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Filcro Media Staffing - New York, NY - USA

Officer in Charge

Tony Filson

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Client Situation

The CMO identified Filcro Media Staffing to conduct 3 searches relevant to the expansion of the firm’s media and creative offerings to America's largest financial institutions.

The current media spend at $660,000,000 was sizable.  The CEO and CMO retained Filcro Media Staffing to increase revenue to over One Billion USD at an aggressive cadence.

Tony Filson was asked to function as officer in charge of search to coordinate the identification, recruitment, attraction and relocation of the media executives required to grow the business.

Universe Compilation - Industry and Sector Inclusion

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Broadcast TV Networks - National, Regional, Local
  • Broadcast Radio Networks - National, Regional, Local

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded with a close examination of the firm’s current resources devoted to cultivating and managing the entire media workflow environment.  Analyzing the  workflow process from inception to finished product determined the experience the new Media Director would need to increase business and the additional operational resources needs to support the Director.

Since Filcro Media Staffing was also charged with recruiting a new Executive Producer at the same time to work with the new Media Director the officer in charge of search was able to keep the client company's corporate culture at the forefront and assure that both executives would work well together and as integral parts of this healthy and vibrant work environment.

With over $660,000,000 in current media spend the proper media executive would have to had exposure to the most desired accounts in the P&G, Coca Cola, McDonalds and related financial industry business groups.  Start universe compilation from this perspective permitted a more expeditious completion of the road-map utilized to bring this executive search to fruition.  

Collaborating closely with a very hands on CMO was a pleasure.  His openness, honesty and accessibility during the search process was instrumental in the great success that this search culminated in and the rewards that followed.

Some of Challenges Facing the new Media Director

  • Enhancing Analytics and Media Metrics
  • Optimizing Return on National and Scatter Markets
  • Expressing a New Modality to Current and Existing Clients
  • Refining The New Business Presentations to Reflect Greater Efficacy
  • Becoming a Go-To Resource for Internal and External Media Interests
  • Setting New Standards for Planning and Execution of Media Plans
  • Increased Traffic and Inventory Awareness for Marketing

Filcro Media Staffing’s Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to identify Media Directors that could meet or exceed the business goals set by the CMO and CEO of the client company.

The CMO had expressed a desire to relocate a Media Director from a top agency in New York City and Filcro Media Staffing’s Research Director used separate universe compilations to work outward from the client’s geographic as well as a primary New York candidate profile list. 
As the search developed and the final tiering came about there was cross client media ownership for a major advertising agency between Atlanta and New York for large accounts that were targeted for media spends that met every criterion the CMO put forward.  It was ultimately Filcro Media Staffing’s ability to identify the proper executive and save the client substantial monies on relocation, that brought this executive search to fruition ahead of schedule and well within the compensation parameters desired.

Successful Media Director Identified, Recruited and Attracted

Media Director Executive Search Firms Filcro Media StaffingA current Associate Director of Media Planning in one of the World's largest advertising agencies.

Directing all day-to-day activity regarding all national and local media planning and buying matters this Media Director had a track record  of assuring that all work met client expectations.

Managed a team of up to 10 direct reports of senior media planning and buying professionals he implemented multi-platform media plans for some the world's most recognized brands.

With broad media platform experience:   spot radio, spot TV, OOH, digital (online, mobile and social), national TV, network radio, search, national / local magazine and trade magazines this Media Director could meet every need the client company required to expand their business and increase media revenue.

The new Media Director made a swift and seamless transition. The CEO and CMO are exceptionally pleased with the professionalism and cultural fit of the new Media Director recruited by Filcro Media Staffing.

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