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Filcro Media Staffing is a retained executive search firm with a successful history of recruiting programmatic managers, directors and vice presidents for advertising sales operations, planning, campaign management and revenue yield optimization.

This recruitment group augments Filcro Media Staffing’s advertising sales group for TV, OTT, Online, OEM and related mobile platforms that utilize programmatic modalities as core and ancillary revenue streams.

Below is an abbreviated case history of a Filcro Media Staffing programmatic executive search that exhibits the firm’s recruitment process.  Exhibited is a programmatic and campaign management director's search for a multiplatform TV broadcaster and digital media entertainment publisher. For sales or additional ad sales operations case histories, please utilize  the corresponding links or proceed to general case histories.

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Based  New York, NY - USA
Executive Search Firm    Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge of Search  Tony Filson
Search Group Advertising Sales
Reporting to CEO
Client  Multiplatform TV Network and Digital Entertainment Publisher
Search  Director Programmatic Ad Sales Operations | Campaign Management

Client Situation Due to programmatic growth across all OTA, OTT, OEM, Online and Mobile platforms the CEO and Senior Vice President of sales wanted to optimize the environment and enhance revenue through this executive search.   

The new TV Network started broadcasting OTA to over 20 million households, OTT across 100+ Digital Networks and multiple OEM and Mobile channels to partners.

The programmatic operational, client services, workflow, analytics and publishing partner modalities all needed to be optimized and formalized prior to a large spurt of distribution growth that was about to take place in domestic and international markets with new distribution and affiliate agreements. 

This was a new layer to function between publishing partners, advertising agencies, direct advertisers, client services, creative content providers, sales and the associated vendors for analytics and technology.  Recruiting a Director with a similar career ecology to that of the company's ecology capable of accelerated growth tactically and strategically was essential to assure continuity. 

The copious amounts of available digital inventory across 100+ entertainment channels and the associated programmatic revenue, at a desirable CPM, justified the addition to staff.  Proper revenue optimization the first month, would reflect a “profit center” vs. “cost center” for the entire first year to include all salaries, software and associated vendor services.        

Business Sector and Industry Inclusions

  • Digital Publishers
  • Digital Broadcast Technology Programmatic
  • Advertising Agencies Digital
  • Digital Ad Serving Companies
  • TV Networks - Online Ad Sales Operations

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Summary: The CEO and Senior Vice President of Sales wanted to be proactive in optimizing programmatic revenue workflow and technology prior to domestic and international growth.  Current programmatic operations and revenue would benefit greatly so the potential ROI was substantial.  Ultimately, the new Director recruited, met all requirements and facilitated the firm’s business goals.

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

Four recent searches conducted in the TV Network and Digital Ad Sales spaces related to the Network’s programmatic objectives facilitated immediate results.  Many media entities with similar programmatic goals provided the Officer in Charge (OIC) with ample primary and secondary associations to identify a robust initial universe.

This search was complex based on the immediate and long term goals of the Network across multiple media platforms as a multiplex multicaster with over 100 channels.

Many of the DSP | SSP’s, verification systems and data providers required broad acumen from a technology and operational perspective to manage external vendors.  Some environments were too layered to produce the granular subject matter expertise and the autonomy we were seeking in the new director to act as a change agent.

Prospective candidates with “just” start-up experience were deemed too myopic as were those from “just” heavily layered multinationals.  This search required candidates with large and small company exposure be brought forward to fit the unique technology culture and projected rapid growth.  The environment is by any standards creative and the SONY, BMG, Universal, OMD, WPP, Coca Cola, P&G, Paramount Picture, Disney mix on the client services side required mature acumen and honed soft skills to manage relationships.

From a technology perspective we wanted to recruit and executive who could manage current vendors and software while setting a path for domestic and international market expansion.  One legacy ad serving program was creating challenges, few who fit the ecology and or similar career paths as the other executives on cross-functional internal teams had exposure to this robust yet dated software, that was being phased out, at the time of this search.  With OEM, OTT, OTA, SAT, Cable, MSO and Mobile all important, this heavily weighted requirement was having negative ramifications.  After a broad market overview and consultation with the SVP and CEO we recommended a re-weighting of the technology prerequisites.

Consensus met after the re-weighting

    • Manage all publisher partnerships to optimize inventory to increase yield
    • Manage publisher network to optimize for pricing, packaging of media, advertising placements
    • Work with finance to establish best practices for monthly invoicing
      P/L for programmatic business, review analytics of audience | publishers to determine best practices for programmatic, direct and data clients
    • Manage all aspects of revenue management as it relates to ad inventory
    • Point person for all 3rd party relationships including DSP/SSP’s, Verification systems and Data
    • Manage advertising programs, site ad tag configurations, troubleshooting and custom advertising implementations.
    • Partner with or direct:  Sales, Yield, Product, and Technology and Vendors to identify and implement new solutions with Company's ad serving technology.
    • Act as primary point of contact for proper ad integration
    • Responsible for ensuring that sites are tracked for traffic assignment purposes
    • Daily management including trafficking, pacing, optimization, and reporting of ad campaigns.
    • FTP and testing of all ad creative for compliance of site specifications as well as functionality.
    • Manage creative collection; obtain client approvals and inter-department communication.
    • Manage all ad creative and site specifications for compliance as well as functionality.
    • Responsible for reporting requests.
    • Mentor staff as related to CONUS and OCONUS expansion
    • Migrate all technology, vendors, clients, agencies, content providers and employees to the new systems

It took approximately six weeks to bring this search to fruition from the time Filcro Media Staffing was engaged and the formal offer was accepted.  There were four internal Network executives involved in the hiring process and two Filcro Media Staffing employees. With East and West Coast travel required the search was completed five weeks ahead of schedule.

The New Director of Programmatic Operations and Campaign Management

The new Director recruited had solid experience, including seven years of technical and managerial experience in online advertising operations. He clearly had an advanced understanding of the online advertising industry vendors, workflow, pricing models, regulations and all associated technology. Adept with desktop, mobile, video and programmatic ad serving platforms, the CEO of the Network stated that as a multicast multiplex broadcaster he was a perfect fit to lead the Network going forward.

Proficient with advanced technology, he could handle the transition and growth of this environment with aplomb. His strong knowledge of social media channels, search advertising, direct response marketing, and affiliate marketing would do well with sales, ideation and internal marketing efforts of the CMO.

With excellent project management (PM) and communication skills he had a history of conceiving, planning and implementing programs and brining them to fruition autonomously.

He exhibited career stability and growth in every environment he worked in and also managed the staff reporting into him in a manner that created a healthy work environment.  Those that reported into him grew in their careers and would work for him again.

Promoted from a line level position in ad operations to the associate director within three years, he showed solid progression in a demanding and respected world class  technology company.  His understanding of workflow was exceptional and he developed roles within ad operations that did not exist before to better serve the technical needs of internal and external customers.

Recruiting Firms for Programmatic Executive SearchFrom a cultural perspective, the new director of operations fit in well with those who would be his contemporaries.  He also had the ability to function with equal effectiveness in the business, creative and technical environments that had sub-cultures within the company.  This ability to work well with all levels of staff was well suited to systemically transition the company through growth.

The new director made an easy transition that allowed the Network to realize immediate financial gains in every area related to their inventory.  Recruiting this Director provided the Network with the business, technical and creative advantages they were seeking prior to CONUS and OCONUS market expansion.

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