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Digital HD Radio - Director of National Advertising Sales Executive Search Review

Online client and creative services executive search firmsCreative services executive search for online advertising sales in Cable TV Networks  Director Advertising Sales
  National HD Digital Radio

Client - DTS / Xperi 
Search -
National Director of Advertising Sales
Based -
New York City, NY
Search Firm -
Filcro Media Staffing
Officer in Charge -
Tony Filson
Search Group -
Advertising Sales
Reporting to -

Client Situation

The former President of The Washington Redskins (NFL) who is currently the EVP of Formula Racing a subsidiary of Liberty Media  had interviewed various executive search firms and retained Filcro Media Staffing with Tony Filson functioning as Officer in Charge of Search to identify HD Radio’s senior most national sales executive.

The Board of Directors had charged this executive with meeting specific goals to facilitate the transaction outlined in this case history.

Through Filcro Media Staffing’s guidance the business objectives to be facilitated all came to fruition and included a merger, acquisition and industry partnerships. Xperi merging with Tivo all had a foundation in iBiquity being purchased by DTS for $USD 172 million.

Tony Filson was familiar with the Company's board consisting of former Westinghouse executives and had extensive national advertising sales executive recruitment experience in the markets relevant to HD Radio’s highest valuations for revenue and the automotive industry relationships directly with the automotive clients and their advertising agencies to assure that the proper executive would be identified.

Optimizing revenue and raising valuations prior to an acquisition is something that Tony Filson has participated in on numerous occasions in transactions ranging in the low millions to mod billions in U.S. and international markets

Universe Compilation - Industry and Sector Inclusions

  • Media Technology & Technology Development
  • Broadcast & Cable Networks
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Automotive Manufactures
  • Consumer Electronics & Associated OEMs’
  • Digital Resources BO&E for Radio, TV & Broadband
  • Telecommunications and Utility Carriers
  • Technology Licensing and Intellectual Property

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded by determine the who, what, where and when required to bring the Board's objectives to fruition.

The executive charged with meeting the Board's goals by hiring Filcro Media Staffing is an extremely gifted senior executive officer with a rare talent for planning and executing major strategic initiatives in the complex world of global media and sports.   His vision and intelligence were key in setting a path for the search and ultimately determining who met the unique objectives for the revenue goals at the prescribed cadence.

The collaboration offered from the hiring executives and the board were key in meeting an aggressive cadence ahead of schedule.

Challenges facing the new National Director

  • Evangelizing New Technology for Advertisers
  • Bringing Advertisers in prior to Disney Radio
  • Covering the East, West and Midwest
  • Maintaining all agency and direct client relationships
  • Traffic and Inventory
  • Ideation and research materials

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to identify national radio advertising sales professionals who had a track record of success educating a national advertising community in mass.

Taking into account “the value proposition” vs. current market penetration this ad sales executive would need a substantial current book of business to call on.

Based on the large number of agencies and direct advertisers to be called upon this individual would have to be particularly skilled at three phases of the sales cycle constantly being in motion at all times.

Based on the need to have an executive based in New York, it was important that this Director have equal acumen with West and Midwest markets.

There would be a 20 to 24 month period to ramp up and Disney integration.This individual would have to make a substantial commitment to assure that a new person would not have to come in, to restart the process, with different relationships.

With relationships sought with the Fortune 50-500 and Unicron Brands this person would require the polish and sophistication to interface with CMO, CRO & CEO level executives for large 6 and 7 figure deals to articulate a “Platform of The Future”.

Successful National Director Recruited

The senior most hiring executive and Tony Filson worked together in scrutinizing the final four candidates in an intensive (3rd) round of written and in person reviews from an initial pool of 23 exceptional candidates sourced from the New York metropolitan area.

At the end of the third round it was a combination of maturity, polish, budget sizes, tenacity, selling new technologies, familiarity with advanced radio products and consistently meeting budgets even in difficult economies that determined the final two candidates to meet with the board.

After the candidate's board interviews, the two board members, the hiring manager and Tony Filson discussed in detail the strengths of the final two candidates.  Ultimately revenue goals were met and a series of transactions took place, based on the targeted valuations being met.    

The Executive

The executive recruited to meet the objectives was a senior national advertising sales executive from The Walt Disney Company with a solid track record of 10+ years of increased responsibility and financial achievements as a noted integrated media sales executive with the firm.

Employed by the Media & Marketing platform of the Walt Disney Company he provided marketing and advertising solutions through an integrated media platform consisting of digital, social media, radio, and experiential to local and national advertisers direct to client or, high level agency personnel.

His knowledge of the Disney Company would play a helpful role at a critical juncture in acquiring Disney Radio at an enhanced cadence for DTS distribution through the automotive industry and OEM channels for the home.

Prior to Disney he worked for Katz Communications where as an accomplished National Director of Sales Management he oversaw 20+ Infinity Radio Markets as an accomplished player / coach across four divisions.

He played a key role in developing new business for local, regional, and national accounts direct to major clients and high level agency personnel.

The Director became acclimated quickly and hit the ground running meeting his goals with aplomb even when confronted with challenges as a true veteran should.

Search Note: Working with the hiring executive was an honor.  As accomplished an executive he is, he is also a gentleman and engaged in philanthropy that exhibits a man of great character.


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