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Filcro Media Staffing is a retained executive search firm with a successful history of recruiting advertising agency Account Directors to manage large multinational CPG and beauty brands for both multicultural and general markets as well as in-house advertising agencies.

Below is an abbreviated case history of a Filcro Media Staffing advertising agency account director executive search for review.  Of equal interest could be verbose reviews of Filcro Media's broadcast, advertising and digital media groups.

Advertising Agency Group Account Director Executive Search Firms   Group Account Director
     Multicultural Beauty & CPG


Based  New York, NY - USA
Executive Search Firm    Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge of Search  Tony Filson
Search Groups Creative | Media | In-House
Reporting to Chief Creative Officer
Client  Division of top 10 global advertising agency
Search  Group Account Director - Multicultural CPG & Beauty

Client Situation

The board of the hiring entity and the parent company were seeking a change agent to positively affect culture, client efficacy and new business development within the agency's multicultural CPG and beauty group.

Tony Filson met with an agency board member in New York to discuss the goals to be accomplished by this executive search. 

Most recently, positive changes were made at the Agency on the C level and the proper account leadership executives needed to be attracted to reinforce the strategic initiatives of the agency's CEO.  Clients, employees and the advertising industry as a whole needed to receive a clear and verifiable indication that “The New” direction of the agency was systemic.

Business Sector Inclusions

  • Beauty & Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Broadcast and Digital Media Networks
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Multimedia Publishers

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Summary: With clear strategic insight from a verbose board member and the agency CEO, prior to the search, the search universe was identified quickly.   It took two weeks to hone the research required and tier the first round of candidates.  Through the first round, it was determined by the hiring manager that there would be a shift in the weighting of account management vs. new business development.  These changes, once applied, permitted the hiring of a candidate presented during the second round.

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing has had extensive experience working in multicultural markets with CPG and Beauty brands across all media.  The firm first examined our proprietary O&D charting compiled as primary data for multinational CPG/Beauty based on previous searches conducted for multicultural broadcasters, digital publishers and advertising agencies.  The immediate benefits realized, resulted in (8) eight viable candidates.  After review, Four (4) were extremely beneficial to the search. Two (2) candidates were tiered, One (1) was eliminated due to compensation and One (1) was set aside for networking that resulted in Two (2) additional candidates for the second round of interviews. 

At the conclusion of the first round of interviews the head of HR, the hiring manager and the CEO determined that they would like to change the initial weighting of experience Multicultural advertising agency executive search for CPG and Beauty brands executive search firms that recruit group account directorsin two key areas. Adhering to their requests an additional Four (4) candidates were brought forward of which Two (2) made it to a final round for consideration.  The hiring manager knowing the demanding needs of one key multinational CPG account felt the soft skills of one candidate in particular would facilitate the type of accountability and messaging she was seeking with an extremely fastidious client. Ultimately, this candidate was hired.

It was the tenacity of Filcro Media Staffing’s Director of Research that brought this search to fruition.  Her ability to relate the hiring manager's feedback once the first round was concluded to the people recruited for the second round, was spot on.

It took approximately eight weeks to bring this search to fruition from Filcro Media Staffing being engaged to the formal offer being extended and accepted by the new Group Account Director.

The Talented New Group Account Director Recruited

The advertising executive recruited not only had extensive experience in multicultural CPG and beauty account management, she also played a key role in building they type of corporate culture and client accountability the firm was seeking within a respected multinational beverage conglomerate..

Her ability to work through an aggressive executive search process, set at an unusual cadence, was admirable.  It was a direct reflection of her ability to turn on a dime and maintain decorum at all times. 

With extensive experience on both the client and agency side in New York, Chicago and Atlanta she also offered honed acumen with regard to managing a very large client well, with resources and personnel spread across diverse geographics.

advertising agency CPG and Beauty multicultural market executive searchIn CPG, Beauty, Financial Services, Travel & Leisure, QSR’s and Beverage her modalities were all successful regardless of industry or business vertical.  For new business development this was of key interest to the CEO and her identification was facilitated by the re-weighting of the search after the first round of interviews

From a cultural perspective it was clear that her past success in mentoring and developing employees led to effective succession plans.  Her strong communication skills also permitted clients to understand her account direction easily.  Her ability to effectively connect consumers with brands through traditional and digital media was partly due to her exceptional writing skills.  She could build and develop and produce stories / creative / ideation and then utilize the proper media consistently so a client could see tangible and verifiable results. 

This search was a great deal of fun to conduct because Filcro Media Staffing has worked extensively in CPG, Beauty and Multicultural markets.  Calling on so many executives we know in New York, Ohio, Chicago and Los Angeles to bring this search to fruition was enjoyed by everyone.  


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