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  A Filcro Media Staffing - Media Technology Executive Search Case History

  Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  Global Broadcast, Motion Picture, Cable & Interactive Networks

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New York, NY - USA


Reporting to: Board of Directors, CEO, CTO & SVP HR - Tony Filson


Diversified U.S. Global Media & Entertainment Conglomerate

Client Situation

Succession Plan & Upgrade of Global IT Across all Media Platforms

Executive Search Committee Media Industry and Business Sector Inclusion

  • Television Networks - Cable & Broadcast - International, National, Regional & Local
  • Radio Broadcasting Networks - International, National, Regional & Local
  • Wireless / Mobile Content Producers - International, National, Regional & Local
  • Online Interactive - International, National, Regional & Local
  • Network & Syndicated Programming Producers - TV, Radio, Interactive, Mobile, Film
  • Motion Picture Studios - Domestic & International

Media Technology Executive Search Filcro Media Staffing Tony FilsonThe executive search committee (ESC) of the client company was comprised of the President, CEO, current CTO and SVP of Human Resources acting as the liaison for the (ESC).  The (ESC) identified Filcro Media Staffing (FMS) and Tony Filson (TF) functioning as Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) to conduct a national search to identify and review the proper technology executive capable of facilitating the current CTO’s succession plan and the board of director's desire to enhance the global technological resources of their media holdings across all media platforms.

The CTO had a clear vision of where the diverse media holdings needed to be technologically in international, national, regional and local markets and he was exceptionally articulate in what he was seeking strategically and tactically to assure that his successor could manage this global media and entertainment conglomerate, well into the future.

The diversity of the company's global media portfolio would require Filcro Media Staffing to recruit a CTO with broad media acumen and a sophisticated comprehensive overview of advanced multimedia, multicast and  multiplex broadcast technologies.  For terrestrial distribution, MSO, OTA & Satellite relationships and FCC mandates this new CTO would require exceptional hard and soft skills to evangelize technology internal and external to the organization.  The new CTO would review and manage many IT and broadcast vendor relationships across three continents; this would require a fiscally mature media IT executive with extensive build-out, operations and maintenance experience globally.

With a large multinational and multi language IT engineering staff reporting into this technology executive, a noted and adept mentor with the ability to manage soft and hard assets remotely would be essential.  Media technology issues associated with international government regulations, business affairs and monetization were complex and we required an executive who could utilize the firm’s extensive legislative resources effectively to manage these areas with autonomy.

Some of challenges facing the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • Global Dissemination Across Multiple Media Platforms
  • Optimizing and Upgrading Resources for TV, OD, Radio, Interactive and Wireless Normalization
  • Change Management
  • Vendor Management in International & Domestic Markets
  • Optimizing Sales Technology to Enhance Revenue Across All Platforms
  • Centralize Control of International Technology Assets
  • International Government and Domestic FCC Compliance
  • Management of a Diverse Multinational Staff
  • Attracting and Mentoring Staff to Facilitate Technology Initiatives
  • Implementing IT Best Practices Internal & External to the Organization for Assimilation, Dissemination & Production
  • Integration of media platforms for monetization of multicast products and services


Technology recruitment for the media industry in New York City
Based on Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment experience with prior advanced media technology searches and an awareness of other global media organization's technology infrastructures; compiling, verifying and vetting the entire initial search universe and including the ESC in the process took less than three weeks to complete.  With a finite number of appropriate media technology executives capable of moving the organization globally to their next generation of technology across all their targeted media platforms it was apparent who was qualified from a mechanical perspective well before the initial round of interviews in New York, Atlanta and California to understand each executive's capacity strategically.

The OIC’s (Tony Filson) objective was to attract the proper media technology executives to fit well within the organizations unique technology culture. Every ideal media technology executive identified was currently under contract, happy and well vested within their respective media conglomerate.  The current CTO’s succession plan was essential while recruiting to attract the “ideals” who were talented and well sought after Media IT executives. All exhibited the career progression and stability sought in the new CTO to maintain continuity and facilitate growth in the client’s global technology organization. 

The current Chief Technology Officer CTO required extensive assurances that this incoming executive would assume the initial transitional role prescribed before taking over the CTO position at the cadence prescribed. Maturity and sound judgment during a brief transition alloted would afford the organization and their vendors and affiliates  continuity during the new CTO’s ascension.  An extensive round of interviews in New York with the CTO, CEO and other senior level executive of the hiring company provided a unanimous consensus that the proper media IT executive to assume the CTO’s position had been identified and that he was indeed uniquely qualified and the single most qualified candidate for the position.

 Successful CTO Recruited

Executive Search firms that speacilaize in  technology for the media and entertainment industry
The executive recruited and attracted by the Filcro Media Staffing (OIC) for the organization was currently managing (7) seven major TV broadcast and cable entities for one of the largest U.S. based multinational media and entertainment conglomerates in the world.  In his previous roles this technology executive managed across every media platform relevant to the organizations diverse global media infrastructure to include: Multicast of Cable TV, Broadcast TV, Radio, Interactive, On Demand, OOH, Mobile and Wireless assets

The executive was currently managing over 70 senior technology employees across The Americas, Europe and Asia with total technology and financial controls within these geographics for global dissemination.  His total reports on a dotted line and vendor management exceeded that of any other candidate by two fold.

With a proven history of efficacy in managing and introducing new media  technology from a hard asset and human resource perspective he was respected below, on and above line by everyone who came in contact with him personally and professionally.  This level of respect by his peers and those who reported into him would also be an asset in attracting and retaining highly valuable media technologists for the client company in the future.

One of the most challenging  aspects of this media technology executive search was negotiating the timing of the executive's release from his current contract due to a media industry merger.  At all times, this media IT executive exhibited traits inherent to someone with a fine character, intelligence and honor.  It was a pleasure working on this search with the current CTO and attracting such a fine senior media IT executive to carry forward the firm's reputation as a leader in global media technology and broadcasting entertainment.

The incumbent CTO left the firm as designed in his succession plan and the new CTO apparent reported directly into the new CEO to implement the firm’s global technology initiatives.


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