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Filcro Media Staffing, Inc. Broadcasting Executive Search, Est. 1985
Profile of a Filcro Media Staffing OIC

Media Industry Acumen Required to be an Officer in Charge of Search at Filcro Media Staffing

Filcro Media Staffing is comprised of highly experienced media recruitment professionals with extensive media industry acumen who identify, recruit, qualify, and successfully relocate media executives in domestic and international markets. 

The firm brings media goals to fruition with strategic awareness that reinforces the firm’s specialized media recruitment practices

.“What are the qualifications of an OIC at Filcro Media Staffing?”

A Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) has granular and strategic acumen related to each of the firm's specialized Media Practice Groups.  The duties and industry knowledge below are required as an OIC with the firm.

As a retained media and broadcasting executive search firm , Filcro Media Staffing serves a diverse global client base of broadcasters, media & entertainment conglomerate, music publishers, media service providers, advertising agencies and the Fortune 50-500. The clients of Filcro Media Staffing have populations as small as 10 to multinationals with over 400,000 employees.  Since 1985, the firm has provided a holistic approach to media recruitment “serving clients of all sizes with equal care and efficacy”  requiring Filcro Media Staffing’s media acumen and guidance during the identification and recruitment process.

Responsibilities of a Filcro Media Staffing OIC

  • Consult with client companies to include: Human Resource Professionals, Hiring Managers, Executive Search Committees, Board of Directors and Media Investment Banking Firms. 
  • When required, meet with direct reports and line personnel reporting into the “executive to be identified” or the “incumbent”, as well as internal candidates being considered.
  • For succession plans, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures an the replacement of incumbents, the OIC must function with discretion
  • Maintain focus of strategic and tactical objectives during the search process to assure that business, technical and or creative goals are paramount at all times.
  • Identify media executives in a creative, discrete, intelligent, resourceful and expeditious manner to attract those who are not actively seeking employment.
  • Qualify media executives based on experience, skills, acumen, capacity, management style and cultural fit.
  • Utilize standardized and proprietary methodologies related to single or multiple FMS practice groups based on the weighting of tactical and strategic experience required. Conduct scenario driven interviews and innovative queries that explore key points of behavioral patterns related to MBO’s or KPI’s established for each search.
  • Utilize the firm’s proprietary (JS) to analyze senior management as change agents and for succession plans when required. 
  • Recruit candidates for domestic and international search assignments in US, LATAM, MENA, EU and ASIA media markets at times working in multiple languages requiring cultural sensitivities, evening hours and weekend meetings.
  • Travel when required to meet with senior hiring executives, executive search committees, boards of directors and candidates.
  • Maintain awareness of industry trends in business, technical, creative and legislative / FCC regulations
  • Proactively make clients aware of opportunities or issues that could impact their operations. Submit client advisories for each recruitment group.

Required Skills, Experience and Media Industry Acumen

  • Motion Picture Studios and their TV and Digital Businesses for programming distribution, CMS, emerging OTT properties and relationships with OEM’s, distribution and Co-Pro partners. Knowledg of production and post and all associated technology and creative functions.  Current acumen with VR helpful.
  • Broadcast TV Networks, Station Groups and Stations - Should know all 200 U.S. DMA’s from a local, regional and national perspective and station ownership.  Understanding of affiliates, O&O’s and independents and how programming is developed, produced and monetized locally, regionally, nationally and internationally where applicable. From a genre perspective an understanding of: News, Reality, Sports, Scripted and the 30 primary sydicators of TV programming.  Broad knowledge of all BO&E, traffic and inventory systems and providers / integrators of these services to the broadcasting industry.  Extensive knowledge of broadcasting media sales and complete regional and national advertising sales workflow, process, optimization and the advertising agency and direct client relationships required. Broad acumen of ATSC 3.0 and 5G and the implications for distribution and monetization. 
  • Cable TV Networks as producers, co-producers and distributors of TV & digital programming as stand alone Nets or Multiplex | Multichannel | Multiplatform providers.  Extensive understanding of media advertising sales, advertising agency and direct client relationships.  From ideation to sales planning to RFP’s, ADU’s, optimizing revenue, traffic, inventory all must be understood to extensively staff sales and sales support staff for East, Midwest and West Coast sales offices for regional and national advertising sales.  Granular understanding of media technologies inherent to Cable TV Nets for national affiliate distribution and global distribution for the firm’s large multiplex clients.  In-depth TV (On-Air), Digital, OEM, OTT, CMS, and Mobile Partner monetization for Cable Nets.   The Affiliate Relations, Affiliate Sales, Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Communications functions to obtain new business, increase business and enhance the affiliate relationship and revenue.  (OAP) On Air Promo acumen and understanding of how OAP drives revenue on and off the Network with affiliates, viewers and advertisers.  Knowledge of how programming, advertising sales, affiliate marketing, the advertising agencies and direct advertisers have symbiotic relationships that all need to be recruited for.         
  • Broadcast Radio Networks & Digital Radio for broadcast, home, automotive, streaming and place based markets.  The firm has broad relationships and recruitment experience with private and public broadcasters who syndicate programming.  The firm has extensive media sales recruitment experience identifying regional and national sales executives.  An understanding of emerging technologies like (HD) Digital Radio and OEM distribution.  Radio Networks, Stations  Station Groups, NGO’s, Public Broadcasting, Independent Producers and Digital Radio Technology companies who are clients of the firm.  The firm recruits in domestic and international markets with emphasis in US, EU and MENA radio  markets. From a production perspective the firm recruits music, news, talk, scripted and entertainment producers and executive producers who are award winning executives. Of great interest to the firm are the Digital Radio Broadcasters and Digital Radio Technology companies the firm recruits for who are leading the industry.  Current and future interactivity as it relates to localization, regional and national advertising and ratings research are substantial.  The firm maintains awareness of legislative (FCC) and industry mandates for transmission as well as mergers, acquisitions adaptation of digital radio interactive revenue streams and sub-carries becoming more prevalent for multichannel, multiplex radio broadcasting across all genres.  With broadcasters now able to accumulate “primary research” for metrics and analytics.  Internal, advertising agency and direct client sales planning modalities are integrated with traditional ratings analysis.  Filcro Media Staffing also recruits the research and analytics staff to merge, transition, optimize and monetize this valuable data.  Filcro Media Staffing also recruits for the governing body of Digital Radio, the key technology organization and the primary controlling Networks including automotive. A qualified Officer in Charge must be able to function with autonomy in all these areas.           
  • Recording Industry / Music Publishing, Record Labels, Music Publishers, Production, Distribution & Licensing.  There should be an in depth understanding of relationships with broadcasters, advertising agencies, distributors, motion picture, white labeling (Fortune 50-500) and how broadcasters, advertising agencies and digital publishers utilize and monetize music across all media platforms. (Sync) Must have an in-depth understanding of production, A&R, JV, and product management.  Broad awareness of royalties, copyrights, actuals, splits and how various deals are structured.  Must have an understanding of writing, co-writing sessions, demos and how artists, writers, producers and A&R interact to bring product to fruition.  Knowledge of live entertainment and monetization models. Knowledge of DOOH, OEM, place-based and social media utilization of music and music entertainment.  The OIC will utilize Motion Picture, TV, Radio, Advertising Agency and OEM relationships to recruit senior level executives for the operation, promotion, and monetization of music-related products. Should know key management at majors and stay abreast of emerging talent ie. 30/30, 40/40 etc. for a constant flow of A&R executives.  Ability to recruit the senior most executives for the majors in U.S. / AISA / LATAM / EU businesses as C level or Heads of Music.
  • MSO Operators & Triple/Quad Play Businesses. MSO operators as ISP’s, telecoms, programming providers and digital service providers for businesses and consumers.  Technical acumen of assimilation and dissemination from programming partners and the associated technology from NOC, transponder, RF or fiber / fiber to copper.  On-demand and CMS systems.  STB and OEM distribution to consumers. Understanding of affiliate distribution and programming deals relevant to multiplex, multichannel, multiplatform providers who offer pipe and content and creative production. Must be able to recruit for an extensive portfolio of business, technical and creative functions inherent to MSO businesses.  Broad understanding of service and nuance down to truck-rolls and service OPEX.
  • Sports Broadcasters, Sports Teams, Sports Leagues, Sports Talent Management, Sports Marketing, Sports Venues.  Must understand the co-dependent relationships of all of the above and the ways sports is monetized for the clients of the firm.  The varied relationships with Cable Nets, Broadcast Networks, Satellite Broadcasters, Mobile, OEM’s, MSO’s, Online, OTT, Venues, internal CMS and all B2B, B2C and C2C monetization channels. An understanding of “Game Day” and how each day needs to be a tentpole event.  Broad understanding of the vast BO&E requirements to produce and broadcast sporting events for regional, national and international distribution from specialized cameras, trucks C & Ku requirements and fiber, transponder availability as well as the crews required on the field, in the control rooms, trucks and NOC’s to bring it all together.  An understanding of sports management and the special ways that sports is monetized through sponsorships, exclusive broadcast rights, On Demand, endorsements, individual athletes and the Fortune 50-500.  An understanding of what differentiates MLB, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, FIFA, Boxing, MMA, Tennis, Collegiate, Extreme and Olympic Sports from their audience, monetization and distribution perspectives. 
  • Intellectual Property, Licensing, Rights, Permissions and a general business affairs perspective of IP, trademarks, broadcast rights and ancillary media relationships that utilize separate and distinct Agreements related to media platforms, geographics, TV programming, music, general creative content, distribution channels and time-lines that sunset some of these agreements.  An OIC must also understand the external relationship with counsel and the various law firms and agencies that manage and litigate these matters too.  An OIC will be expected to recruit for the media client as well as the law firm at times or even a PRO or music publishers business affairs environment.
  • Integrators of Broadcast, Production Services & Technologies - An understanding of who the primary providers of business, technical and creative services are in the media and broadcasting industries.   Providers of production, post, origination, workflow systems & solutions, satellite inventory, systems engineering, traffic and inventory, stage and production facilities, fiber, cloud storage.  An understanding of grid size(s) for production available in the primary production centers in the United States and their technical capabilities such as origination.  A clear understanding of the strengths provided by key players in the industry and who they serve through the production, post-production and distribution process.  Must keep abreast of PEG markets for a number of clients of the firm that recruit key sales and systems integrators through FMS.
  • Advertising Agency Creative, Media, Technology, New Business, Account Management & Production / Post - A complete understanding of the primary parent companies and the agencies under each umbrella.  Knowledge of client relationships, accounts and how media is managed and bought and produced and clients attracted across multiple businesses for broadcast, digital, print, and OOH.  An understanding of Adult Beverage, Apparel, Automotive, Beverage, Big Box, CPG, Direct Response, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Financials, Gaming, Government, Health Care, Insurance, Mobile, Motion Picture, Music, Pharmaceutical, Political, Prof. Services, QSR’s, Retail, Telecom, Travel & Leisure businesses and the primary advertisers and approximate media spends by platform.  An understanding of the collaborative systems used globally by the larger agencies to produce content, edit and distribute from a systems engineering perspective and the related software required for commonly utilized Adobe Cloud, LAN/WAN/SAN distribution and AWS and or Azure as vendors.  Knowledge of rating systems used for research to justify media pricing and the associated media metrics and analytics used for buying and selling media.  
  • News & Journalism - Filcro Media Staffing recruits for some of the most respected news organizations in the world. In US, MENA, EU, LATAM and EU markets Filcro Media Staffing has performed with aplomb in News Bureaus in the World's capitals and regional markets.  The OIC will serve the 200 US DMA’s for the recruitment of News Directors, Anchors, Executive Producers, Writers, Reporters and Engineers.  The OIC must have an in-depth understanding of how a Newsroom or News Bureau is operated and managed in local, regional, national and international markets.  From Washington, DC to Prague to Egypt the OIC will be expected to recruit exceptional news and journalism executives for Stations, Station Groups, Networks, Affiliate Stations and International New Bureaus.  At times government or NGO clients of the firm will require recruitment into geographics that present challenges.  The OIC must be resourceful to draw from the global news and journalism relationships Filcro Media Staffing has developed in past three decades.  Executive search assignments CONUS and OCONUS will require the recruitment of journalists and news executives who speak multiple languages and supervise news personnel in multiple countries.   
  • Telecom, Broadcast and Power Utilities in the Public & Private Sectors - Filcro Media Staffing recruits in the Private and Public Sectors for telecom, utility, broadcast, religious, educational, research, government and NGO interests. An OIC at Filcro Media Staffing must be capable of working across varied cultures inherent to some organizations and serve interests that require exceptional discretion.  At times executives will have to undergo extensive background checks and with some clients receive State of Federal Senatorial approval and receive certain clearances.  The Filcro Media Staffing OIC could also require these clearances to work on particular searches.  A base knowledge of BPL technology is required for future expansion plans of the firm's clients.    
  • Mobile Carriers - Technology & Content  -  Knowledge of the primary carriers, OEM’s, Networks, cell Infrastructure and FCC rules and regulations.  A robust understanding of mobile as a telecom, media and entertainment platform and the content and monetization partnerships with the broadcasters and producers of creative content that recruit through the firm.      
  • Print & Digital Publishers to include magazine, newspaper, digital curated content, branded content and digital entertainment - A Filcro Media Staffing OIC is required to recruit across all of a client’s media platforms.  With the advent of curated and branded content playing a greater role directly with the firm’s clients those in ideation, production, sales, media and new business development are identified with “capacity”.  Of the 11 primary media platforms that Filcro Media Staffing recruits executive for, there are special interests that are served that will undoubtedly become more prevalent and those that will sunset.  A Filcro Media Staffing OIC helps clients on legacy platforms to transform their brands and optimize monetization as they bring their B2B, B2C and C2C relationships to new media platforms.
  • OTT & DOOH - An understanding of the primary OTT broadcasters, their associated technologies and monetization channels.  As traditional OTA, MSO & Satellite broadcasters and independent producers of content move directly to consumers a Filcro Media Staffing OIC will need to recruit honed technology, sales and creative executives to the forefront when serving emerging OTT broadcasters as well as those currently utilizing OTA, MSO, Satellite and OEM’s.  With SVOD, AVOD and TVOD being the primaries, recruiting from a decreasing pool of engineering, systems, programming and distribution staff will require the strong relationships and history of broadcast technology that Filcro Media Staffing has developed in the past three decades.  The OIC will work with VP’s, Directors, Managers, Engineers and technologists who have long-standing relations with the firm.  
  • Satellite Broadcasters and Satellite Technologies with a base understanding of transponders and how broadcasters maintain satellite inventory and redundant systems.  Base understanding of C & Ku antenna technologies, available satellite inventory in all orbits and new inventory pre-launch, launch and online.  Satellite inventory as it affects pricing and the primary sources of leasing for clients in US, LATAM, MENA, ASIA and EU broadcast and telecom distribution.  An understanding of earth stations, NOC’s and the affiliate distribution chain from a BO&E perspective.  An understanding of facility requirements for antenna / dish placement for fixed and mobile units.  A base knowledge of the primary CODEC’s, INFOSEC and COMSEC distribution modalities and requirements for secure global distribution. Some work for government clients and contractors will require clearances.
  • Fiber Optics & Plants - Direct (FTTH) | Fiber to Copper  | Fiber to RF - A Filcro Media Staffing OIC must have knowledge of how fiber is produced and activated including fiber optic module controllers, hot-pluggable fiber optic transceivers, laser controls and calibrated digital diagnostic monitoring for the telecom, TV Network, MSO and OTT clients of the firm.  As FTTH becomes more prevalent clients will open new monetization channels and increase resources to optimize their consumer base. As bandwidth increases and the markets are normalized the ramifications will be substantial for content and monetization. The OIC must be aware of primary, secondary and black fiber resources and the firms they are associated with to determine the optimal recruitment targets for the broadcast, MSO, telecom, government, entertainment, systems integrators and engineering firms that are clients of the firm. Recruitment will be for CONUS and OCONUS assignments.  At times, this technology acumen will be required by CTO, CIO, and COO candidates. The OIC must be able to determine the experience and knowledge of C level candidates and engineers being recruited that are tasked with managing these resources spanning multiple countries.       
  • LAN/WAN/SAN technologies and CMS Systems - An understanding of collaborative production, post-production and CMS Systems utilized by broadcasters, studios and advertising agencies globally.  Filcro Media Staffing serves clients with edit suites in New York, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles and Madrid that work together collaboratively in real-time.  An OIC must not only understand the architecture and systems but also all the software required to have a client of a major advertising agency sitting in New York able to give input to a final edit in Tokyo for a major automotive manufacturer.  Filcro Media Staffing recruits for the advertising agencies as well as the service providers who make working in real - time globally possible.  The 24/7/365 requirements of these capabilities require the recruitment of a broad spectrum of creative technologists.  Of great importance to the clients of the firm are those who have vast CMS systems such as motion picture studios, TV Networks, OTT Broadcasters and Music Media and Entertainment Providers.  A Filcro Media Staffing OIC must understand the CMS Systems as well as the software and programming required to work with sophisticated SCALE issues that are prevalent for global providers of content.
  • Traffic & Inventory Systems across all platforms - A Filcro Media Staffing OIC must fully understand who the primary vendors of Traffic and Inventory Systems are as well as the associated technology, workflow, software and systems integration modalities with programming, scheduling and sales across all the media platforms the firm recruits for.  The OIC will recruit for broadcasters as well as the media technology companies that serve the broadcasters.  Filcro Media Staffing recruits those that manage these environments internally; those that create the systems and those that sell these systems.  The broad recruitment experience in this areas benefits everyone in the industry.
  • Media Analytics and Metrics beyond C3/C7 - Primary and Secondary Data - Filcro Media Staffing recruits for research firms, broadcasters, advertising agencies and the Fortune 50-500 that work with primary and secondary data for media metrics that are the most prevalent analytics utilized in the media industries for broadcast and digital media.  An OIC must be well versed in the technologies and software available as well the key providers of analytics and their offered reporting.  As OTT becomes more prevalent and costs become restrictive for some, this area will become extremely active as OTT broadcasters themselves accumulate extremely valuable data at very reasonable cost structures.  The Filcro Media Staffing OIC will recruit those qualified to optimize return by utilizing primary data that reinforces or trumps secondary data from commercially available vendors.
  • Development, Production, Post Production & Distribution process for TV, Film, Radio, Music & Advertising - This is an extremely active area of recruitment for Filcro Media Staffing in US, LATAM, MENA, EU and ASIA markets.  The OIC will recruit every imaginable level of production, post and distribution executive.  The OIC will have strong contacts in the primary production centers in the United States as well as equal acumen with smaller markets defined as the 200 US DMA’s for Stations and Station Groups and for news organizations the ability to recruit every employee required to run a news bureau anywhere in the world.  This area is so extensive that an OIC must follow the trades constantly and be well versed in nuances such as hanging a room, knowing guest producers, awareness of the formulaic development and production process of cable nets, talent contract negotiations of a skilled executive producer, post production technology, all production & post vendors, and in some instances co-pro and distribution agreements.  Filcro Media Staffing has a long history of success in some of the most demanding production environments in the industry.
  • Media Facilities & Real Estate to include NOC, Head end all BO&E for all creative and technical applications, Antenna, Cell, Transponder & required HVAC and 24/7 redundant power. - Filcro Media Staffing has an extensive history of recruiting CIO, CTO, VP’s, Directors, Managers and Engineers who manage some of the most sophisticated broadcasting facilities in the world.  The firm also recruits the executives who manage the global real estate assets of the worlds largest media and entertainment conglomerates.  The OIC must have a broad knowledge of the unique characteristics and requirements of “Media Real Estate” and their contained media technologies that require extensive customization and maintenance.  Some requirements are FCC mandated and others are required for redundant 24/7/365 operations in critical situations. From the state of the art NOC, to tower construction to lease management to global BO&E facilities a Filcro Media Staffing OIC will be fully versed in every aspect of recruiting honed executives to manage a single facility or a global portfolio of real estate holdings for the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world.    
  • Creative Personnel (Award Winning) as Writers, Art Directors, Writer Producers, Chief Photographers, Talent Management, and Ideation for Marketing and Sales. - Filcro Media Staffing works in union and non-union environments where staffing creative executives offers many challenges.  A Filcro Media Staffing OIC must be well versed in staffing creative executives creatively in every major media center in the United States.  The firm has a history of great efficacy in attracting creatives that transition from Film, TV, Radio, Digital, Corporate and Fortune 50-500 environments.  The Filcro Media Staffing OIC will be well versed in identifying and recruiting creatives that are completely off the radar screen and require an aggressive, intelligent and creative stance to bring forward.  
  • Affiliate Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Relations, Affiliate Distribution and Affiliate Promotions - Filcro Media Staffing recruits “Affiliate” executives for TV broadcast, cable, satellite, radio, music and digital Networks.  These highly skilled executives with substantial relationships and broad affiliate acumen are recruited across the entire United States.  A Filcro Media Staffing OIC will guide clients through the realities of the market to attract those capable of meeting their distribution goals.  Affiliate executives are recruited to meet every business, technical and creative goal.
  • Corporate Communications for PR, Shareholder / Investor Relations, Human Resources and Internal Corporate Communications Networks. - Filcro Media Staffing serves the Media & Entertainment industries as well as the Fortune 50-500 by recruiting corporate communications executives that create content and manage the  corporate communications environments for some of the most respected publicly held corporations and PR firms in the world.  A  Filcro Media Staffing OIC will staff a 50 person PR firm devoted to Corp. Comm. or a 400,000 employee multinational disseminating in multiple languages for diverse constituencies in US, LATAM, MENA, AFRICA, ASIA and EU markets. 
  • Union and Non-Union environments and regulations associated with SAG, AFM, AFTRA, IATSE, WGA, DGA - A broad understanding of the various unions and talent representation organizations and their associated costs structures and relationships with the media and entertainment industry and advertising agencies.  Knowledge of talent-payment, contract negotiations and interfacing with talent and their representation.  The ability to work with clients and candidates who are transitioning from union to non-union and vice versa.  Included would be a number of engineering and technical roles at the major TV Networks and Telecoms recruited for by the firm as well as ASCAP, BMI and PRO environments.
  • TV, Radio and Digital Programming to include Scheduling, On-Air Promo, Development, Production and Co-Pro Deals.  Knowledge of grids, competitive programming and the relationships with advertising sales and or sub based environments for monetization.  Acumen with on-air promo and the community as a whole to include PROMAX and recipients each year in domestic and international markets.  Staying attuned to programming trends with OTT for many of the clients of the firm who utilize our recruitment resources for tween to teen, teen to young adult and young adult TV, Radio and Digital programming.  US and MENA markets are important geographics for the firm.
  • Advertising Sales - Aside from media technology this is Filcro Media Staffing’s most active recruitment area.  A Filcro Media Staffing OIC must be capable of recruiting a CSO, CRO, EVP, SVP, VP, GSM, Director, Manager or Account executive, of regional or national advertising sales across all 11 media platforms. Based on a history of TV, Radio and Digital ad sales A complete knowledge of national media sales to include advertising sales, sponsorship, direct response and all associated sales support functions are required. Filcro Media Staffing recruits sales and sales support executives for.  Cable TV Networks, Broadcast TV Networks, Satellite TV Networks, OTT TV Networks, TV Station Groups, TV Stations, Radio Networks, MSO Operators, Digital Radio, Radio Stations, Digital Network Advertising Sales, Sponsorship Sales for Public Sector Broadcasters and others.  An OIC must have an intimate understanding of OTA, Cable Nets, MSO, Satellite, Station Group, Stations in all 200 US DMA’s. The OIC must also have experience recruiting sales support executives within the media sales organizations that utilize Filcro Media Staffing.  Ideation, Sales Planning, Sales Finance, Upfront and Sales Special Events as well as all of the associated sales technology for associated traffic, inventory and sales research analytics.  The OIC must have extensive experience recruiting local, regional, national and international sales executives.  A Filcro Media Staffing OIC must be able to source sales staff for all of the following: Adult Beverage, Apparel, Automotive, Beverage, Big Box, CPG, Direct Response, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Financials, Gaming, Government, Health Care, Insurance, Mobile, Motion Picture, Music, Pharmaceutical, Political, Prof. Services, QSR’s, Retail, Social Media, Technology, Telecom, Travel & Leisure, UGC & CM, SaaS
  • Media Technology and Workflow Solutions Sales - The suppliers of technology goods and services to the media, broadcasting and entertainment industries utilize Filcro Media Staffing to recruit their national sales executives.  Integrators of broadcasting production & post, mobile trucks, production / post / BO&E / traffic / sales, sales planning, systems engineering, origination, traffic systems, verification, watermarking, workflow solutions and many others all utilize Filcro Media Staffing to recruit their sales executives.  A Filcro Media Staffing OIC must have experience recruiting for the vital vendors who provide specialized technology and workflow solutions for the media and broadcasting industry.       
  • Human Resources primary functions recruited for include: Recruitment, Employee Relations, Compensation, HRIS, Defined and Non-Defined Benefit Plans, Training & Development, Diversity, 360 Programs, Succession Planning and Employment Law.  An OIC must be able to recruit for every HR function and also for generalists.  Of primary interest is an awareness of employment law in New York and Los Angeles which are primary recruitment centers for the firm.
  • Media Finance and Accounting - Filcro Media Staffing recruits a multitude of highly specialized finance and accounting professionals with specific experience directly related to the media and broadcasting industries.  A Filcro Media Staffing OIC recruits for BO&E Costing Directors, Production Audit Managers, Directors of Talent Payment, Vice Presidents of Sales Finance, Directors of Internal Audit,  Production Costing and many others with specialized knowledge of the departments and employees they interface with and service internally for  every audit, accounting and finance functions. An OIC must have clear understanding and experience with CFO, VO, Director, Audit and Managers in every financial environment relevant to the media and broadcasting industries.

The above media-industry knowledge represents a portion of the industry acumen required by a Filcro Media Staffing OIC.  From an HR perspective, they must adapt at working with executives on all levels and formulating search strategies that are appropriate for each assignment.

  • An OIC must have a minimum of 15 years of media recruitment experience interfacing with hiring managers, human resources, executive search committees, media investment firms and boards.
  • A passion for all things media from a business, technical and creative perspective.  An OIC must be well read, keep up with the trades and be attuned to media and entertainment mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Exceptional communication skills are required to assimilate and disseminate information and the ability to formulate ideas and concepts in writing.
  • The ability to conduct scenario driven interviews that determine current and future capacity from Manager to C Level.
  • Function through the search process with autonomy when required for confidential succession plans, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.
  • The Ability to think out of the box, creatively and expeditiously to meet a client's needs in competitive markets for highly skilled media executives in business, creative and technical environments.  At times the OIC will draw from “non-apparent” sources and environments.
  • An exceptional work ethic, integrity, focus, social decorum, maturity and discretion.  Work will be conducted with clients in different time zones and at times weekends.
  • An OIC must be able to maintain confidential information at all times and in some instances will not be able to disclose information during the identification phase.
  • An appreciation of diverse corporate cultures within large and small companies. Knowing that cultures in business, technical and creative environments can vary, even under the same corporate umbrella.
  • The ability to complete search assignments in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Texas, Washington DC, Prague, Kabul, Dubai or Tokyo with equal aplomb.
  • An OIC has long-standing relationships with human resources, C-level hiring executives and BOD's in the media and communications industries.
  • A strong sense of social decorum. The ability to interface with Chairman, CEO, Board and senior most executives in emerging organizations and multinational media and entertainment conglomerates.
  • The ability to attend media industry functions and represent the organization and clients in a professional manner at all times.
  • The ability to confidentially manage six and seven-figure recruitment assignments while performing proper due diligence.



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