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TV Network COO
Chief Operating Officer | Kabul, Afghanistan
TV Broadcasting EXecutive Search for COO's in international broadcasting

Search   TV Network COO
Based    Kabul, Afghanistan
Search Firm    Filcro Media Staffing, New York, NY
Officer in Charge    Tony Filson , New York, NY
Groups   Technology | Production
Reporting to  CEO | Chief Executive Officer
Client   Diversified multinational media and telecommunications company

International TV Network Executive Search Firms for COO's of TV Stations

Filcro Media Staffing was retained to perform in a challenging environment and active theater of engagement.  Noted is that Filcro Media Staffing has never failed when retained for a specific assignment of a similar nature by a Private or Public sector client.  As a reference civilians were provided CEN B7 and in compound housing. 


The parent company CEO initiated contact with Tony Filson in New York to identify, recruit and attract a gifted broadcasting COO with related MENA leadership experience to meet the business goals and technology objectives related to International TV Network Operations.

The Chief Operating Officer, responsible for overseeing all aspects of commercial broadcast business and operations would be working in a unique and developing media market, requiring special skills and acumen to serve a constituency reliant on installing reliable media and telecommunications infrastructure. 

This senior broadcasting executive leading a newly created media broadcasting subsidiary of the parent company in all TV network businesses will bring this digital terrestrial broadcast TV Network to fruition overseeing all lines of business.   

With an aggressive role-out schedule, this COO would facilitate countrywide DVB-T2 standards in Afghanistan while building a world-class TV broadcasting entity with telecom integration.


  • Establishing, negotiating and maintaining business, technical and creative contracts with national and international broadcast networks and business partners
  • Coordinating with vendors and service providers to create, maintain and expand the digital television platform for current and future capabilities
  • Oversee all technical transmission and broadcast operations and engineering aspects including signaling to and from current networks, NOC and head-end.
  • Building distribution hubs for STB’s to various distributors
  • Creating customer care and service functions
  • Reporting based on aggressive benchmarks to forecast TV Network business activity and financial position(s) based on present and expected operations
  • Working collaboratively with senior leadership of the parent company and offer guidance in a unique emerging market
  • Oversee and report all financial activities of cash management, general accounting, disbursement (accounts payable, payroll), commercial billing, accounts receivable, and tax administration; including revenue collection through telecommunication providers and business partners.
  • Oversee all corporate reporting to local and national regulatory bodies.
  • Maintain security operations for multiple instances of soft and hard asset destruction

Search Ecology | Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Tony Filson functioning as the Officer in Charge of Search (OIC), has recruited extensively in MENA markets relocating broadcasting and journalism executives from EU, US, LATAM and ASIA to bring similar executive searches to fruition.  The CEO required a firm that could hit the ground running to meet mandatory deadlines.

The CEO of the parent company was pleased to learn of Filcro Media Staffing’s record of success in MENA, LATAM, ASIA and EU broadcasting markets facing similar challenges at TV Network and Telecom inception, that were all successful.  Tony Filson’s experience included staffing entire TV & Radio Networks, Diverse Telecom entities and News Bureaus in active theaters as well as the global media and telecommunications capitals of the world.

With an aggressive cadence required for TV Network roll-out based on budgets, regulatory and legislative considerations, the CEO was seeking a COO with a history of proven efficacy in the region as unique challenges would need to be managed by a strong leader familiar with Afghanistan and the MENA as a whole.

Tony Filson had recently completed similar TV Network and Telecom searches in the MENA for C level broadcasting executives and was able to identify the top broadcasting executives globally who could meet the CEO’s aggressive cadence and relocate to Kabul. 

Within (8) weeks of Filcro Media Staffing being retained the proper TV Network COO for Kabul was identified, recruited, attracted and contracts finalized for an immediate start date.  Filcro Media Staffing utilized all their Public & Private sector contacts to bring this search to fruition including. NGO, .Mil & .Gov relationships CONUS and OCONUS.

The COO became acclimated quickly and performed as required to meet the deadlines and business goals of the company.   This was a challenging search brought to fruition by utilizing Filcro Media Staffing’s broadcasting, MENA and over thirty years of broadcasting executive search experience to task. Meeting demanding needs for  global telecommunications and media infrastructure are part of Filcro Media Staffing noted history of performance.

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