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Client Situation

Talent Payment Executive Search SAG AFTRA AFM ACTRA WGA  IATSE DGAOne of the media and entertainment industry's most recognized leaders of creative, business and technical talent payment was seeking expansion into new markets and services that would pro-actively compliment the diversity of the media and entertainment businesses the firm was noted for servicing.

The President required an addition to staff as an opportunity to expand the firm’s business, upgrade modality and build a succession plan that could be emulated nationally.

The organization's most active geographics in Los Angeles and New York would both benefit form this search.


To recruit a Director of Talent Payment to be based in Los Angeles, CA - USA.

The President also put forward the option of New York to assure that the best in class executive could be attracted and minimize relocation costs.

Industry and Sector Inclusion for Universe Compilation

  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable Television Networks
  • Music Publishers and Record Companies - Royalties & Copyrights
  • Digital Media Networks
  • Motion Picture Studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Media & Entertainment Conglomerates
  • Recording Industry Producers & Publishers
  • National Payroll & Talent Payment Companies
  • Filcro Media Staffing’s experience with SAG, AFM, AFTRA, IATSE, WGA, DGA, ASCAP, BMI as well as other, union and non-union environments

The Filcro Media Staffing Solution

Filcro Media Staffing Media Executive SearchMedia Executive Search Filcro Media StaffingTalent Payment Jobs

Filcro Media Staffing initiated the search for the Talent Payment Director after speaking with the firm’s President and learning more about the areas of growth important to the organizations expansion plan.

The President was verbose about every nuance of the experience required and  expressed latitude with compensation and geographics based on the executive's capacity to service a demanding roster of motion picture, TV, theatrical, entertainment, music and digital media companies. 

The recruiting process started immediately and the search was completed in approximately (4) four weeks.

The initial impression was that most layered environments lacked the scope and autonomy we were seeking in the new Director, a lot of the organizations we were recruiting out had compartmented motion picture, TV, writing, music, music publishing and theatrical departments for the equivalent revenue this Director would be in charge of.

The culture of the hiring company required a more hands-on executive than we were seeing at the motion picture studios and TV networks in the alloted compensation range. Medium sized producers of syndicated content, talent agencies and smaller organizations than the client company were the most prolific sources of “ideals” as defined by the President but lacked the diversity we were seeking to service a broad spectrum of the entertainment industry. 

Talent Payment Executive Search For Actors and WritersFilcro Media Staffing having a history of recruiting these talent management and payment executives with the related financial acumen in TV, motion picture, music and advertising for talent payment and financial reporting quickly targeted those who could function in key markets and creative environments to bring the search to fruition.  None of the executives targeted were even considering career changes until contacted.

Filcro Media Staffing presented candidates from New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, establishing (3) three tiers of potential Directors all capable of facilitating the President's business goals.

The final four candidates presented to the President were all considered ideals and one lived only a short distance from the firm’s Los Angeles offices.

The New Director of Talent Payment & Financial Reporting

In her current and prior roles at a competitor and a global media and entertainment conglomerate the new Director was responsible for for all commercial talent contracts and reporting to include SAG, AFM, AFTRA, IATSE, WGA, DGA, ASCAP, BMI and others.

SAG AFTRA Commercials Contract JOBSCurrently managing a staff of 15+ consisting of Supervisors, Coordinators, Data Entry and Payroll Support Administrators the new Director of Talent Payment and Reporting has strong experience managing employees throughout the United States.  Her ability to manage nationally from remote locations was also desired by the President of the hiring entity.

With strong relationships with the various unions, studios, TV networks, advertising agencies, music publishers, writers guilds, talent agencies and the entertainment industry as a whole, her media industry contacts and business acumen were a correct fit on every level.

Talent Payment for the SAG AFTRA Commercials ContractHer Talent Payment acumen was well above the mean and media companies would often call her to obtain guidance on complicated contract negotiations.

Her known presence in the entertainment industry would also allow for the recruitment of staff in the near future as she had a reputation of being a “good boss”, everyone who worked for her and with her, were complimentary on her management style and her results oriented modality in very demanding environments.

Search Summary

Filcro Media Staffing’s extensive experience recruiting for Talent Payment executives as well as the associated talent and talent management permitted the expeditious identification of an extremely talented Director of Talent Payment and Financial Reporting for the company's President.  Many of the writer producers and executive producers Filcro Media Staffing had recruited in the past had very positive experiences with the new Director.

The new Director was recruited from Los Angeles, no relocation was required

From the initiation of recruiting to the formal offer and acceptance a period of four (4) weeks transpired.  Less than one (1) week was taken prior to the search to complete the Agreement and receive the firm’s financial obligations. The President's access and sincere desire to complete the search quickly was key to facilitating this time-line.

Tony Filson functioned as Officer in Charge.

The New Director became acclimated quickly and the President achieved her business goals as the search intended.  The creative community of on-air talent, directors, writers, producers, musicians, engineers and others in union and non-union environments are all compartmented.  Filcro Media Staffing utilized over 30 years of media and entertainment industry experience to bring this search to fruition and assure that key relationships were maintained for everyone involved in the traditional mix of union and non-union creative employers and employees.

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