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Talent-Payment-Jobs Talent Payment Jobs for SAG, AFTRA, AFM, ACTRA, IATSE and DGA Talent Payment Managers for TV Motion Picture Advertising and Crew Talent PaymentTo offer outstanding customized service to all clients in a professional, timely, clear, friendly and technology supported manner with the goal to enhance the client’s position and overall work for their own clients. To promote a team oriented environment that encourages individuals to contribute to the overall success of the organization.


Talent-Payment-Job-Listings Talent Payment Executive Search FirmsOversee, direct and manage various client accounts with little supervision. Advise and assist clients in all aspects of the production process done under a wide variety of collective bargaining agreements, including but not limited to commercials, film, television and new media.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Build strong customer relationships
  • Offer clients continuous advice and consultations regarding union contracts and applicable labor laws
  • Be quick and attentive to a customer's problems or requests
  • Provide clients with accurate and comprehensive estimates. Revise and update estimates as needed
  • Calculate and process session and residual payments due based on the requirements of the applicable collective bargaining agreement
  • Assist with or handle talent negotiations for clients
  • Advise clients on celebrity agreements
  • Act as liaison between the client and the talent, crew, unions or agents and advocate client’s position in the event of any disagreements
  • Develop and maintain relationships with representatives throughout the industry to enhance the resources used to complete the duties and responsibilities
  • Keep up to date with industry and union rulings, contract expirations and the potential cost implications and other specific matters that concern the client’s business
  • Seek out various industry organizations, attend meetings and seminars and find other opportunities to continue growth within the organization and support the organization’s growth within the industry
  • Articulate, describe and market the services of the organization to prospective clients both passively, as inquiries come in to the organization and actively on an as needed basis
  • Assist, support and help train junior account managers in all aspects of client support
  • Work with technical and network support staff to maintain secure business operating systems for remote office
  • Travel as needed to complete duties and responsibilities

& Skills

  • Minimum of a Bachelors degree or equivalent business experience
  • (5) Five to (7) Seven plus years of related SAG-AFTRA experience in the commercial advertising or motion picture or television industry
  • Experience working with collective bargaining agreements including those made with one or more of the following unions: SAG, AFTRA, AFM, ACTRA, IATSE and DGA - BMI, ASCAP exp A+
  • Excellent communication skills, written and oral
  • Excellent end user computer skills with an ability to adapt to and use fast paced technological changes and enhancements
  • Ability to work well both independently and as a part of a team
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Detail oriented with the ability to see the overall scope of any issue
  • Ability to write and communicate user requirements that describe enhancements to the organization’s proprietary computer system used for business operations
  • Be able to understand the overall organizational vision and mission
  • Some positions only require SAG AFTRA Commercial Contract experience


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Production Accounting Managers and Directors for TV, Film and Commercial production for talent payment  contracts for unions SAG, AFTRA, AFM, ACTRA, IATSE and DGA talent accounting based on collective bargaining agreements for talent payroll.

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