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Senior Media Director (SMD)


Broadcast, Print and Interactive Media


Miami, FL - USA based

Officer in Charge

Tony Filson (OIC) reporting to Executive VP, Miami, FL

Search Firm

Filcro Media Staffing, New York, NY


Diversified U.S. Multinational Advertising Agency





Client Situation

The Executive Vice President was seeking a Senior Media Director to join a very stable work environment as the incumbent had been with the firm for approximately fifteen years. What was required was a change agent who could address modality, operations and client relationships that would reflect the EVP’s desire to increase business by optimizing current relationships in the U.S. and Canada.  In pitching new and existing business the firm wanted to enhance their capabilities by identifying a Senior Media Director who excelled in this area

Industry and Sector inclusion

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Retail - Luxury Goods
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Automotive
  • Media Buying, Planning and Management

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained - Everyone Gets a Pink Pony


The Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson was asked to commence a national executive search working outwards from Miami, Florida and progressively up the East Coast to New York and Chicago, if required.  The client wanted to be aware of all candidates irrespective of their geographic but hoped that someone familiar with Miami could be recruited and attracted.  As the initial universe of candidates was compiled, Filcro Media Staffing cross-tiered candidates on four levels based on “experience”, “compensation”, “geographic” and “capacity” to assure that ultimately the client was seeing everyone nationally who met 100% of their criterion.

Filcro Media Staffing was provided with company organizational charting to understand the firm’s internal resources. Subsequently the OIC asked to see budget spends across each media platform to determine how U.S. and Canadian markets were divided from a creative, media platform and budget perspective.  This information was very helpful in the OIC planning his recruitment strategy to optimize time as the client was proposing an aggressive cadence for the search.

Broadcast, Print and Interactive were the primary media platforms with mobile playing a larger role for the coming year's budget.  With the coming years’ plan only 4 months away, the mobile contingent would be essential even if not utilized fully for the last quarter of the current year.  The iPad ap roll-out would work perfectly, with this schedule.

The Executive Vice President was verbose and gave no doubt as to her priorities and the cadence at which the search was to be conducted.

The Executive Vice President's energy and ability to convey her “ideal” was very useful in providing a cultural snapshot of this unique advertising agency weighted significantly towards the Travel & Leisure industries as luxury and high-end brands.

Some of the challenges facing the new Senior Media Director (SMD)

  • Change Management
  • Optimizing Media Revenue
  • Extensive Travel
  • New Business Development
  • Adapting to New Technology Across Three Media Platforms

Filcro Media Staffing’s Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify the "best-in-class" Senior Media Directors who were heavily involved in the client’s primary verticals across their (3) three media platforms and emerging platform (mobile) for development in their luxury brands markets. 

Working outward from Miami, Florida Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to identify, recruit, qualify and attract those that met the following requirements:

  • Responsible for planning and execution of National US and Canada Broadcast, Print and Web. (Majority TV Broadcast)
  • Ability to determine effective media usage on each project providing direction, budget allocation, research information and guidance on plans and the execution of buys.
  • Manage all communications with external advertising agencies in the United States as well as Canada.
  • Manage the planning, negotiation, and analysis for all print media vehicles, Broadcast and Web ensuring cost-effective programs which provide added-value and leverage to the agency's clients.
  • The ideal candidate will have superior knowledge of media theory and media terminology specifically as it applies to travel related products such as travel destinations, resorts, lodging or cruise lines.
  • Travel account experience would be "ideal" but a talented Media Director, Associate Media Director or Senior Media Director from any vertical will be considered.
  • Ability to manage under $100 Million accounts for TV, Print and Interactive with the same care as larger clients.
  • A proven track record at building a brand on all levels of advertising and marketing. Travel related accounts being a big plus. 
  • Strong research capabilities in order to create new strategies and innovative plans. 
  • Strong organizational skills to multi-task across multiple-media-platforms.
  • Ability to manage and coordinate with outside agencies and set priorities.
  • A sense of urgency and to perform under pressure when deadlines are important.
  • An analytical thinker well versed with media metrics across all media platforms.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills. A person who enjoys client contact.
  • A person who enjoys traveling to resort and vacation destinations to meet with clients.
  • Minimum of 8-10 years of directly related experience with a large, multi-market retailer or media / advertising agency with significant retail accounts or equal or grater spend under direction.

Successful Media Director Identified, Recruited and Attracted

A East Coast based Senior Media Director who is an Ivy League graduate with over 15 years of media management experience with one of the World's most respected advertising agencies.

  • Currently as a Group Media Director for global brands he managed client relationships with Fortune 100 - 500 brands
  • His record of success providing long-term strategic perspective and direction while overseeing day-to-day tactical execution of deliverables; anticipating client needs and aligning agency resources for optimal performance were proven.
  • He led, inspired, and challenged strategy teams in development of multimedia, traditional and digital plans.
  • His modality was consistently proactive as he monitored the media landscape for innovative applications and opportunities to drive business.
  • Interpreting and reporting third party data to measure campaign performance against benchmarks he was well versed at utilizing media metrics.
  • His record of collaborating with account management to ensure media and message integration enable him to ; serve as the primary client contact point for digital /social media, brand econometrics, business intelligence, research, and global / national buying teams
  • He Stewarded client media budgets and projected spending estimates to finance directors working with great fiscal responsibility.

This search was fully completed in six weeks. 

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Filcro Media Staffing



The Senior Media Director relocated from the New York Metropolitan area to Miami, Fl.  This is a prime example of a client company in the advertising industry being in a critical situation that required Filcro Media Staffing to conduct an expedited search.

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