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First Tier Cable TV Network Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Public Relations and Affiliates Special Events Executive Search Case History by Filcro Media Staffing

TV Broadcasting Affiliate Sales and Marketing Executive Search    Director Affiliate Marketing
    Public Relations and Network Special Events


Based  Stamford, CT - USA
Search Firm  Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge  Tony Filson, New York, NY - USA
Reporting to Human Resources, Stamford, CT - USA
Client Cable TV Network
Search Director Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Special Events

Client Situation

The Director of Human Resources identified Filcro Media Staffing to conduct the search based on the firm completing similar searches at competing Broadcast and Cable TV Networks on the East and West Coasts.


The Senior Vice President of Programming was also familiar with the firm and was instrumental in conveying information that led to Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) being retained as his previous Network utilized FMS in the past too. Tony Filson  having participated in National and Local “Affiliate Sales” as well as National and Local “Advertising Sales” searches was fully aware of the skill sets and experience required to facilitate the Network's Affiliate and Event objectives based on their MSO, Satellite, OEM and new OTT channels to enhance their Local, Regional and National Ad Sales, Public Relations and Special Event objectives through increased affiliate distribution.

Industry and Sector Inclusion

  • Network Television Broadcasting OTA
  • Cable TV Networks
  • Producers of Sports Programming
  • Related Network Affiliate Sales, Marketing & Promotions Environments

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

The Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson was asked to commence a search in the markets surrounding Stamford, CT to avoid a corporate relocation if possible. Tony Filson concurred that a suitable universe of candidates with the appropriate Affiliate Marketing and Public Relations experience within the Network’s compensation range could be identified in the targeted geographic. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut offered an ample “affiliate executive” population to establish a suitable search universe in a brief period of time.

Filcro Media Staffing initially identified Major Network and Cable Network Affiliate and Corporate Communication executives to establish a search universe. The uniqueness of this particular network offered great attraction possibilities. The ability to draw from outside the genre and concentrate more on effective performance within the established required skills sets was refreshing.

Succession plans were not required as this affiliate environment was expanding and currently attracting executives from top to bottom. Longevity and effectiveness from a tactical perspective were the client’s primary goals here to service and maintain current agreements vs. new business development.

This search was handled exceptionally well by Human Resources being that a key affiliate relations executive was not yet in place yet  to participate in the interviewing process. The Director of Marketing and Public Relations as well as the regional Affiliate Sales Vice Presidents were proactive during the process and clearly stated their preferences during identification and recruitment.  The new President would not start until well after Filcro Media Staffing completed the search.

The clear definitions established with the Director of Human Resources at the inception of universe compilation were key factors in the final tiring of candidates. No significant changes were made during the search process aside from the increased weighting of Cable Network as opposed to Broadcast Network candidates, “all” with the appropriate affiliate marketing, PR and special events experience.

The Event and Affiliate Marketing skills required offered some challenges at the onset. Being that extensive autonomy was required to establish synergies on many levels, we needed an affiliate executive who could function strategically and tactically on domestic and international special event projects that were “non-traditional” based on the Network’s unique niche.  The special events and PR responsibilities were a mix of industry and consumer concerns that are unique to the broadcasting industry yet common place with sports leagues and team ownership. The desired compilation of experience did not exist in a single person in most established networks as there are distinct PR, Affiliate Relations and Affiliate Sales environment within Networks with equal subscribers.

The diversity of the Networks sports programming was never an issue. The broad and unique demographic some felt would impair universe compilation from an attraction perspective never materialized and ultimately led to being a “positive” in attracting the new director of affiliate marketing, PR and special events.

Challenges facing the new Director of Affiliate Marketing, PR and Events

  • Build value with affiliates through development of marketing tactics, promos, and local events that did not conflict with team and league agreements.
  • Develop affiliate marketing, PR and special event tune-in initiatives for anchor programming to generate revenue for cable affiliates.
  • Create high-speed (HD) access promos and VOD programs for new OTT and OEM partners.
  • Responsible for all special event marketing, trade shows and PR for the industry in New York and Las Vegas shows
  • Liaison between Marketing, Affiliate Sales and Programming to assure continuity is messaging
  • Create / Develop Affiliate Marketing, PR and Special Event materials for B2B, B2C
  • Manage Affiliate Marketing budgets for PR and special events in line with Affiliate Sales projections vs. actuals 
  • Supervise Affiliate Marketing Manager and direct reports for global, national, regional and local events that require event attendance.

Filcro Media Staffing’s Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify the "best in industry" affiliate executives with current or prior public relations, special events and marketing experience who excelled in similar functions on a national and international level within the assigned geographic universe we were permitted to function within.

Executive Search Firms for TV Affiliate Marketing and Sales Executive Recruitment by Filcro Media StaffingThe mix of on-air, VOD, OEM and online experience required for the Network were key factors in our tiering of candidates. The Network was fortunate that online and VOD distribution and programming were revenue generators and capitalizing on their strengths was accomplished by utilizing models established with other multiplex clients Filcro Media Staffing had recruited for in the past. However, traditional multiplex environments with a lack of commercial programming being SUB driven would not suffice so we had to provide a commercial candidate mix to assure that VOD and broadband would meet the advertising sales requirements of Network Ad Sales too by having an executive with revenue driven experience to compliment their SUB driven MBO/KPI history of success.

With extensive international travel being a consideration, a proven capacity to function autonomously while supervising staff in multiple locations was essential. We needed an affiliate executive who was known for making things happen by presenting traditional: Value, Benefits and Advantages to clients internal and external to the organization while customizing programs across multiple media platforms in a true multiplex.

The mentoring of an affiliate manager, already in place, would require strong acumen within the current and targeted affiliate markets to optimize their efforts to MSO and two particular station groups.  There was a clear void of a esprit de corp that offered positive reinforcement to valuable staff members so we needed a history of mentoring, hiring and retaining affiliate staff above the industry mean.

Successful Director of Affiliate Marketing Recruited

 A Director of Affiliate Marketing from a major group of diversified Cable TV Networks.

Executive Search Firms that specialize in TV Affiliate Marketing and Sales at TV NetworksThis Affiliate Director had managed the development and execution of five (5) annual marketing, special event and public relations campaigns aimed at current and/or prospective consumer bases (national and local extensions) and managed strategic initiatives to secure distribution of networks in at-risk markets while tracking consumer trends and patterns and competitive product activity.

The new Affiliate Director also created strategic revenue generating / retention driven market and public relations campaigns that were highly effective in very competitive markets. Her out-of-the box promotional initiatives utilizing specially designed databases, media metrics, e-mail, social media and digital tools to increase the perceived value of cable networks and reinforce brand positioning were known in the industry to be trend setting at the time.

Her ability to direct vendors, adverting and PR agencies and internal Creative Services while managing the cross pollination of resources on the development, production and fulfillment side of campaigns and evergreen materials (Internet content, brochures, premiums, direct mail, bill inserts, social media, trade ads, product one sheets, commercial & radio spots, training materials and local advertising sales resources) were well honed and all led to increased revenue.

She also managed development of new launch products including all collateral materials, client notifications, consumer advertising and in-market special event coordination. As the primary liaison with divisional field staff on all corporate, programming and public relations activities she had the proven skills to function with the autonomy desired for all domestic and international programs and work in multiple languages for all US, LATAM, EU and ASIA markets.

Her development of award winning affiliate web sites and ability to create and manage execution of various MSO co-branded promotions developed to raise awareness of the networks in key markets while securing launch were proven.  She was a proven entity that was not considering a new opportunity until she was approached and reintroduced to the opportunity by Filcro Media Staffing.

This affiliate marketing / PR / special event search was completed in (7) seven weeks from the date that Filcro Media Staffing was retained. The hired executive was presented during the first (3) weeks of the search and the client company moved quickly to secure their interests.

Tony Filson was the officer in charge of this search.

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