in the past when stationed in Japan.

The President tasked Filcro Media Staffing to build the core senior management team in the United States to include creative, business affairs and operations executives to be based in Los Angeles, CA.

With initial emphasis on Pop, Dance and Urban music genres the Senior Vice President of Creative would be responsible for all staff and relationships regarding the business and creative aspects of the firm’s music publishing, PRO and record label holding in the U.S.

Industry and Sector inclusion for Universe Compilation

  • Music Publishing
  • Record Labels
  • Independent Producers
  • PRO’s
  • Artist Management Companies

The Filcro Media Staffing Solution

From the onset we knew that the core components of management would have to be honed professionals, with broad acumen to create a strong foundation for the new U.S. subsidiary vs. the 30/30.

Our objective was to assure that the maturity and business/creative experience were proven vs. capacity components of laying the cornerstone for the new company.

Having been charged with recruiting the head of creative and publishing at the same time as recruiting the head of business affairs royalties and copyrights, we had the advantage of assuring that each individual would be part of a cohesive management team that would meet the President's business objectives at the cadence desired while creating the corporate culture he was seeking too.

The creative relationships required with prolific writers, producers and artists had to be well in-line with current Pop, Dance and Urban as well as forward looking capacity for youth markets that represent “new sounds” that could differentiate the new company from Japanese and U.S. competitors in global markets.

Starting in Los Angels and New York the search universe ultimately came to fruition with two final candidates from the West Coast.

The New Senior Vice President of Creative

Upon introduction to the new SVP of creative the first thing that strikes you is his inherent capacity to work with music and creative professionals as a trusted mentor and leader.  His demeanor is positive, respectful and void of negative ego.  With a prolific history as a successful music industry executive his soft and hard skills were perfectly balanced to create a culture that would be highly productive and reinforce positive behavior.


With a strong foundation with Warner Music US and Warner Music in Asian markets, the new SVP of Creative had a distinct advantage over other candidates with his broad business and creative acumen related to J-Pop and K-Pop as well as Dance and Urban music cross-over into the targeted global markets.

His prior experience building a U.S. based label for Japanese and Korean markets made him uniquely qualified to understand the CAPEX and OPEX required to meet the President's goals set in 12 and 24 month increments related to signing the writers, producers and artists required.

Interfacing with a wide network of Managing Directors from both WMG/UMG label affiliates all throughout South Korea, Japan, South East Asia and Greater China he had the relationships that would be required for JV on a senior level.

Playing advisory roles for an IP investment fund to grow and acquire catalogs, music publishing assets, and to invest in passive royalty income streams, the new SVP was aware of many revenue streams that could be established utilizing the parent company's Japan based assets to augment what he would be building in the U.S.

Having spearheaded operations and directed activities of all prior label departments, including marketing, digital media promotion, creative services, synch licensing, international, merchandise, publishing, and business affairs, he was a well rounded creative music executive who had the proper mix of creative and business leadership.

With an impressive catalog of music under his belt, as A&R in highly competitive markets he was well prepared to attract the Pop, Dance and Urban writers and producers as he had done so well in the past.

His technology acumen was comprehensive and creating new sounds, enhancing production values and post-production acumen would serve the new enterprise well for unique sounds and their integration of VR into every phase of production and post. The firm with a strong foundation in technology and entertainment required an executive like the new SVP that could anticipate trends in technology and produce content to meet those needs. 

In both large multinationals and music start-ups the new SVP had a history of working efficiently with resources, budgets and managing people well.  Those that worked for him, he reported to and his peers all recognized the exceptional business and creative executive he was and would want to work with him again.

We look forward to following this executive's progress as he builds this exciting U.S. subsidiary of a major multinational music and entertainment conglomerate.

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