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Filcro Media Staffing recruits origination and production sales executives globally.

TV Network Origination and TV production Sales Executive Search Firms
   Senior Vice President Sales
  TV and Digital Network Origination
   Production and Creative Services

Based  DFW, TX - USA  - Dallas, Fort Worth Area
Executive Search Firm    Filcro Media Staffing
Search Groups  Sales | Production | Technology
Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson reporting to President
Client  Emerging national provider of TV Network origination, production and broadcasting creative services for TV broadcast, motion picture and digital media platforms.

Search  Senior Vice President Sales & Operations - National

Client Situation An investment group, led by individual investors, funded the expansion of broadcast, technology and production services infrastructure of an emerging national player in TV Network Origination.  The owners were seeking a honed change agent to bring their business and investment goals to fruition.

The new president, as a key investor, contacted Filcro Media Staffing to engage the firm in setting a course of action from a recruitment and management consulting perspective for strategic expansion, monetization and operational guidance subsequent to CAPEX.

Business Sector Inclusions

  • TV Production & Post Production Studios
  • Motion Picture Production & Post Production Studios
  • Broadcasting Production, Post & Technical Operations Companies
  • Digital Production Technologists and Solutions Providers
  • Media Technology Providers and VAR’s
  • TV Network Origination and Production Services Providers - RF, Cloud, Sat, Fiber, LAN/WAN/SAN and CMS Solutions
  • Media Workflow Solutions Companies and Integrators
  • NOC, Headend and Teleport Facilities

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Filcro Media Staffing’s goals for this executive search were threefold.

  • Enhance Monetization Channels
  • Optimize Operations and OPEX
  • Market Expansion With Enhanced Products and Services

The president of the client company brought forward a clear vision and realistic business goals that he articulated concisely.  The president granted Filcro Media Staffing unusual autonomy, so his objectives could be met expeditiously and with recruitment modalities normally not utilized within origination and production sales. 

Filcro Media Staffing’s Officer in Charge of the search, proceeded with TX, GA, NC, NY and CA universe compilation to tier the search appropriately based on the business, technical and creative acumen required in this senior sales executive.

Eight (8) possible related business structures in three (3) geographics with three (3) categories for tiering were established with a total universe upon completion of six (6) finalists with three (3) on the first tier.  One (1) candidate was hired as SVP and another was slated for future employment a month after the SVP was hired.  The president felt that National monetization, Operations and National Market Expansion would be facilitated and expedited by hiring both executives at an accelerated pace.  The president was very pleased with the quality of the executives brought forward and wanted to take a more aggressive stance with hiring than at the onset of the search.

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

Separating the strategic business leadership, broadcast and production operational  and sales expertise into logical silos, it was apparent that NY or LA also needed to be key players (markets) for new business development to meet the revenue goals proposed by the President.  The staff currently in Texas managed BO&E, production, post and optimized local and regional clients then managed national clients as they were introduced to the firm.

Broadcast Technology Sales Jobs and RecruitersOnce the final tier of candidates was established and the firm’s “ideals” were identified we then assured a proper cultural fit was apparent in the finalists.

With the firm’s ecology positive and now under management that was seeking growth, it was also important the the new SVP have a similar personal and professional ecology as the firm, to assure continuity.

The executive search was evolving into the perfect group of scenarios for the president as early as four (4) weeks after retaining Filcro Media Staffing.  In eight (8) weeks, the new SVP was identified, recruited, attracted and accepted the offer made by the firm.   

During the executive search process, with Tony Filson functioning as the officer in charge, he also identified an individual that he felt could help the firm strategically.  The president of the client company agreed and is seeking to hire this executive also.  This executive search and the strategic advice obtained facilitated an expedited time-line to meet the president's business and monetization objectives.     

The Talented New SVP Recruited

Filcro Media Staffing worked outward from the DFW and ultimately, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and North Carolina contributed to the initial universe.

Of the two executives being hired based on this executive search, Texas and Los Angeles produced the SVP and VP respectively.

The new Senior Vice President of Origination Sales and Operations was an industry veteran with exceptional soft and hard skills.  Attracted from a larger company and direct competitor in the region he earned a reputation for being innovative and building upon solid business practices. This executive turned an in-house facility servicing a national electronics retailer into the largest and most successful company of its type in the region.

The new SVP also had a reputation of building unusual esprit de corps and the president of the client company now reorganizing and optimizing the reporting structures in the company needed someone with exceptional management skills. 

This Texas based company that retained Filcro Media Staffing to conduct this executive search has exceeded every business and monetary objective planned.

Note: The executive recruited by Filcro Media Staffing has taken over the company and leveraged the firm to acquire a TV Network and expanded the firm substantially.

Another example of Filcro Media Staffing recognizing “capacity” in gifted media executives.

This search was conducted by Tony Filson


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