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Filcro Media Staffing Sales Operations Executive SearchTV Network Sales and Operations Executive Search Firms for TV Network Technology with Tony Filson as Officer in Charge of Search at Filcro Media StaffingFilcro Media Staffing Sales Operations Executive Search    Senior Vice President
    Multimedia TV Network Sales Operations & Technology
    New York, Los Angeles & Chicago -  USA


Search Title   Senior Vice President - TV Network Sales Operations
Based  New York, NY - USA
Search Firm  Filcro Media Staffing, New York, NY
Officer in Charge   Tony Filson, New York, NY
Reporting to   Network President
Search Group Sales Operations - Traffic - Inventory - Planning


A Senior Vice President to lead all national sales operational infrastructure across all OTA and digital media platforms for multiplex, multicast monetization optimization and associated technologies.

Client Situation

The client is a diversified U.S. multinational media & entertainment conglomerate. Through a multi-billion dollar acquisition of on line and on air media properties the acquired property needed to upgrade infrastructure to work in tandem with other TV Network, Digital Properties and the TV Division of The Motion Picture Studio..

The objective was to have the Agencies, Clients, Network Traffic, Network Inventory, Network Sales Staff and Network Planning across multiple platforms: On line, On Air, On Demand & Mobile all functioning seamlessly.

The multiple media groups wanted to be able to offer integrated revenue management optimization while reducing internal redundancies when serving clients who were buying across multiple media platforms.  This would lower OPEX and increase productivity by eliminating redundancy

Industry and Sector Inclusion for Universe Compilation

  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable Television
  • Satellite Networks
  • MSO Operators
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Online Interactive
  • On Demand & Multiplex
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Technology & Media Management Consulting
  • Mobile
  • OEM / OTT

Subsequent to Filcro Media Staffing Being Retained

The Filcro Media Staffing OIC Tony Filson participated in a number of meetings with line personnel and senior management to map out the media technology (IT) and human resource (HR) objectives going forward.  The HR & IT org charts gave clarity on future hiring needs, determinations of support staff tactical and strategic autonomy and immediate staffing issues facing the new Senior Vice President.

Filcro Media Staffing’s overviews of traffic, inventory, sales planning and the current metrics utilized for primary and secondary research analytics were key in proper universe compilation for identification, recruitment and attraction.

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Detroit were analyzed individually to provide each key client and agency's preferred modality and IT functionality during technology upgrades and operational improvements for Traffic, Inventory, Sales, Sales Planning, Research and Client Services.

Some of the Challenges Facing the new Senior Vice President

  • Change Management
  • Best Practices
  • Technology Integration Across Multiple Platforms
  • Directing IT with Off-theShelf Modifications and New Program Development
  • Training of Staff on New Systems and Software
  • Agency and Client Awareness of the Benefits and Advantages
  • Redundant Systems Operating Through Integration
  • Hiring of Additional Staff to Facilitate New Programs and IT Programming
  • CMS OD Content Sales System Integration w/ MSO, Satellite and Mobile

Filcro Media Staffing’s Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify organizations with specific "best in class" reputations on individual  platforms.  As this was a complex initiative to the industry, no single executive to date had successfully implemented an environment with such efficacy across these many media  platforms as a multichannel multicast multiplex: Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, Interactive, Mobile, OD, DOOH, OTT and OEM.  Weighting was established based on the immediate and long-term business goals to assure that the president's cadence was adhered to bring the search to fruition.

Recruiting from the identified universe compiled based on the OIC’s modality proved to be fruitful.  The greatest challenge was having to determine “capacity vs. “experience” as we were recruiting for a compilation of objectives that had never been fully realized in the industry before without the support of cross-functional teams.  Here our objective was to reduce redundancy, optimize time-lines from concept to fruition and allow sales, business development and affiliate relations to have more intimate access to the tools and resources they needed to optimize revenue.

The Successful Senior Vice President Recruited

A Vice President of Sales Technology from another multinational media and entertainment conglomerate.

This Vice President was responsible for global (IT) sales technology initiatives across TV, Radio, Interactive, Motion Picture, Mobile and transitioning legacy platforms.

With 8 direct reports and a staff of 62 on a dotted line this VP had built and developed with internal and external resources one the most respected technology environments in the broadcasting industry.

With broad experience in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago this executive welcomed the challenges in each location to integrate systems and human resources to facilitate the client’s business goals.

The timing of the search coincided with many of the executive's personal and professional desires to build a “new technology” infrastructure that would allow for recognition throughout the industry. His current environment could not afford him this opportunity based on the logjam of senior management he reported into, that prevented him from functioning with the strategic autonomy he desired.


The executive was successfully attracted and relocated.   Filcro Media Staffing with Tony Filson as Officer in Charge of Search participated in the employment contract phase and the executive has proven to be a vital resource for current and future initiatives.  This was a highly productive search.

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